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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Now begins a new year. As always, for me it's time to reflect on the year past. Saying good-bye to events, days gone, everything that made history. I remember fondly some of the well-known who have graced my life in some way, making my days so much richer by who they were and what they did, being a legacy in their time ---

The Legendary race horse, Barbaro, who broke bones during the Kentucky Derby, ending his career as "a winner". Sadly, after many attempts to repair his injuries, he had to be put down... January 2007

Don Ho, legendary singer born in Hawaii. His well known recording of "Tiny Bubbles" gave people a soft, romantic, song to hear. --died April 2007 at the age of 76

Liz Claiborne, left behind a legacy of design; a cornerstone of women's clothing. She died at the age of 78 in June 2007.

Ms. Lady Bird Johnson -Former first lady who championed conservation and worked tenaciously for the political career of her husband, Lyndon B. Johnson, died July 2007. Her age 94.

Phil Rizzuto -- a legendary New York Yankee shortstop. Hall of Famer, turned sportscaster much loved for exclaiming "Holy cow!" Died in August 2007, age 89.

Actress who kissed Burt Lancaster on a beach in "From Here to Eternity" and danced with Yul Brynner in "The King and I." Deborah Kerr. Died October 2007, age 86.

The legendary Ike Turner. Rock innovator who teamed with wife Tina Turner (and denied abusing her)--died at 76 years of age in December 2007.

Hailed as the king of high "C" --maestro of opera, voice of beauty, Luciano Pavarotti died of cancer, 76, in September 2007.

Best known for her role in television's "The Munsters", film screen star, Yvonne DeCarlo dies in January 2007 at the age of 84.

Big-voiced singer; one of the most popular entertainers of the 1950s ("That Lucky Old Sun", and "Mule Train" among others) died at the age of 93 in February 2007.

Betty Hutton, 86. Singer-actress who brought brassy vitality to Hollywood musicals ("Annie Get Your Gun.") Her death was March 2007.

A Tony Award Winner, and brassy comedian; known for his television game show appearances, Charles Nelson Reilly died in May of 2007. Aged 76.

- - -

Many others left the physical world this year. Among others I remember fondly are: Tom Poston, Beverly Sills, Tom Snyder, Ingmar Bergman, Merv Griffin, Jayne Wyman, Marcel Marceau, Joey Bishop, Robert Goulet, Kitty Carlisle..............


  1. I am first!! WOW!! I did not know so many that I grew up with have passed away!! Some were not so very old either. As I get older they do not seem so old anymore..Ha!!
    Madison and i stayed up till midnight last night so that she could write it in her journal. She is just 9!! She is into that now!!
    I hope that you have a wonderful 2008!!
    So glad we are blogging friends.


  2. First, love the E.E. Cummings quote. This was a wonderful post. Thanks for taking the time to remind us of all the talented/controversial people.
    May you and yours have a Happy New Year.

  3. Good Morning Anni,
    "HAPPY NEW YEAR"!!!! "THANK YOU" for posting about the ones that had passed the past year. A few of them I remember, and the other's I didn't. I do remember Ike Turner dying tho and remember him and Tina. Take care my friend and have a great Tuesday. May God Bless You and Yours.

    Love & Hugs,
    Karen H.

  4. Wishing you a Happy New Year.. You always post great stuff.. where do you find all of your information??

    I need to ask you a question.I wanted to add a cute picture to my header on my blog,when I did it this morning,it only shows a small part of the picture..on the preview it showed all of the picture..Now what do I do to fix this problem?? Thanks for any help you can give me.. Baba

  5. Thanks Anni for your advice, but playing around I got it fixed.. don't ask me how I did it..It worked.I am thrilled with the picture..I am going to try and change my template one day.

  6. Wishing you an awesome New Year..PJ:)

  7. Hi Anni, I did not get my picture in my header fixed..... Going to edit HTML is too hard for me to figure it out...Help!!! Hugs, baba

  8. there is one in your group i never liked much

  9. This was nice! Like Sandy they don't seems as old now that I am heading down that road!!
    I had the record of Mule Train when I was young!
    You sure do a good job on your posts! I find it interesting every time I am here!
    I won't get to all my friends today because my daughters all want to go out and have fun and that means me too and Nancy!! How great is that!! So I had better finish up and get ready to go out and about!! I think it is so nice that they are willing to talke Nancy and me when it is not real easy with walkers and stuff! I have on the Missouri- AR game at the Cotton Bowl and we are winning! Love and Hugs Carolyn

  10. Wow - we lost a lot of people last year, and I lost a lot of friends too. I sure hope 2008 is better than last.
    Wishing you the best health and happiness in the new year.

  11. When I look at their age when they died I wonder if being public person keeps you in good health !