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Show and Tell


A long time ago, in days of yore, I was convinced that white walls were best for our lifestyle. When I worked outside the home. You see, my thinking was, "I don't have time to take the time to really sit down and get a theme going on the walls. Painting the interior all white would make the upkeep that much more simple and easy." Which, in all essence, that is true. You can have the one color & do touch ups around the house. Without the clutter of many different cans of different paints around the garage for that purpose.

You know, here's a scuff mark, get out the small paint brush...dab a little here, and dab a little there and all's well with the world. Walls clean and hardly any work to keep it looking fresh and new! Life is simple! With just the monochromatic scheme. And bland!!!! So, after 'watching' over the 'net a few online friends redecorate their homes and viewing all the vivid colors and gorgeous outcomes, I began painting all the interior walls in living color!! And I soon realized just how lame I was by keeping life simple and easy with the dull humdrum of white here, white there, white everywhere!! Be brave Anni!! Get some color back into your life!!!!

Then, my life line started having heart problems, so I quit just short of finishing the whole interior. I went from white walls in the master bedroom to deep plum wine! [and the master bath was wallpapered in wine and copper] Then, on to the living room. We made that bi-colored. Dark turquoise on the bottom 2/3's of the wall then to a lighter shade of pale turquoise on the top 1/3; all divided with a wood moulding. The dining room and kitchen area is all painted with the same dark turquoise found in the living room since the whole section of the house is open and seen with just the movement of your eye! Computer room is painted in a chocolate brown. The hall bath is wallpapered in gold and black. [the small area which is a whole separate room from the lavatory is painted BLACK!] The spare bedroom was never completed last year because of health problems. I was determined to get it finished before Spring!! These first three are the 'before' shots.

So, this past week ----------


The only room left to do was the spare bedroom. The room with all hubby's 'old west' collection of junk memorabilia. He has a fetish with cowboys, Native Americans, and especially items having to do with General George Armstrong Custer and the 7th cavalry's battle in 1876 along the Little Big Horn in Montana where the Souix Indians wiped out most of the 7th army. Guns, the infamous Deadwood shootout where the card game table had the 'deadman's hand', whorehouses of the old West, Tombstone's Gunfight at the O K Corral. You might say the dear man has the Wyatt Earp Syndrome sans the handlebar mustache! Or maybe it's the Duke [John Wayne] --:::shrug::: It's hard to say. I know it has to do with the testosterone in his veins, for sure.
Oh ya, and mountain men. Can't forget his interest in mountain men! LOL Well, at one point it was very cluttered. And, to top it off it's a very small bedroom. Now the bed and vanity in this room is actually MINE! It's now considered antique like me too. You see, this bed was my childhood bed. When both my folks passed on, I could NOT get rid of the bed when we had the estate sale. It was torn apart and stored in their storage garage on their land, but was mine, all mine and I too had it stored until we relocated in Arizona, and then I cleaned it up and began using it once again.
Anyway, while 'gutting' the stuff out of the room, we also found some things we just couldn't part with. On the walls you find a painting of a beautiful nude Native American young lady. [it's a family joke that this was hubby's first wife - well, maybe in his FIRST life!! -1st photo -after shots or 3rd photo before] And, a painting of Custer's Last Stand, a 7th cavalry soldier, an oil painting of a mountain man, a silver spur, a framed copper Indian head, and the peace pipe hanging above the bed's headboard. [second photo -after shots or 1st photo -before] That was hand carved out of wood by dear hubby, with hawk feathers and a little strand of my blond hair, for decoration, from way back when. The pipe's bowl was also carved by my man from clay. [And yes, it CAN be smoked. Ummmmmm, ya, we tested it!] The long narrow iron piece hanging just to the right of the mountain man painting is my ancestor's cattle brand. [photo to the right]

This photo is of the two picture frames and matting hubby just finished Thursday afternoon for the black and white drawings. The horizontal picture is of the 7th Cavalry horse[bottom left]. The vertical is of the "Vaqueros of the King's Ranch" here in Texas [top right]. One of our favorite antiques is the reflective kerosene lantern [top left in same photo]. The mirror is part of my vanity. [Vaqueros is pronounced vah CARE ohs]

- - -

The before was all Texas. Red white and blue with the Texas state flag decor. And an American flag afghan which I crocheted. [I've begun a new afghan for this room. With gold tones and silver conchos, and fringed with trade beads. But that's a whole other blog entry someday.] Now, the after, the room is '7th Cavalry Gold' and black accenting in the curtains and bedding. It's complete except for we've decided to bring into the room a focal point --his antique 7th cavlary saddle [it has to be cleaned with saddle soap first, and hubby will make a saddle rail for it to place in a corner]. And then, my completion of the new gold and black afghan - weeks down the line.



