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~Heads or Tails
February 26: HEADS - Wonder *OR* TAILS - Wander


I WONDER why so many of us American citizens feel like they're getting 'the shaft' by our leaders. What I mean is, during campaign speeches and the promises given to us, it's just that. Promises given. Now some may think that those promises are not followed through once the person gets into office. And I'm meaning ANY government official taking seat. Those promises are more than likely followed through from the 'campaigner'. But!!! I WONDER if we all think beyond that promise. I WONDER if we citizens realize that those promises given to us during the speeches are taken to the 'next level' once the person is in the official office? I WONDER if they realize that the promises are heard by OTHERS in other seats? For instance, the campaigning right now of Hillary's "National Health Issue" others realize this sounds good in talk, but even if the promise is has to go through all kinds of red tape in our government bodies that her original promise, tho good in talk, won't be good on paper because, I WONDER if we actually stop and think that it has to go through Congress first...and the stipulations that Hillary would put forth,...well, it won't be what she promised in the end. Or Obama. I WONDER if people realize his campaigning promises won't be the same in the end, going through all the red tape of Congress if he takes the head won't be at all what we hear in the campaign speeches. McCain? Well, same thing. I too WONDER just how many registered voters have written in their votes for Garfield the Cat or Peanut's Charlie Brown in the past elections?

And take into consideration, the county in which you live. Perhaps a nominee gives us a promise, theoretically, of a larger police force. Well, that promise has to go through a lot of other officials and the promise may not seem as if we're getting what was told to us. Or maybe just a small item like getting streets paved and fixed....ya, the promise is out there, but then...once in office, there's more red tape, and budgets, and pay raises, and tax.....

I just WONDER if we common citizens realize that promises are more than likely KEPT. It's just that once they're handed over, Congress [or county officials] has[have] eventually messed it all up for us. And before we know it, no matter WHO takes office, it'll cost us plenty. I just WONDER why more people, the citizens, don't look beyond the promises and look closely into what is going on in our government and think of what it will cost us, in life and monetarily. No WONDER we are in such a mess as a country!!!

:::stepping down from my podium::: roflmao

As I wander through the darkness I find that 'shin' is a device for finding furniture in the blackness of night.
As I wander through life, I realize that I finally got my head together and the rest of the body is falling apart.
As I wander through my 'golden years'...I've said good bye to tension and hello to pension.
As I wander[ed] through my fifties, I've come to feel blessed I'm OVER the hill instead of UNDER it.
As I wander down the hall finally getting used to yesterday...along comes today!
As my grandson'll wander down the road, he'll carry a sign "Support Bingo and keep Grandma off the streets!"

And last but not least, I WONDER if when you WANDER over to the scales to weigh in...if you have the scales facing North, do you know you'll, more than likely, weigh one pound less than when the scales are facing away from the earth's magnetic pole? It's true.


~10 on Tuesday
10 Movies That You’ve Intended to Watch, but Haven’t
[next week 10 Favorite Drinks]

Well, we usually go to the theater and watch all kinds of movies on their 'opening release date' [usually on Fridays]. But this past year, with the heart problems I experienced off and on until my ablation was finally scheduled, we were both leery of doing much of anything! Then, after recuperation period the year of movies were finished for the worthy ones. So to speak.

Okay ten movies I intend to watch but haven't watched them yet is:

1] La Vie En Rose --we bought the DVD, and I haven't sat down to watch it yet as of this blog post. The lady who portrays the singer in the bio-movie won the Oscar this past weekend. I'm hoping it will be a good movie. I've always loved the song [of the same title, it's an oldie but goodie].

2] The new Indiana Jones movie that will be in theaters this Spring. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Ummmmm, you're thinking - "Of course you haven't watched it yet, Anni! Because it hasn't been released in theaters yet." Well, I intend on seeing it when it first comes to the theater. I have all three of the 'original' set....

3] No Country for Old Men. Now, our son saw this, and told us it was no good. And I must say I've seen movie trailers and thought "He's wrong. This looks good!" But I've yet to see it. It's on my list of buying the DVD soon.

4] Juno?!! I'm still not sure about this one. I've read so much about it. But, some days it is a movie I'd like to see, while other days it doesn't appeal to me. I can't straighten out my emotions on my thoughts of this one. I've heard good and I've heard bad reviews. So, it's still iffy. I may just wait and watch this in years to come when it's televised. LOL

5] There Will Be Blood. Like I said, I missed almost an entire year of movies. And this got the Oscar nod, and I've always liked Daniel Day Lewis ever since "My Left Foot". So, it'll most likely be added to my 'to watch' movies.

