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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

~Thursday Thirteen
<><><>edition 46<><><>
[a 13 minute conversational interview]

"THE WHO, WHAT, WHERE AND WHINES of the Bear's Family" ©
[do not steal header, title, Valentine Bear or story - please]

I published this little ditty on my website for Valentine's Day, 2000. I thought I'd share it with blogland. We have a family -Ted the husband, Teddi the wife, and the little "Junior Bear" -the cute cub with the tiny pink heart- pops into the scene every once in a while, but nobody's paying much attention to him. It goes like this----------

Hello. I'm a reporter for the Times Herald-NotePad
We are here with the Bears' family and it's
Valentine's Day. I'm gonna record the conversations
around here on a typical Valentine's Day.
As a reporter, for a story I need to ask...
Who, What, Where and in this case...Whines!

Let's listen in---
TED: Honey? I brought you these flowers my dear.
Happy Valentine's Day.
TEDDI: Oh, how lovely! I'll just put them in a vase
and place them on the table here for display!
This is for you....
TED: Great! A new tie. And polka dot...fabulous.
In fact, I'll wear it now. How's it look, Junior?

Looks great, Pa!

TEDDI: So, Love, what plans do you have for us today?
TED: Well, how 'bout this? We could go over the river and through the wood to visit Gramma's and Red Riding Hood. And then.....
TEDDI: Hmmmmmm, are you sure you wanna do that? It'll take up most of the day just getting there through the wood. Then ya gotta come back in the dark.
TED: Ya, s'pose you're right. How 'bout...that thing where the sky meets the land? It's close. That pretty thing? That arch?
TEDDI: That arch is a rainbow, dear...with a pot of gold at the end. But, we've chased after that and find no treasure. Besides, those funny little red bearded men lurking around, all dressed in green, are kinda weird, that's something we do in March. Or are you talkin' 'bout Micki D's club?

Wait..fries're good.

TED: Ah, rainbow room..okay, right. Then, what do you think of visiting ol' Jack Frost down the lane?
TEDDI: Nah, he's too cold, not friendly. Anyway, we were just over there last month, and one time in December, remember? Ol' man Winter was there too, along with some silly fat old man in a red suit. When he laughed, I got hungry. Reminded me of jelly!
TED: What would you like to do then, my sweets?
TEDDI: It is a day of romance, let's go out to dine!
TED: 'K...where? Oh, I know! Goldie's is good! Always get good service there. The porridge is real tasty. Whatcha think? Sound good?
TEDDI: Porridge is too hot you always say. And, I think it's too cold. Junior is the only one that really likes it. He thinks it's just right. Let's go some place else.

Do I getta go too, Ma?

TED: ACRE WOOD, in town? On 100 Street?
TEDDI: Mmmmmmmm, they do have luscious honey there for our biscuits! But, never enough. Always gotta ask for more, and that Robin guy...he acts like it's a sin to serve more, even if I do ask kindly. And those two small brown eyes peeking through those swinging kitchen door portals. I bet that's ol' man Poo probably fearing for his precious honey. And the waiter!! Always mumblin' and has a real bad, gloomy, attitude. Never changes outta his purplish coat either, and that's a bother.
TED: Well, how 'bout Blanca's? I know it's mexican food. It's not too bad. Whaddya think of there?
TEDDI: Yummy food. And the proprietor, she's a real princess. Ya, that could be okay. On second thought Blanca has those seven guys sauntering in and around through the dining room pretending to be mariachi! Give me a break. They're no more mariachi than I am. And whistlin' too, spittin' mouth juices as they go. Who do you know that whistles while they work?
TED: We could go west of town, out by Warner. Go to the STUDIO...that's a great diner.

HEY!! Anybody know I'm still here?

