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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Florida's baseball team is looking for a FEW GOOD MEN [this previous, is a video link, it's a hoot!]....flabby men that is!! This past week, there was an audition for some sideline 'cheerleaders' for the Florida's baseball team, the Marlins. And what a hoot of a concept. They'll be called the Florida Manatees. One requirement? Be huge [like a manatee] and full of blubber. The guys must be able to jiggle and shake while dancing on the sidelines, cheering on the Marlins! I say it's about time! But, still all in fun. For years I've watched the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders 'jiggle' on the sidelines ---but hey, we girls need something to watch too!! Manatees! I am hoping it'll be a hit, and give us a lot to cheer about.

Watch the video of the tryouts on a newscast? The link is above, with the words "Few Good Men".


How well would YOU know landmarks from the air?
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I got "Sweet Spot-er" for my results. I got an 90%.
[I missed landmark #14...I'm ashamed!!]

[can be enlarged - screenshot from my computer]


From 9-11 World Trade Center to this:
Hundreds of survivors and families of those lost were present Saturday to the christening of the USS NEW YORK. Steel to build the ship was scrap metal from the World Trade Center debris and super-structure.

    ...the bow-stem of the ship, the seventh to be named "New York," includes 7.5 tons of steel from the World Trade Center. The USS New York, an amphibious transport dock ship, is 684 feet long, can top 24 mph, and holds a crew of 360 sailors and three Marines. It is expected to be based in Norfolk, Va.


And, I'm now all decked out too! By that I mean, I'm in my Saint Patrick's Day garb above. I sewed a shamrock patch on each of my jeans' pockets and I painted a small St. Pat's Wish on my Hootin' FAnni's sign, and I found my old green Shamrock Ten Gallon Hat in the barn the other day, and dusted it off for the special day....


  1. Good Morning Anni,
    "HAPPY MARCH"!!!! I love the look of your header with all the St. Patricks' decorations. You did a great job in doing it. I do love the hat tho. Oh wow, I bet the Manatees will be some great cheerleaders for the Marlins. LOL. I bet it will be something know one will forget. And you are so right, us women do need something to look at. Most of the time the men are looking, now it's our turn to look. I wonder how they will feel seeing us watch the guys? LOL. They may look a different way after that. LOL. I took your little quiz and here is what it said about me.
    You correctly answered 11 out of 16. You score is 70%. I guess that's pretty good for an old dummy here. LOL. Since I have never done alot of traveling to some of those places, I just guessed. The USS New York is a beautiful ship. They did a great job on it. I must say that is one big ship tho. It is such a great Memorial from the World Trade Center and I'm glad they put all the steel to such good use. I have put up a new post today and I am out visiting now. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.

    Love & Hugs,
    Karen H.

  2. ....but, Karen? You are "World Wise" on the quiz from my blog. I think that's dam n good if you ask me!!!!

    I was so dumbfounded I missed the one I did...'cause the one I DID miss is just up the road a piece from us. #14. I couldn't believe it when they 'told' me the real answer, I had to look and look and look again at the photo until I finally found it! Lordy, color me flabbergasted!!! roflmao

    Ya, we ladies DO need some male flesh on the sidelines. But I think this will be more comical than where I wanna put dollars in their britches. *wink*

  3. How interesting, I didn't know that the steel were used for a ship.
    So you are getting ready for St. Patrick's ? I am sure my irish friend in England will do it too, lol ! She holds very much to her Irish traditions although she is married to an English. She also told my son that Irish girls are the best in the world and he should rather marry an Irish then a dutch girl, I agree, lol !