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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out


~...end Wordless~


If you read my Monday's blog entry, you know that I was thoroughly disappointed in the Chargers and the Packers playoff performances. So perturbed that neither team I was rootin' for won! They played some poor football. And the announcers always said, pregame, during the game, and after the game --that the below zero temperatures is Green Bay's territory...that they are used to the frigid air. But I'm thinking...hey guys, wait just a minute. I'm not sure about that. No fool [except Green Bay fanatics] would be out in those temperatures for 3 to 4 hours and be all sane when it's over!!! I'm sure that the Packers, if they reside and play there during their season, most OTHER times when not performing their jobs, they're indoors by the heat just like any other cheesehead. So, the temps, as you can see didn't deter anyone but the home team!!

Anyway, for us two, the football season is over. Kaputz!! We're done for another year. We probably won't even watch the Super Bowl, it's that disappointing to us both.

So, we counted our quarter savings [if you keep up, you know what the two of us do] ---and we ended up with $50 even in our banks.

We took ourselves out for steaks at a fantastic local steakhouse!!! For lunch, we don't go out at night if we can help it, 'cause neither of us is good for night vision.

The interior, other than wall-mounted Texas Longhorns, and televisions on the sports's a busy, and yet, surprisingly quiet atmosphere. Very family orientated, but during the lunch hour it's sometimes filled with business suits and casual diners as well.

My sweet cheeks had his favorite - a gigantic T-Bone steak. Grilled with the wonderful mesquite wood and so juicy and tender he lacked the need of a steak knife. Of course, he's more food sensible than I am...he ordered it with baked potato. Me?--------

---I of course, ordered the more caloric and artery hardening food. I ordered the Surf and Turf!! You know, the grilled gulf jumbo shrimp and the steak cooked more rare than his...and naturally, why settle for healthy attitude, and ordered french fries. LOL

All was ever-so-delicious and I say "Here's to Football"!! Now, I can't wait for baseball season to begin so we can get out our baseball banks and count our quarters saved for each home run [LOL], 2 point home runs, 3 pointers and the Grand Slam that'll cost a dollar each!!!! Is it April yet? No really, tho I love baseball ---any game, I've never been much on football except for 'my' Broncos, and this little ditty we do really puts some fun back into the games. I really enjoyed the season. It was a wonderful way of being with dear hubby during the games instead of on the computer or phone...we bonded...ya, call it bonding! LOL


  1. * * My son...

    The FEW
    The PROUD


  2. That's a wonderful photo of your son. Happy WW

  3. God Bless our troops!

  4. Hats off to your fine son!!
    Your husband's steak is calling to me. It's dinner time right now....

  5. I love those Marines. Handsome young man as well.

    I liked your lunch much better that your hubbys. Surf and turf has to be one of my favorites. We don't like going out at night for the same reason. Have a great WW. :)

  6. He's a handsome lad - you must be so proud of him. Happy WW!

  7. Very Handsome picture!!!

    I try and stay home at night too--my husband doesn't have any problem seeing at night, but I sure do.

    It is much cozier at home anyway:)


  8. May God bless your awesome son. I love steak, yummy.

  9. He is a stunning man. I pray that he is out of harm's way. nk

  10. God bless and keep your son.

  11. A proud mom of a marine guy. He deserves it!

  12. I am glad he is watching out for me and my country.

    Sorry to hear about your teams. All I can say is goooooo GIANTS!!!

  13. A very handsome young man!!

    ...well, that sounds like a fun way for watching football games ...even if your teams lose!