TEDDI: The STUDIO is okay. Tho, that man with the real long hairy nose? He thinks he's a real super genius, but I can overlook his shortcomings. Nice tail tho. *giggle* What day is it? On Wednesday they serve French...and Pepe is the chef. Personally, I think Pepe stinks. Now Tuesday is good. Elmer fixes up some real good dishes from his huntin' twips. The wabbit stew is good. If today is Monday they always have Acme and Turner there for conferences. Sunday they are not open...That ol' grumpy guy, Sam. You know, the one from some park up in the Northwest? Joseymite, or something like that? Well, he serves some real tough varmits on Saturday. And on Thursday, it's good. Foghorn fries up a good, crispy batch of leghorns. Let's see, Friday. Oh yes, it's fish night. And we can eat fish anytime here, fresh from the crick. Still, it's Monday so it'll be full of corporate people. Nah, not a good place today, that's for sure.
TED: WITCH's OVEN...that's open isn't it?
TEDDI: Nope. That place shut down when two children went in there and never came back out. And they're still missing. It's a wonder, huh?
TED: I'm runnin' outta ideas. The only other place that may not be full of patrons on Valentine's Day is the HORSEMAN's cafe. Wanna try that place?
TEDDI: That's okay! Ya, let's go there. No, wait a minute. You gotta go through Sleepy Holler. That's too spooky for Junior. Let's wait and go there when Icabod can babysit.

Oh, man!..can Katrina babysit me instead?

TED: The only other one I can think of that we have gone to and liked is Cindy's Bistro. Wanna go there?
TEDDI: Cindy is always spending more time flirtin' with all the possible "prince charmings" and giving no attention to the paying patrons! Besides, she is always walking around with one shoe on and one off. The Health Department should really be notified on that. And the old, fat lady carrying that stick?...Bibbidi bobbidi boo my brown hairy ar...

Oooooo, careful Ma!

TEDDI: I have an idea. Let's just have a candle-lit dinner, and be together, snug as a bear, here. We can make it romantic.
TED: Wonderful! *blushing* That's why I love you. You always know what to say and how to make me *shufflin' feet* happy. I love you!
TEDDI: And I you dear.

ehhhh, th-th-th-that's all folks!
Happy Valentine's Day Evwebuddy!

Characters based on fairy "tails" and cartoons.
Goldie-Goldilocks, Witch from Hansel and Gretel, the three bears,
Turner and Warner-Ted Turner and Warner Bros, Poo-Winnie the Pooh,
Cindy-Cinderella, Blanca (Spanish for White)-Snow White, Mariachi band-7 dwarfs,
Warner Bros cartoon characters, Wiley Coyote, Elmer Fudd and others.
Waiter in Purple-Eeyore, etc.

Businesses based on fictional places in time:
Horseman's from Legend of Sleepy Hollow
Cindy's Bistro from Cinderella
Acme & Turner from cartoon and TV mogul
Witch's Oven from Hansel and Gretel
Micki D's from franchise
The Studio from Warner Bros.
Acre Wood from Winnie the Pooh


Remember the days that we used to happily look forward to receiving the little Valentine's in our special decorated boxes? Well, here's one for you. [Or take all three if you wish.] They're my Valentine's Day Cards I've made for whomever wishes to have one!!

[click on it then save! Any or all.]



added 7:50am: I just received this award from Jesie Blog Journal...isn't it just TOADally cute? I love it! Thank you so much, I was gigglin' so much, I croaked a little bit now and then. Hehehehe


And this award is gorgeous, it's so beautiful! It's a friendship award, from Mary

And this darling little gift for Valentine's Day is from Karen!

Thank you ladies. As always you make my day a whole lot brighter, with your thoughtful gifts and your friendship!!! Hugs & big thanks!!


  1. Anonymous2/13/2008

    What a cute story! Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. As someone who is a huge bear lover, this story was awesome. Bless you dear.

  3. How adorable. Very enjoyable read. Have a great TT and Valentine's Day. :)

  4. Awww Anni, I so loved that story! Of course I recognized all the cartoon and fairytale characters that we grew up with and the way you integrate all of them in your story:-) Love it!! The Valentine cards you made are all so darling. Happy Valentine's Day to you, my sweet friend, may your day be a romantic one:-) xoxo

  5. A very Happy Valentine's Day to you Anni! Thanks for the story...

  6. Anni,

    Very cute story. I enjoyed it.

    Happy Valentine's Day!


  7. Good Evening Anni,
    Oh my, I just loved reading your Valentine's Story. "THANK YOU" so much for sharing it with us. You do such a great job in your writing. Have you ever had anything published or even thought about publishing a book? I remember those cartoon characters as a child growing up. Such a lovely trip down memory lane. I so remember the days when we were in Elementary School and trades cards on Valentine's Day. We even made our little boxes to put them in. Those were the days. "THANK YOU" so much for the beautiful Valentine's Cards. I took the last 2 as I already had the first one. I have something for you on my Thursday's post as well. I will put these on my Thursday's post. I haven't posted it just yet, but it is waiting to be posted. I still have to wait till morning so I can give my temperature. LOL. "HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY" to you my sweet and dear friend. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.

