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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Yesterday, online, it was like a fantasy! I enjoyed all the unselfish giving of all of blogland! It really 'bloggled' my mind! From Canada, Philippines, Korea, China, Japan, Ireland, England, Denmark, Belgium, USA, Spain....everywhere across the globe, I received birthday wishes!! I had quite a few visit with me for my birthday blog yesterday....and I spent last night and very early hours this morning, going to each and everyone that sent me a Happy Birthday through the comments left for me in the last three days; if I hadn't done so yesterday before I left for my birthday outing. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart!!! It truly made my day ever so special!!! Along with wishes in the comments, I found several had sent me email with cards attached, and bloggers had some special wishes in their own blogs with...well, just an awesome outpouring of friendship...I just can't describe it! And, if I failed to stop by and personally leave my 'thank you'....I profusely apologize and want to say "Thank You ever so Much" right here, right now!!! I know in my soul this is a good world!!! I certainly felt it deeply yesterday:

- - -

I began my day yesterday with an early phone call from my sister. We talked about an hour or so...getting news updated and talked weather. Boy am I sure glad we left Colorado for warmer climes!! I truly learned to detest snowfall, and talking with her and my brother-in-law and those two telling me just what I am missing being here in Texas, makes me feel sorry for them and happy for me. LOL They told me that the whole state of Colorado has been inundated with record snow fall! Al, my B-I-L told me that at one point last week, all and I do mean ALL the mountain passes were closed. There was no way in or out of the mountain towns/cities unless you went south or west to get out of the state and back in from New Mexico. Amazing. But oh so believable. Now, I'm sure the state will be in high flood zones this coming Spring. Anyway....
I then talked with our daughter, Irene, and then our son...we had a 3 way call. That was a lot of fun. You know, even to this day...with the two being grown adults, they still know how to bicker and get 'my goat'! ROFL!!! I've always had to be referee when those two were in the same room. Of course, now it's become a family joke.

Then, we, as in hubby and I went to the beach to do a little beach combing before we went to lunch. We ended up walking along the shore with the two cutest little kids from out of town. They were here on vacation with their folks. Oh and their parents were just yards ahead of us enjoying the time in the warm tropical climate. The two kids were such chatter-boxes it made me wish they were my two grandsons beside me. :::sigh::: At one time, the kids' dad came back to us and he had his little boy show Bud and I what he had found in the sand....
A petrified shark's tooth! I truly think the father was more impressed with the relic than the boy! I imagine that the two kids had no idea just what was so great about their father's elation...but, I do know that Bud was jealous. LOL After the kids left our side, dear hubby whispered..."Why can't I find anything like that?" Oh well, guess he's just not living right. But it was a real pleasant walk along the seaside with the two darling kids. [And I did get permission of course to post this on my blog ---and I promised to pixelate their images, which I did!] Thanks for the great morning kids! You gave me a lot of pleasure chatting with you. "Oh the joys of childhood, huh?"

- - -

Afterward, spending a couple hours with the family and walking, we ended up at the nearby hangout, Blackbeards! For my fresh Gulf Shrimp Lunch. This is a neighborhood 'dive'...nothing fancy at all. But they have some of the best fried shrimp around! Actually, being so near the shrimping areas and the docking ---you can't get any fresher around. Anywhere, at the near by restaurants! Blackbeards is one of the oldest establishments along the city's bay in this north shore. Pier 99 [another shoreline restaurant] is good too, but always so tiny and always so filled with many people -we didn't feel like waiting in line to be served!!] This particular restaurant we dined at is reportedly haunted--tales told by both employees and patrons alike.

The atmosphere is 'port city' through and through. Pirates, large aquariums, flag ships...things like that that make up the decor. There is also one wall with rock n roll stuff! For instance a signed guitar from Eric Clapton, a few of the Beatles things, some from the Eagles, etc. etc. etc. The back of the establishment's menu tells the history of the building and the surrounding area. And yes...I had my Jumbo Gulf Shrimp and potatoes! I even sampled some off of hubby's plate. And I washed it down with a cold ICY Coors Light! [I love my beer VERY cold!!! Much to the chagrin of my ancestors who prefer their 'grog' room temperature!! Ewwwww!!!]

