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This photo shows some of the gifts and cards I've received for my birthday. The stuffed tiger. A card from Mary and Lisa, a card from my sister, hubby bought me a couple of books, a long sought after oldie that I read a long long time ago, Sacajawea [excellent, but I gave it away when I finished it years ago, and wanted to re-read it], by Waldo, the new found works of Alexander Dumas [Count of Monte Cristo fame] that has been translated from French to English -The Last Cavalier- of Napoleon 's era. And my son sent me Obama's book "Dreams from My Father" --by Barack Obama.

This is a close-up of what the tiger patch says "Wild About You". Also, tho you can't see it in the photo here, the tip of his tail is heart shaped! Cute booger.

On my birthday, when we were out just having a good ol' time, shopping, beach combing, eating my shrimp and shopping more, he found me a pair of bone china sea gulls. Something I've been wanting for some time now. so, I snapped the photo here. [And the red flower is from our yard...a red single petal hibiscus]

As we were 'killing time' after lunch until the movie started, we stopped at a small mall that is filled with 'specialty' shops. As we were walking around the neat Southwestern decor shop, I came upon the cutest little Native American figurines! I let out a squeal of delight and said to hubby across the room, "These are the cutest I've ever seen!" He bought it for me. LOL What makes this dude so darned cute is his expression carved into his face....

...this close up, tho somewhat blurred shows a very disgusted look in his eyes, I just fell in love with him! And he's now a proud part of my Native American, Southwestern Living Room decor!! He fits right in, don't you think? [ummmmmmmm, my hubby is just like the movie - "Grumpy Old Men" so, ya....this guy fits us perfectly!!]

And in the mail, a small package came. In it was this cameo watch. Around the band it has four cameos implanted in the gold filigree. With an abalone watch face surrounded by rhinestones. Cool!!! All in all the birthday was grand for me!!!


I've read in several comments and emails sent to me on how to make a new "Award Blog" and with it being a Friday thing for me to add some kind of 'hint' to post, I thought I'd explain how to do it. It's so very simple you can have one made for your awards in no time at all. After following the directions, I am going to be bold enough to add the idea of linking your award 'page' from your main blog's sidebar. And for that all you need is the address url to link it!!

[can be enlarged]

NOTE: no Phriday Phavorite Photo Today. [I figured there are enough photos for the day. Next week, I'll have one tho.]


I just read this, and am at a loss. I loved the movie [the first one] "Jaws"...and each and every time I continue to watch it when it's on the movie channels, never tiring of it. The best quoted line in that movie [my quoting it, that is] is: "I think we need a bigger boat"...yep, that's me. What fool would be out in the huge ocean hunting down a shark that big? Me? I'd have been 'boat-jacking' the guy's boat and speeding to LAND!!!! I am saddened to know the movie business lost another good star [that rarely got the attention he deserved I might add] --

"Actor Roy Scheider of Jaws fame dies in hospital -Roy Scheider died in hospital in Little Rock, Arkansas, where he had received treatment for multiple myeloma for the past two years. American actor Roy Scheider, who was most famous for his role in the Jaws movies, has died in hospital aged 75." Amity will never be the same now; without "Chief Brody".

[courtesy of: News France]


  1. Such great birthday gifts, you deserve them all, and much more.

  2. I love the new header, Anni. I also love the "how-to" on awards.

    Happy St. Valentine's Day to all y'all.

  3. Good Evening/Morning Anni,
    First off, I love your new header. It is so you. The little tigger you got for your Birthday is so cute. And those bone china sea gulls are just gorgeous. The hibiscus flower looks very good with them. Your Native American Figurine is just so cute. You are going to have to give him a name now. LOL. I do thinks he fits right in with your other Southwestern decor. The watch is so beautiful. I know you treasure it. Looks like you got plenty of good presents for your Birthday. "THANK YOU" for sharing them with us. "THANK YOU" for giving the instructions on how to do an Awards page. I will try to work on mine sometime this weekend. Shame on you Anni, no Phriday Phavorite Photo Phun? I did one. LOL. It will be up in the morning. I have it all ready, but I will post it in the morning. I have my Show & Tell Friday ready also. That was sad of Roy Sheider dying. And he even died here in my home State. Take care my friend and have a great evening/day. May God Bless You and Yours.

    Love ya bunches and bunches of Hugs,
    Karen H.