6] Atonement. I read the book a long, long time ago. And I like both in the leading roles. So, I will watch this sometime in the future, to be sure.

7] I'd like to see The Assassination of Jesse James...but there is one real strong drawback on this...I can't stand Brad Pitt. If I could get past my dislike for the man, I'd like to watch this historical bio-drama someday.

8] The Kite Runner!!! I read the book and fell in love with the epic novel! 'Nough said.

9A] Elizabeth, The Golden Age. About Queen Elizabeth I --I WILL see this one. I WILL buy the DVD. If you look at my list of favorite things on my sidebar, it's an era in history that is my favorite to read and learn about. Also on the agenda this week is going to see the new release of....
9B]The Other Boleyn Girl!!! Based on one of my favorite 'historical-fiction' author's book of the same title. Again, it's the historical era. Good just HAS to BE a good movie. [release date February 29th]

10] The Golden Compass. Isn't this the one that had so much controversy? I will see it someday and make up my own mind as to what I see and what subliminal messages it brings to the viewer. I trust only MY instincts, not follow others like a sheep.

NOTE: WILL THINK 4 WINE MET MY 175 Word Challenge. click here to read her entry
AND!! --MY BELLAVIA completed the challenge today!!! Here is HER link!

Also, if you wish to try and do the challenge, the link is on my sidebar forthe 'rules'.


  1. Ooooh... really? Would you please excuse me for a second... while I adjust my scale???


    Good points, Anni! That works for every country . it´s the same in Germany.

    Happy Tuesday!

  2. Good Mornin' Anni,
    A very good and interesting post for today on your Wonder & Wander. You know, I am one of those that always are saying that the Politicians always promises this and that and I say they do that just to get in office. But here, you gave me a different insight on it. It is true as you said it has to go thru the red tapes and such. But dadgumit, those who have to approve it should be willing to or not to approve it. And I'm always saying if those people up in Congress had to get paid the Minimum Wage that us poor people make, well maybe they would look at things on a different perspective and they will know how it is on us poor folks. Maybe, you should just run for President. I do believe you would make a great Madam President. Sounds like you have a good list of movies to be watching and giving us your thoughts on the movies. We haven't been to the Theater's in a very good while. Cost too dang much for a Family of 4 to go see a movie anymore. We usually wait for the movie to come out on DVD as well. Tis alot cheaper. The Golden Compass did have alot of controversary when it came out. I remember seeing articles on it. I finally put up a new post this morning. I am feeling some better. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours. I do hope yall didn't have any Severe Thunderstorms yesterday with such warm temperatures. I bet the Hurricane Season will be busy this year. That's just my political input on it. LOL.

    Love & Hugs,
    Karen H.

  3. I met the 175 Words Challenge!

  4. Anonymous2/26/2008

    I loved your Wander poem...especially the first line about the shin! Ha!!!

    As far as promises, I think part of what gets a candidate elected is not the promise itself but which candidate is more likely than not to be able to use their wiles to get some form of the promise realized. It is an uphill battle....for everyone! I won't waste a vote for Garfield or anything like that. But neither will I give it to any politician who doesn't deserve it! :) The trick is to figure out the difference! LOL!

  5. hello, thanks for stopping by my headsortails. hey what a great post you wrote!

    by the way love the layout of your blog. how do you do all of them?

  6. Great post! It always amazes me how much people like to blame the President for everything that goes wrong - forgetting that he can't accomplish anything without going through Congress. It seems that most of the time the people in Congress vote with their party, regardless of what is best for the country.

    I loved your take on WANDER. You always make me smile.

    From that whole list of movies, I've only seen one - The Golden Compass - and I enjoyed it. I usually request movies from my library when they come out on DVD. I eventually get them and watch them. Sometimes the waiting list is really long. Right now we have The Last King of Scotland - from last year - but I haven't made time to watch it yet.

  7. "Juno" is cute. And the "Other Boleyn Girl" looks interesting.

    I played :)

  8. I love it. And as soon as I can get up again, I'm turning my scale!

  9. What a great post! I liked your thoughts on wonder! I also liked what you said about the scale! SWEET, I'm gonna lose a pound today then!! HEE HEE! This was a wonderful post and very intuitive! Thank you!

  10. hey - hadn't heard of a new Indiana Jones . . . Don't suppose it'll have Handsome Harrison . . .mom LOOOOVES him!

  11. good post on 'wonder' i too wonder if anyone realizes that all those promises may not be stricly kept, but hey, at least we know they will try and eventually we will get there...

    oh and maybe you could let your email address in my comments and see if that works! i still havent gotten anything from you! sad!

  12. Anni,

    I love your wonder and wander comments. Certainly food for thought even in Canada. So many people think that politicians never keep their promises, yet there is hundreds of miles of red tape to go through and they don't really have the final say.