Our Felina [Spanish word for feline which is the cat species]. A Siamese kitten that passed away about 5 years ago after living with us for over 20 years. At one point she was 'tiny enough' to squeeze in the kid's Jack o Lantern candy buckets!!! I adore this photo. It's one of my phavorites.
[circa: about 1977]


~Friday's Fixins'

[can be enlarged]


  1. Good Evening Anni,
    Wow, what a transformation you did to the spare bedroom. It is beautiful and you did a great job in painting it and redecorating it. I love the frames you hubby did for the black and white paintings. He did a wonderful job on them also. I love your childhood bed that you still have. I bet it is better made than beds you buy today. When me and my Sister were little, my Grandpa went to an Auction and bought a bedsted for me and my Sister. It is made out of Iron and my Mother had painted it a green color. It is a full-sized bed frame, headboard and footboard. I still have it in storage. I haven't used it in a while, but someday, I want to have it redone and get some mattresses for it. You little Felina looks precious in the Halloween Bucket. I think my Mom still has one of mine like that from when I was little. "THANK YOU" for sharing your photo's with us. I enjoyed looking at them. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.

    Love & Hugs,
    Karen H.

  2. Wow, such a great show and tell dear. I love all the pictures, you did a really good job on the painting.

  3. Wow! What a interesting post!! Everything looks great. That Kitty photo is wonderful!! We had our kitty cat Olie kitty for 15 years! She died this summer and she was Nancy's cat. We have a big brown long haired cat Zeke and he is Kelly's cat but he has started going in Nancy's room and sleeping on her bed and being with her!! I remember now I had you look at this kitty because it looked so much like one of your cats!!
    Love and Hugs, Carolyn

  4. Love the color. I splash bold colors on any wall I can get to! Enjoyed your post. Jennifer

  5. Anonymous2/01/2008

    Anni it's lovely. I love colours, I tried everywhere white and cream and got all depressed, so now I'm all red, orange, yellow and blue. LOl.

    Happy Friday.

  6. Wow! I do salute you and your white walls. We went for white carpet and Umm I now think it may have been a big no no. Five kids, white carpet, dont know what possessed me. LOL.

  7. Annie, the walls are lovely infact I sit here in my office looking at the almost very same colour - it gives the room a warm glow and your photos show a richer looking room showing off the hubby's collection and the furniture very nicely I will add.

    I like your show & tell!

  8. I adore that photo too! How cute! :)

  9. I too have the "white wall" thing going on in my house, and you have definatly inspired me to add some color to my life! I love your colors.


  10. I just did the opposite, lol ! Our walls were all in different colors or wallpapers in the rooms. Then I was fat up with it and had repainted the whole house in a soft warm eggshell white except the kitchen which is still red. But on the walls there are my (very) colored paintings so it looks nice and clean.

  11. Anonymous2/01/2008

    I love that color! I want to paint mt white walls so bad!

  12. Isn't funny how our tastes change. I came home one night from a shower where the house was full of color and looked at my white walls and said enough! I now have color on all my walls and love it. I love the color of your spare room.

  13. Anni, the color you chose is so warm and bright! You did a wonderful job decorating! Happy S&T Friday!

  14. So you have first hand knowledge of canning. I was raised in N.Y.C by city-fied folk and they never did anything such as canning. My mother in law always talks about when she was growing up watching her mother prepare preserves and stock the freezer with all sorts of field veggies for he winter. I just love it.

  15. Nice wall colors! I am in the process of painting our bathroom, it had metallic wallpaper w/ butterflies on it and is changing to a nice ocean blue. Thanks for swinging by my blog today! I have a friend who is convinced that Cafe Ole' - a lovely shade of brown that you can get at Walmarat will solve the world's problems!

