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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

A hush has fallen over the masses. We're in Jamaica. The movie set has been on the island now for about ten days. There was a mysterious disappearance, and silent thoughts in the minds of the film crew are lingering. Some vacationer hadn't returned from the beach party... and the beach for filming today is where the party was held three days ago. Where she was last seen. Witnesses had hinted stifled words that the leading actor was seen just standing, standing in the palm outcropping where the soft white sands began, shifting with each gentle wave that washed in and receded back to the depths of the turquoise ocean. He was watching, with his hands in the pockets of his white linen trousers, watching the revelers in silence on the day she was last seen. Ironically, the 'vacationer' had been hired to be part of the extras in the film. She was young, blond, and her skin so smooth and bronzed with the look of an athletic and agile woman; unlike all the other ladies he knew in Colorado, with their ivory colored, 'shut in', porcelain look. And the leading man gave notice to her days ago at another shoot when she was scantily clad in her gold lamé bikini. He saw no tan line and had envisioned her sunbathing in the warm summer days high in the Rockies, where he had a summer cabin hidden in the pine forest...lush surroundings, just a perfect setting for him and this buxom, youthful, blue eyed, blond, bombshell. (insert a shrug here, hey, it's MY a movie, go with the flow here people) And in his daydream, she's laying on the thick green carpet of the terraced turf, bathing under the sun's rays, nude. He, close beside her, laying there, not being able to take his eyes off her. But here, on the set, he tried once again after she turned him down previously with his proposal of getting together after filming one warm, balmy, afternoon just days ago. Now she's gone. And rumors are being mumbled in shrouded tones. After some doing and a bit of consoling and a moment of silence for the young girl, lead by a prayer for her safe return, the director said in so many words "the show must go on". But all in respect. As the day moved on and the sun began to set, a disquieting ruckus was heard in the distance. Several men in suits and a few in the uniform of police officials were making their way to the film's crew. As the head marshal neared the director of the film, he pulled from his black leather belt a set of handcuffs that glimmered as the setting sun caught the metal. In whispered tones, they talked a short time and the director moved, allowing the suited men to make their way to the leading man. And the movie's extras were stunned. Not believing what they now witnessed, nor what they were hearing. Through the soft sound of the afternoon's surf, they heard: "You're under arrest for the murder of........"

Then!!!!! Okay, I hafta stop you here.... Janet's challenge states it's supposed to be about my life in a movie. Darn. Nope. If you just read above, it's NOT my life's movie. It was just my fantasy flick. Afterall, I AM here...physically [duh!]. Still, the flaxen blond [ya, a long time ago, I was blond but the silver strands showed up and have long taken over] no longer exists---I'm now a mis-shapened, less agile middle-aged lady with gray hair. Could my hubby possibly be the dashing film star? No, he's really my dictator director!!! Yet, I have been an extra in movies tho. Kevin Costner's "Tin Cup" was filmed on location just outside of Tucson, Arizona and I was chosen. And then a TV movie shot at a Guest Dude Ranch near Green Valley Arizona, about 35 miles from Tucson. I was cast as an extra in that movie too. So, I guess the part of being an extra in a movie would be my 'life'. Oh, and guess what? I've never been to Jamaica. Only in my movie-like dreams! And not to dishearten you in any way, the plot if it were to 'thicken' ---I just may have come back to life, reappear after a long absence in Jamaica, before the flick is over, and really do some sidewinding revenge on the leading man for doing what he did to me at his Colorado ranch. ROFL

Now, as I typed this 'fantasy life' movie plot, I had pictured in my head Johnny De-- no...being honest here, I had Bruce Willis as the murderous leading actor in the role. The director wasn't my hubby naturally, it was more like one of the Coen Bros.? Ya, they can direct some lethal plots pretty well I hear! And who would play the part of me being sought after by Bruce baby? Let's see....ummmmm, blond, agile, tan [being tan would leave out Nicole Kidman that I know]. Either the young Bo Derek or the now famous Kate Hudson? rofl

Now, for the title of the movie....
Anni Get Your Gun? A REEL rootin' tootin' hootin' gem?

Jamaican Dream

added: This was such a fun category for me. I love movies, I love 'em, yes I do.

Here I am on the set for the TV movie: A Stranger To Love

I am with my 'movie' hubby. Another Extra cast. We were taking a break at the time, and in the movie, we were at the restaurant of which Pam Dawber was the owner who falls in love with an amnesia stricken Beau Bridges. A Lifetime Network made for TV movie.

I've written a larger write up about this in the past. Here's the link from a previous blog post.


And when I played an extra in the theater movie "Tin Cup" [now on DVD], I played a golf addict who follows Kevin Costner in his quest for a champion title. Part of the followers [in golfing terms, the gallery]

At the end of each day I was there with the scene shooting, I would take a specially purchased t-shirt I had with me, along with my permanent marker pen, and got the cast's autographs...

Kevin Costner's signature [top right]

Cheech Marin
[notice how he signed the "High" instead of "Hi". LOL]

René Russo's autograph with her 'signature' HEART.