    Love & Hugs,
    Karen H.

  8. What a fun story! I am howling!!! Thanks!

  9. Cute

    The Pink Flamingo

  10. Anni,

    You should be a writer. You have a great imagination. I loved your story. Please remember to post more in the future. Yes, I know you have more. LOL If not already written, then you have them in your imagination.

    I love the Valentines and took a copy of the two I didn't have. What a kind and generous thing to do.

    Take care and Happy Valentine's Day to you and your hubby.

    BTW I've posted a Black History article on my Treasures to Me blog. Thought you would enjoy it.


  11. Last year (my first blogging year) I was already amazed about Valentine's celebrations in the States ! I had never seen such an extravagance ! In Belgium it is celebrated but only for couples and not for friends and when I was young it didn't exist at all in Germany. Now yes of course it's always good for business. Mr. Gattino and I have never celebrated Valentine 's day and if I hadn't read about it every day here, I wouldn't even know about ! But I like to play the game and celebrate too at least here !

  12. What a cute story, Anni, and such a treat. I did recognize all the characters and had fun figuring them out at times. Thank you for sharing.


  13. Nice story, cute bear and treats for Valentine. Thanks for sharing. I would like accept the little robin and I'm copying onto my blog.Thank you.

    Oh yes, I have an award for you to be picked up from my blog following your birthday and Valentine. Congrats and Happy Valentine.

  14. That was so cute! And it was a bit of a riddle here and there -- I did get them all ('cuz I'm so smart, S,M,R,T! Doh!)

  15. I think I'll have to high-five this on Friday ;) Adorable and clever!

  16. That is sooooo cute! Thanks for sharing, Anni - and for those wonderful Valentine´s Day Cards!

    Happy TT + Happy Valentine´s Day ♥

  17. Happy Valentines Day Anni! Thanks for the smile :)

  18. Happy Valentine's Day Anni, I enjoyed your story. Cheers, Carver

  19. What a sweet read; thanks for sharing! Happy TT!

  20. Happy Valentine's Day, Sweet Anni!


  21. I come over to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day and get a fantastic Valentine's story while I'm here. Nice! Then I see you're handing out Valentine's Day cards. Do you have any idea how much I looked forward to getting those little cards way back in school?? I was one weird soul because I just loved them. So I'm going to take one because it brought back such great memories. You are always the sweetest Anni!

  22. For Cute!!
    Happy Valentines Day!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Anni,

    Happy Valentine's Day, my friend. When you have time, please drop over to my blog. I have a little giftie for you. ;-)

    Love and blessings,

  24. What a fun story! Thanks for sharing! I love all the cute cards you made as well! HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!!

  25. Awww Annie, how cute was that story! I loved it. And the Valentine's? They're too cute! Happy Valentine's Day to you too!

  26. Verrrry cute indeed! Just LOVEly!

    Happy Valentine x millions!!!

    I know it will be filled with a lot of Love... and then some Love again.

    ((Hugs From The Love Bugs))

  27. Happy Valentine's Day Anni! I hope you have a lovely, romantic evening with your sweet hubby!

    Luv & hugs, Sharon

  28. Your story is so adorable!! I loved it!! Happy Valentine's Day!! I loved the Valentine's too! I have no way to get the other two cause I can't store or copy and paste them with a wii but I am so happy to be online and being able to comment that It is okay! I will have to go out to Karen's house over the weekend and use her computer to get everything done! Karen hooked up a usb deal she had to the key board she already had and I am good to go! I used the key board on my E- mail last night but your was the only one it worked on before you had to use the wii stick to type everything in with.... It did the same thing to Kelly and Karen so I won't be writing many e-mails for a while!! Karen is working on getting Kelly's computer fixed... Nancy dropped it about a year ago she didn't mean to do this! It broke the edge of the chargers thing on the inside deal.... We did get a new chargers cord and that helped for a while, but it needs something else done to it for sure!! Ok you are caught up on what is going on over at my house! Love and Hugs Carolyn

  29. You're so cute and imaginative w/ you TT interview Good post--Have a fun Valentines Day

  30. Too cute story....... I love to read your little stories...... You and Mary over at Marys Writing Nook are so talented at letting us see the story and not just the words....... good job......... hope you had a SWEET day.......