  16. You have a nice show and tell entry. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Boy,you jumped into color with both feet didn't you! Great job!

  18. Glad to hear you got the room done. I know it's very flustrating not to be able to complete a project.

  19. That turned out so nice!
    Cute kitty pic too, it's fun to remember those that came before.
    Have a great weekend..:)

  20. I am impressed your new decorating has spruced th eplace up indeedy. I am the opposite and tend to "over" decorate everywhere. I have to hold myself back from hangin up too much or buying it all. I love things! I mean little things, like pictures, ceramics, knick knacks of all my house gets the "clutter" look at times. I have been much better and tried real hard to change that by only cluttering up my books shelves, of course I ahve floor to ceiling ones and I have 3. But at least the rest of the area looks more open. My newest redo was in my livingroom after Christmas when I took the tree down I actually left the space open. Boy has that been a tough one. I keep wanted to put something there, anything! But I am holding back and enjoying the open space, which by the way my DH loves. See he is a large man and I am a petite woman so my space requires less room and he is always hitting his head or stumbling over things I find ok to walk through or around that he cannot. LOL...ah like in decorating....

  21. I used to be very apprehensive about color on walls. Now, I paint color everywhere. I really love it! The exception... all the paint cans stashed away in the garage for touch-ups. :o) Your room turned out great!

  22. I posted my Phriday Photo on my blog. :) wasn't sure where to comment about it????

  23. You've done a great job, Anni. I love the western theme.

    When my Dad was young - about 16 - he worked at the King Ranch in Texas for a while. He and his friend left home when they were 14 and traveled Canada and the US. They made their living by working anywhere they could get a job.

    Interesting post and a beautiful photo of the cat. I enjoyed my visit, as always. Love that western theme.

    Have a wonderful weekend.


  24. I thoroughly enjoyed your S&T today! I wished I could've enlarged the pictures so I could be extra nosy! Your hubby's taste runs similiar to my own! I love western and rustic!

    In 2005 we went to the Little Bighorn. My hub and his brothers were backpacking in Yellowstone so us wives and the kids went on over to see it as I have always wanted to go there! Our daughter was still doing her Civil war re-enacting (Corporal. 4th texas Calvary, dismounted) and I had her bring her uniform with us. I took a lot of pictures of her in it and naturally got a lot of looks!

    There's something spiritual there, like you can feel the presence of those who came before. Thanks for sharing, I loved it!

  25. Hey, Glad you got some color into your life!! Nice touches, but what about seeing the other rooms---do you have pics somewhere on your blog of the other ones?? Let me know--love looking at pictures of rooms!!

  26. Awwww I love that photo with the kitten....very sweet :)

  27. Looks great! I have all white walls for now, but I so want to paint in color! I plan to start with my spare bedroom, which I want to turn into a reading room. It has blue carpet so I thought about painting the walls a goldenrod yellow. Maybe you should come help me. LOL

    Thanks for sharing! Enjoy your weekend,

  28. You chose a very warm color--I like it. I also like the tip about keeping the ants out--I didn't know about the clove.


  29. Love that room! Worthy of HGTV!

    Aww! Cute kitty! If we ever get another cat I really want a Siamese. They're just so pretty.

  30. Excellent choice of color! I love it! Thank you for sharing!

    :0) Sharon

  31. Great transformation! I like the theme too!


  32. Nice post I love the kitty photo.
    I liked the Indian smoke pipe on the wall, but then I like American History..... I have white walls, I want to go red, my husband thinks..
    well you know, I don't think he's
    ready yet........ I am, for your same reasons.

  33. Oh Anni, I just love the new colour you chose for the walls..isn't it amazing what a little colour will do to a room!!! What an interesting room, I'd love to be in there to look at everything...yes, even the painting of your hubby's "first wife" LOL!! Love it! xoxo

  34. Nice choice of photo for The Hunt this week. I mean if it's called the "Big Narrows" I think that fits the theme pretty well. ;0) Looks like a lovely place to visit.

    BTW-thanks for posting some favorites on my son's b-day post last week. He was so thrilled.