  4. You got some nice things for your birthday. If I would visit you more often then I would have known your were having a birthday.

    Happy Belated Birthday, Anni, and I hope you had a Happy Valentine's Day.

    Thanks for the hints you post on Fridays. Heaven knows I need all the help I can get, so I appreciate these.

  5. Happy Valentine's Day, dear Anni! It's getting late and I'm falling asleep in my computer chair but I was determined to visit all my friends tonight! lol

    Such wonderful gifts you received for your birthday...makes getting older almost worth while doesn't it! hehe

    Oh dear, I hadn't heard about Roy Scheider's death!! I've always liked him and just last week I was watching all the Jaws movies over again. Such a shock to hear that he's now gone:-(

    Ok, bedtime for you! xoxo

  6. Happy Birthday to you! Sorry I'm late.

  7. What a beautiful watch you have got ! I also love the seagulls ! I have seen (and heard, geez they are so noisy !) so many when I was in England so I bought one too it's sitting on Mr. Gattino's desk !
    Congratulations to your new Blog dress ! I like it !
    I already thought about making an extra blog for awards, there are so many !

  8. Anni,

    I love your new look. So cute. You have such an imagination! I never know what I'm going to find when I visit you.

    I absolutely love EVERYTHING you got for your birthday. The little tiger reminds me of Tigger from the Pooh movies. He's adorable.

    Those sea gulls are wonderful. They look like they are about to take flight. Very realistic.

    I love the native figurine. Michelle's family room has native decor. In 2006, we bought her native cushions for her couch. We've given her native dolls and she's collected native salt and pepper shakers since she was a kid. That guy would fit right in.

    The watch is exquisite. Very beautiful. I enlarged the photo and could see all the detail.

    I'm glad you were so well treated on your birthday. You must know you are loved and thanks for teaching your readers how to make an award blog. I just put mine on a separate page, date it back to when I started blogging and link to it.


  9. How wonderful that someone used my likeness for Native American Art. My figurine looks just like me HAH! Looks like you had a bountiful
    b'day. The watch was gorgeous (I love cameos - so much more feminine that I could ever be). Enjoyed your post Anni! Jennifer

  10. Thats interesting stuff and cool. Thanks Annie for showing. Have a great day.

  11. hi Hootin' Anni, a fellow texan!
    thanks for stoppin' in...come back soon...

    i just love your site...and happy birthday! what lovely gifts these are!

    I continued reading below...the bear famaily...cracked me up! Oh, and the robert frost poem to the side...gotta love the frost...heehee!

  12. Anonymous2/15/2008

    I love your new look. I love your Native American Figurine. He is so cute.

  13. Such nice birthday things! The watch is soooo pretty.

    Hope you had a great day! Thanks for stopping by my Show N Tell Friday!


  14. Wow, you had a nice birthday!

    I love the expression on that Indian's face!

  15. Wow, what a wonderful collection of gifts you received for your birthay! Did I already say happy birthday to you? ;-)) All my best belated wishes!

    My favourite gifts are the sea gulls, I guess! They make me dreaming of many summers that we spent at the North Sea coast when I was younger!

    Have a great Friday and lost of wishes from sunny Germany!


    P.S.: Thank you so much for all the recent nice comments you left on my blog and please forgive me because I did not always have time to visit you back!

  16. Sounds goodly!!! Just surfing through and wanted to say I LOVE the new look :)

  17. Your new header is too cute! And I love your beautiful watch!

  18. Love the new header and Happy Birthday! Hope you had a knee slappin, belly laughing, cake eating day.
    Love it...

  19. With such wonderful gifts... I think I would start having two birthdays a year!

  20. A grand birthday indeed!!! The watch sounds lovely.

  21. I always enjoy my visits to your blog. Looks like your birthday was a great day!

    As for Roy - I too am sad to bid farewell and adieu

  23. I LOVE your new header! It looks like you had a wonderful birthday! Yay!!!!

  24. wonderful gifts Anni...I love your new gives me a chuckle every time I see it!!

  25. Sounds like you had such a nice birthday!!! It is fun to find stuff you really love for/on your birthday. I love the tigger the best!!! Of course!!! I am getting into the pooh stuff---favorite memory having the books read to me on the beach by my neighbor when we were waiting the hour after eating before being allowed to go back swimming!! Pooh things make me smile!