    I haven't seen any of the ten movies you listed. There is a couple in there that I would like to see. I would enjoy the ones that are based on history.

    Don't know if you've been over to my place, but I posted another black history piece today.

    I read the two new challenges and they're both excellent. Thanks for linking to them.

    Loved my visit, as always.


  13. I'm going to go adjust my scale now! LOL! Great HorT's post!

  14. As I was reading this, Chris Dodd was on CNN endorsing Obama.

    Me and hubby have been following the election much more closely than we have ones in the past. We even miss watching American Idol to watch the debates. (Gasp!)

    Discussion always follows the debates and we both recognize the cost of these promises if kept. We have discussed the three branches of government aspect, too.

    See? I'm not just a pretty face. Hahhaaa!

  15. I would like to vote for my dad's wolfdog for president - he seems to have life all figured out and think things through before acting on them. :-)

    Happy Tuesday

  16. First I must say that I love the new header, very cute.
    You make some seriously good points in your HorT post this week. Very good.

  17. I love your logic about the shin...very true :-)

    And, sadly, I haven't seen any of the movies, either. I want to (especially the Kite Runner), but I never seem to find time. We saw the clip of Elizabeth: The Goldne Age on the Oscars and my husband said he wanted to see that's a good sign :-)

    Happy HoT

  18. Hi Anni! Sorry I've not visited in a while - I've been suffering from what I call 'blogger blah' - a kind of apathy and general fed-upness. I really like your HoT - it seems politics is the same everywhere. Whenever a General Election approaches here in the UK, we have various political leaders making all sorts of promises in their election manifestos. But when it comes down to it, the eventual measures adopted, if any, are usually far removed from what was promised, when they were chasing votes. Happy HoT!

  19. I wonder if the politicians actually think we believe one word they are saying. They all tell us what they think we want to hear. We know and they know they won't keep their promises.

    I'm off to turn my scales to the North.

  20. Oh my gosh! Is that true about the scales??? I have never heard that before. I am gonna go turn my scales... :D Nice post by the way!

  21. I loved you wander poem--what a great job on HOT Tuesday.

  22. Hmmm ... I've not see the Wonder and Wander topic for Tuesdays but maybe I'll give it a try some day. Today I did last week's Ten on Tuesdays Topic and am counting it as a Tuesday edition of Wordless Wednesday too because I used pix to create my list. I'm wondering how anyone keeps up with everything that goes on in this virtual world!
    Hugs and blessings,

  23. I'm turning my scale north from now on!!!

  24. I love the way you make it a point to see the brighter side of things. Your sense of humor is also wonderful.

    Interesting thing about the weighing scale. I'll try that later. :)

  25. You have reminded me of a promise *I* would make if ever elected: only allow Congress to make laws every other year (or less). The more they work, the more they mess up, right? Or how about for every law they pass, they have to repeal another (not my idea). You have great ideas in here. My HoT is here. Thank you.

  26. I wonder, too! And I find myself wandering around the house finding things with my shin as well.

  27. Beautiful new header I ♥ it
    I liked your wonder and wander = ouch my shins are good at finding stuff and guiding me

    I will try the scales trick - hope so

    I saw Juno - it was a good movie - a bit of a twist at the end but all in all an easy movie to watch and take to your heart.

    thanks for visiting me
    My Little Drummer boys

  28. Your posts are so cool, thanks.

  29. Moving scale!! BTW, I LOVE your wanderings. For some reason they hit home. :)

  30. Wonders are great! Wanders are cool, too. I didn't know to turn the scale to the north. Away I go to do so!

  31. I WONDER too, Annie!! :o) And I so identify with Wander!! I often WONDER where my mind WANDERED off to!! LOL

    Nice movie list. I haven't seen any of those but some of them look interesting. I don't like going to the theater so I usually wait for the DVD in the movie store!


  32. I'm wondering who is going to be the next President. I don't think I would vote for Hilary, I don't know much about McCain except I suppose he does have experience on his side, Obama is very charismatic but he may have bitten off more than he can chew.

    It was said on the news a few days back that over 50% of Canadians would give up their vote in Canada to be able to vote in the upcoming US elections. This one is going to be very interesting. Thanks for popping over

  33. I haven't seen any of the ones on your list. #s 6, 8 & 9B are ones I would've added a longer list. I played along, too. Check mine out & let me know if you've seen any of these!

    Jennifer :-)

  34. I always resolve that I'm going to see every movie, every year, that is nominated for Best Picture. I haven't done it yet! However, I've kept "The Departed" from Netflix for 6 months, so that has to count for something!

    Loved this post!