  14. Oh the heart of a mother..... I have two wonderful son's and I see that picture of your son and I am so grateful for the young men and women in uniform....... I will put his name in the front of my bible and I will pray for him ... I love your blog but not sure if I have ever left a comment.... You make me laugh and laughter is good medicine.... and I CAN SMELL THAT STEAK!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Good Evening Anni,
    I AM SO PROUD OF YOUR SON!!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, ANNI'S SON, FOR WHAT YOU DO FOR OUR COUTNRY. GOD BLESS YOU!!!! Oh Anni, I am so touched at just looking at your Son. I know you are very proud of him as well. I don't have anyone related to me in the Services at this time, but I have had cousin's and uncle's and even my Dad in the Armed Services before. And, ever since the 9-11 thing, I have really admired our Service Men and Women. GOD BLESS EACH AND EVERYONE OF THEM AND THEIR FAMILIES!!!! "THANK YOU" Anni for sharing this with us. I was LOL at you and your hubby rolling your quarter's to go eat. It reminds me of me and my DH doing that except ours was pennies. LOL. Of course we would never have enough to go to a Steak House, but we did have enough to go to Burger King or McDonald's. Hey, a date is a date and it don't matter where ya go, just as long as your together. The food looks so good. Now I'm wanting a Steak. Wait, I do have some steak in my fridge. It's called Preacher's Steak. ROFLMBO. Hey, I had Steak for my lunch today too. Wooohooo for round steak. LOL. Our oldest daughter will be signing up this week for Softball. She plays fastpitch softball. They are starting a litte earlier this year. I hope they wait till it warms up before they start any practicing tho. It's gonna be too cold to sit outside and watch her. Hey Anni, have you or your hubby ever had one of them there BIG Steaks down in Texas? I think it's a 96 ouncer? I've seen it on t.v. before on the Travel Channel. I hadn't either. I've had a few steaks at some Truck Stops down there in Texas, but not any of them BIG ones. Take care my friend and have a great evening/morning. May God Bless You and Yours.

    Love & Hugs,
    Karen H.

  16. Your son was a soldier ? My son was lucky he didn't have to do any military service because he lived in Belgium and as he should have done his service in Germany he didn't have to just for this reason. Now there is no obligatory military service anymore in the European countries, so each young man is free to choose if he wants to be a soldier or not. It is not like in the States where soldiers are all heros, here they are more considerated as lazy people who don't find another job.

  17. I like that you designated a certain section Wordless, instead of just writing a novel-length post without regard to the spirit of the WW format.

    Also, I was rooting for the Packers, too. Sorry they didn't win.

  18. You must be real proud of ur son :)
    He looks charming too..
    As for ur dinner... it made me salivate over my keyboard!!!
    It's not a Weekend;It's a Lifestyle

  19. Dear Anni ~~ Lovely photo of your handsome son ~ I pray he is safe. And
    I pray all our servicemen and women will be safe and come home to us.
    It is so nice to have a meal out occasionally and glad you both enjoyed it. Night driving was hard for me the last few years I drove. Kids used to laugh and say Mum has to be home before dark. I don't drive now. Thanks for your comments and I am glad you liked the Ice cream story, sorry it made you cry. I loved it. Take care, my friend, Love, Merle.

  20. Good Morning Anni,
    I am late in posting this morning. I overslept a bit. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that you have been Tagged. Stop by when you get a chance. Hope you will participate. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.

    Love & Hugs,
    Karen H.

  21. Considering their lackluster performance during the regular season, I am surprised at the NY Giants' playoff comeback.

  22. Great photo of your son! What a handsome man! :)

    Sorry your teams didn't win (not really!). I guess my blog might just annoy you more!! haha ;) Go Pats!!!

  23. Oh .. BTW .... you've been tagged. Here's the link:

  24. You know I really really really LOVE my husband BUT I am not going to bond with him over football!! That is just beyond my doing..Smile!! I just cannot understand of like that game at all. I am just not much of a Sports person I guess.
    Looks like you are a February baby too...Me also!! Mine is the 20th. Yours is either the 8th or 9th right? We are a good group!! Sandy

  25. Very Handsome son, You must be very proud!
    My football season ended early and as a huge disappointment...My college team, Ohio State, just looked silly in the national championship game. Then there is the Colts, what can I say...sad, just plain sad.
    I am curious to know the banking system cause it sure sounds like fun! I would take the steak dinner after the season any time!
    Also, I am passing on a little award to you so stop by when you have a chance!

  26. That's a handsome looking Marine right there!! Happy WW :-)

  27. Anni,

    I salute your son and all the men and women in uniform who put themselves in danger to ensure that we live in a free country.

    Your son is a handsome Marine and I respect him greatly. Thanks so much for sharing this photo of him.

    The steak looks delicious and saving quarters to go out to dinner sounds like a lot of fun. We also save change and I wonder how much we have. LOL

    Blessings and love,

  28. Anonymous1/23/2008

    How right you are to be so proud! Your dinner plate has me starving!!! And its only 10am.

    Happy Wednesday

  29. I think it is truly sad when football season is over!! You gotta watch the super bowl even if it is two of your unfavority (cool word ) teams. I do not like watching basketball or baseball---soooooo a long wait for me.