  26. Anni, I love your new you for sure!!
    You had a great birthday I see!! Wow!! some birthdays are just fun aren't they..
    Mine is this next week so we will is the only day that I have off too.
    have a great Friday.

  27. It sounds like your birthday was wonderful! Thank-you for sharing all of your cards and gifts.

  28. Hmmm - I think that Milly Ivins has the number of our British MPs too . . . But I digress - lovely Show & Tell - you were spoilt rotten on your birthday by the sound of things.

  29. Anni, your quotes on the comments page from Molly Ivins ar a "hoot". I enjoyed visiting today. I read the Sacajawea too, a few years back and enjoyed it very much. The Dumas looks intriguing. You had a blessed birthday!

  30. Hi Anni!
    Wow! What fabulous birthday gifts you received. Your new watch is beautiful! Thanks for your vistit. Have a great weekend!

  31. Wow, you hit the jackpot for your birthday! :) Thanks for sharing. Enjoyed looking at your show and tell today.
    I got a chuckle over the comment you left on my blog!!

  32. Anonymous2/15/2008

    Amazing gifts, you have been very blessed, I love the little Native American figure. He's too cute.

    Sarah x

  33. What a nice birthday you had. Being an ex-California girl I especially liked the seagulls. The watch is beautiful. Actually everything was special. Thanks for sharing. Thanks for the nice remarks you made on my Share & Tell today.

  34. Happy Birthday and those are some great gifts you got! I like the watch especially! I remember seeing JAWS when I was in High School. It scared me so bad I still have a hard time going into the water! Even the lake!

  35. Happy Birthday. You got some nice things. I love your watch. I'm sorry to hear about Roy Scheider too. I always loved him in Jaws--great actor. I didn't do show and tell this week.

    Blessings to you, Kathi

  36. What great gifts! Looks like you had a super birthday1 Happy Belated!

  37. Belated Happy Birthday freetings! Thanks for sharing the joy of your birthday.

  38. Hi, Anni! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today, and checking out my Show & tell! What special treasures you shared today - wish I had that gorgeous hybiscus in OUR front yard. They're such incredible flowers! I also LOVE your new cameo watch - what a special gift. :) What a blessed woman you are! :)

  39. Thanks for sharing! I'm glad you had a good birthday! I love the new look of your blog too.

  40. Looks like you made a nice haul for your birthday! Thanks for visiting my blog! Have a great weekend.

  41. Looks like you had a great birthday, Anni. Thanks for sharing all your goodies with us.

    I love the new header!! I got a chuckle out of that one...picturing my own big butt on a horse!! LOL

    Thanks for posting the info on the awards. I had figured it out from your comment to me and I even went a step further and figured out how to link from my first blog. I was so proud of myself! Now I need to figure out how to make a cool graphic for it. It's so nice for this old dog to learn new tricks!!


  42. Happy Happy Birthday Anni...I am sorry I am late, it's this dagone vacation! Lovely gifts and you deserve them all! I love the new look!

  43. such lovely birthday gifts. :) sounds like u had a lot of fun. :) thanks for dropping by!

  44. Great Birthday Gifts!
    Thnaks also about the Award
    post thingee - I am still

  45. Hi Anni, belated birthday wishes to you, your gifts and cards look wonderful. Thanks for the advice on setting up an award blog, but how do you upload stuff from one blog to the other? Do you just copy and paste, or is there a way to move entire posts?
    I've never heard the actual song, but the lyrics you've got scrolling on your page here for the Johnny Tillotson song are beautiful. The word verification character string I've got to type in now is an anagram of 'aloha'!

  46. Happy Birthday, Anni!!! Mine was the 5th. :0) You got some wonderful gifts. The tiger is too cute and the watch is beautiful, I love cameos!

  47. Hi Anni
    Thanks for coming by my blog and telling me how to move stuff from one blog to another. I'll try doing it today.
    Funnily enough I opened up your comment just seconds after talking my daughter through the 'how to' of putting a link list on a blog. Is that a case of paying it on, or what?
    In case you ever need to know this, I was teaching myself how to edit video clips yesterday, and it's great fun.

  48. Thanks for stopping by! Your watch is just beautiful, and it sounds like you had a fun filled day on your birthday. Happy belated Birthday to you Anni! (((hugs)))