....and to top it off, at the end of the Tubac Arizona section of the movie set, Kevin Costner gave me one of his balls!!! ROFLMAO And Don Johnson [from Miami Vice fame was also in the movie...he gave me one of his 'tees']

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  1. Good Evening/Morning Anni,
    Well I be darned, I was really getting into this movie. And it was all a dream movie. I just hate it when things like that happen. You are going to have to come back and finish this dream movie up so I can read the ending. LOL. Ohmygosh, I didn't realize I actually knew a Celebrity. You go girlfriend. I can't believe you have been an extra in that many movies. I must say you get around huh? ROFLMBO. That's a nice picture of you and your actor hubby. I love all of the autographs you got. That is so Cheech Marin there. LOL. Okay, I'm not even going to go where I want to go when you said that Kevin Costner gave you one of his balls. ROFLMBO. I know, I'm a bad person and have a dirty mind. I really enjoyed your dream movie. I do hope to read some more of it sometime tho. You are a wonderful writer and I enjoy reading your stories. Take care my friend and have a great evening/day. May God Bless You and Yours.

    Love & Hugs,
    Karen H.

  2. Tin Cup is ranked up there with my all time favorite movies! Loved the plot, loved the ending. Loved Cheech. How cool for you! Can I have your autograph!!!?

  3. What a celebrity is our midst......
    Do you give autographs?

    Thanks for visiting with me and the Potter family....Betty

  4. Anni,

    This is great writing. You have great imaging and a terrific imagination. You need to write more fiction. I see talent in your words.

    I was also an extra in a few movies in the 80s. Rainman, Gorillas in the Mist and some remakes of The Twilight Zone. It was fun.

    Enjoyed visiting with you, as usual. I've posted updates tonight to let my friends know what's happening.

  5. Woo Hoo, you are really something, I loved your movie. A celebrity is born, lol

  6. I am ROTFLOL...(sweetie now thinks I am crazy) You are just larger than life and I love it! I think you are too much fun to be out without a leash LOL. I hope you had as much fun writing that movie as we are all having reading it. What a Rootin Tootin Hoot!

  7. Dear Anni ~~ Great film story, and it
    didn't have to be true. Nice photo of
    you as an extra. Well done!! Glad you liked the "Keep singing Michael"
    It was a nice one. Julie had a great birthday, she told me. Take care
    my friend, Love, Merle.

  8. The only thing I missed in your script is some bloody CSI scenes ! I also had a lot of fun of doing this meme ! Your phantasy is also very creative, lol !

  9. Well HA, I think you're going to be the only legit among all us wanna-be movie stars. Very interesting --life of the movie extra.

    You sure are good at setting a movie scene and then building the drama to a fever pitch.

  10. Kevin Costner gave you one of his balls??!!! Has he any to spare...yeah I know, golf balls...roflmao!

    Hey I loved your fantasy movie...maybe you should make it into a screen play and send it to a thank you for his ball.

    Have fun!!

  11. Nice Fantasy! You are so funny!

  12. Whew - for a moment I though you were a goner... This was a lot of fun to read!

  13. A great story Anni, and we were given license to lie a little>

  14. Bruce Willis is innocent!!
    What a fun and delightful fantasy (and your reality).

  15. SO you are like Famous!!!!!!!!!!!!WOW!! Great story you have!!

  16. Suspense, Drama, Murder? and just a touch of Mayhem! Sounds like the perfect movie to me! I'd give it 4 Stars and Two Thumbs Up!

    Have a Fun Monday!

  17. I was enjoying that movie plot. Too bad it had to end. You look great in your movie picture. So cool to have been an extra in Tin Cup.

  18. You crack me up. Bruce Willis, eh?

  19. Wow! This was awesome!!
    how cool you were an extra and got all of those autographs!!!

  20. As usual, you did not disappoint. I love it!!

  21. You ARE something! Love this...made me LOL...and oh, how I've enjoyed this ALOT! Now I'm embarass with what I did...LOL

  22. Terrific job, Anni! I would definitely go see this movie!

  23. The lead goes missing? Bummer - I was all set for her to have a dramatic steamy love scene.

  24. wow, anni. i had no idea when i hallucinated ...uh... dreamed up this idea that it would unearth a REAL movie star!

    love it!

  25. Kevin Costner just called...he wants his balls back!! ROFL Oh Anni, what an enjoyable you know, I collect celebrity autographed photos and I've always been fascinated with celebrities and movies:-) How very neat that you got to be an extra in a couple of movies that are well known to me!! Loved your fantasy had me going there for a while! lol This is the first time since Thursday that I'm able to visit my friends and I feel like I've been away for a month!! xoxo

  26. Why did you have to end your movie...I was just getting into it!! I always knew you were special, but I did not know you were famous!!

    Great job Anni!! so sorry I disappointed you!!

  27. Well, I loved them both. The fantasy one, and the real story of you as an extra! What fun this topic was, wasn't it?

  28. Wow! You have had one interesting life! And check out all of those autographs! Very awesome!

    Thanks for sharing!

  29. I love that movie. I'll have to check it for you next time!

  30. That was SO COOL! I'm rubbin' elbows with celebrity! Just wait - if I ever meet you I will be your paparazzi. Jennifer

  31. I loved your movie- you really had me into the movie!

    I love the movie Tin Cup. How exciting! I'm going to have to get it out and look for you. Oh, wait- I don't really know what you look like ;)