- - -

We then left and went shopping along the seaside. Ended up driving down town on the freeway and going into some specialty shops along the way. Where hubby found some sandstone USN coasters and he found me the cutest little Indian Brave figurine...[that, I think will be part of my next Friday's Show N Tell] When done shopping we ended up at the theater as planned and saw a "B" movie. I truly didn't expect this movie to be an award winning feature, but hey--------having two hours of Matthew McConaughey can't be all bad! I wasn't entirely disappointed in the I said, I didn't really expect much. It was funny in some parts, but literally stupid in most [the yacht's daughter---Wow, so ignorant it was pathetic; guess tho, she was playing her part the way it was directed! LOL].

Then, after the flick we ended up at the plant nursery on the way home. I'm looking for one particular rose bush...and Old English Rose called Bishop's Castle. I was told to come back in about a week when the new shipment of roses come in. They assured me that that particular rose species would be there!! I can only hope!!!

All in all it was one super day for me!


  1. Hi thank you for the visit, your always welcome,and have a nice rest of the weekend!

  2. Good Morning Anni,
    I'm so glad you had a wonderful Birthday yesterday. I wish I could have been there to help you celebrate. You sure did get alot of nice E-cards. If I had of had your email address, I would have sent you one as well. But I don't. Boo-Hoo. LOL. I had heard on The Weather Channel last week about Colorado getting hit hard with some Snow. I think part of I-70 was closed for some time as well. I'm sure there will be some flooding going on in the Spring. I bet you are glad you live where it's warmer too. Glad you got to talk to your kids even tho you had to referee. LOL. Wow, a shark's tooth. How cool is that. I know those kid's Dad was very excited about his Son finding it. Maybe he will put it up and when his Son gets older, he will tell him more about it. Glad you had a good time with those kids on the beach. Your poor hubby not finding something like that. Tell him maybe next time. That Blackbeard's Restaurant sounds like a place I would love to eat at. Do they have Peel Em' and Eat Em' Shrimp? I love that kind of shrimp the best. I just hate having to peel it. LOL. That is so neat that the Restaurant has those kinds of Memorabilia there. I love to listen to Eric Clapton sing and play his Guitar. Hey, I love my Beer COLD too. It tastes nasty when it gets warm. I'm glad you did at least enjoy some of the movie yall saw. I do hope to see the rose bush you get when it comes in. I can't wait to see what your hubby got you this coming Friday. "THANK YOU" Anni for sharing your Birthday activities with us. I really enjoyed it and felt like I was right there with you. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours. Enjoy your Breakfast and eat plenty for me. I love going out to eat for Breakfast.

    Love & Hugs,
    Karen H.

  3. Sorry I missed your birthday. Sounds like it was a great day!

    I think I'm living in the only part of Colorado that hasn't seen much snow. It's been pretty great! LOL! Cold, but not too snowy.

  4. A very happy belated birthday, Anni. What a fabulous day you had...I really love the sound of Blackbeard's restaurant...sounds like my kind of place...haunted, pirates and things.

    Family makes birthdays, I feel, and I always have great birthdays thanks to my girls and the grandchildren, so I can understand you missing your grandies when you were talking to the little ones on the beach.

    Have a wonderful year, Anni.

  5. Sounds like a super birthday. Happy Birthday by the way. And I agree, Matthew is now my new fantasy love! I absolutely love his accent - among other things! LOL

  6. "Happy Belated Birthday"

  7. i'm a day late and a dollar short, per usual.... hope your birthday was happy happy happy!!!!

    all the best....

  8. Hi Anni,
    Happy belated birthday! I kept watching that counter and then... well you know how things just slip your mind... anyway - happy birthday you're a sweet person, I'm so glad you got all that Internet love!

  9. glad you had a great birthday!!! sounds like a perfect day to me!!

  10. Anonymous2/10/2008

    I'm glad you had a nice day. Sounded lovely. And since you appreciated the meme, you've been TAGGED! So join the fun and spread the word.

  11. Glad you enjoyed your birthday sweetie.

  12. Anni,

    Somehow I missed this post. Guess I was busy with the boys.

    I'm so glad we could make your birthday special and it looks like you had fun on your walk along the beach. Kids can be such fun and they tell the greatest stories.

    The restaurant looks awesome and I'm glad your hubby took you out to eat and to a movie. Sounds like a super birthday. Glad you enjoyed it.


  13. Happy Birthday! Sounds like a wonderful day.