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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

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I'M A RULE BREAKER. AND I CHALLENGED MYSELF WITH THE FORM FOR THIS WEEK, and construed it to fit my Thursday 13, only because I thought of a fashion rule that totally "bloggles" my mind, even today.....

1. Which rule did you choose to break?
I continue to think the Southern [it's origin from what I gather] fashion 'law' of NOT wearing white after Labor Day [September] through the months until Easter [March or April] is a fashion rule that makes no sense!!! Never have...never will!!

2. Explain the events that led up to your breaking this rule.
Simple...I like white! Pure, unbleached white. It's crisp, it's comfortable, it goes with ANYthing in the department of fashion!! Why not? I mean, just why can't the whole society [women in particular] wear white after September when men can wear white shirts year 'round and girls/women getting married in the 'dead of winter' are able to wear white? White shoes even!!! It seems like a double standard to me!

3. Why do you think it is important to follow this rule?
It's Not a rule I would adhere to!!! Wear white I say. Any time of year; what's good for you and you're comfortable with your choice, wear it. This fashion statement went out of 'style' with our parents!!!

4. What do you think the consequence should be for breaking this rule?
None whatsoever!! Well, perhaps a snicker or a pointed finger if I choose to wear white jeans in December...but I say...who cares? And I wonder about the 'white' rule of fashion and also ask: "Why then, do manufacturers of clothing make WHITE sweat suits? I don't wear sweat suits, any color for that matter, in the 'correct' months to wear white.

5. How do you plan to regain trust?
There is no trust's fashion. There just are some 'rules' of life that we need to break and this is one!!! Trust me!!!

6. What other alternatives did you have besides breaking this rule?
Wearing dark colors all the time between Autumn and Spring? No way. I stand by my conviction. Some have told me that off white [a cream colored white] is okay in Autumn and Winter, but I say. Pshaw!!!! Pure white is beautiful!!! And I'll wear a white sweater instead of a cream colored one any time.

7. Write an apology to the person who was affected by your behavior.
My apology would be sent to my grandmother. If I wore white in her day, it would be considered sinful! An outrage. A big huge fashion faux pas!! But along with that apology I would also explain to her that I am an INDIVIDUAL and I wear what I choose. I wouldn't consider asking any of my family to wear a parka in 100° temperatures just 'cause it's mid-December and we're living in warm or hot climes!! It's a personal choice these day grandma...I'm sorry to break your rule!!! But, I'm me.


8. Also, I grew up with the fact that men should remove their hats before entering a room/building.
I don't see 'em doing that anymore...does this offend me? No...again, it's personal choice. Hey, the saying goes "What's good for the goose [women are allowed to wear their hats indoors] is good for the gander!" [why should the men not be allowed the same privilege]. We're living in a world now [the 'civilized' world anyway] where there is a stress on equal rights, right? Men? You just go on wearing what you're wearing...hats indoors and all.

9. Sandals in winter?
Unheard of back in my youth. But now, it's considered okay by me...I'd much prefer sandals/or/open toed shoes when the temps are in the 80's or above in winter where I'm living. Wearing boots just 'cause it's winter is not okay in my book!! What's comfortable, is the thing to do.

10. When combining two blacks together they must be EXACT in shade/hue!?!
No, I don't think so...there is a simple 'fix' to make the outfit look good. If you have a pair of black slacks/jeans and the top is of a DARKER shade of black [or visa versa] add some neutral colors to your outfit like a muted gray scarf and/or a gray works wonders and the outfit is complete. Same with navy blues...they are not always the same shade of navy. Adding another color to the outfit will 'take away from the two different tones.

11. Follow fashion trends?!!
Like the days of stretch pants and long loose hanging tops---they're out you know: But, I say, if they're comfortable for you, who cares! It's what is right for you. Don't follow the magazines and fashion 'experts''s only a ploy to get you to buy, buy, buy!!!

12. Don't wear white socks with dark clothes!
I say to this, why not? Actually, some may not know this, but white on your feet is much healthier than colors. It's the dye in the fabric. And if your feet 'sweat'...the dye soaks into your skin. It may not 'look' correct, but if you're into the 'health' of your feet instead of 'style'...white is fine by me!!

13. My rule?
If you're comfortable, if it fits properly, if it makes a statement of 'completely YOU'...wear it!! Heck, you might be making a fashion statement that others will envy and follow 'suit'!!


  1. Have you no shame?

    Breaking the white shoe law?

    What's next, wearing black on Easter?


    The Pink Flamingo

  2. I'm with you, if it fits, it's in good condition and you like it ...go for it.

  3. What's better than winter white? I have a friend who packs everything white away until Memorial Day! It's fun with her, but I love white in winter. So bright!

  4. I'm with you Anni, I like to be comfortable...

  5. I'll break that white shoe rule too. At my age I do what I want. Seems you do too. Good for you. Have a great TT. :)

  6. Fashion is purely marketing; convincing people that all their fully serviceable clothes are somehow no longer suitable and must be replaced by brand new ones. I pay it no attention at all.

  7. OK..I love white! Glad someone else thinks that is a silly rule.

  8. I am with you, go for comfort.

  9. Long Whistle blow........."Fashion Police I need the Fashion Police over here," she says sitting on the sofa in her white sweat suit, white sox and birks. ROFL!

  10. Good Morning Anni,
    I'm with the Fashion Police and I'm here to settle all this talk about not wearing White in Winter. Let's see now, did GOD not make the Snow, White? White means Pure I do believe. GOD is pure isn't he? Last time I read about him he was. Ain't we suppose to be Pure like GOD? Then I say White it is, all the way. If the shoe fits Sister, wear it. LOL. This is also a Free Country. I do believe we still have the right to wear what we want when we want. Whoever made the Fashion Rule of wearing White only in the Spring and Summer, are not Pure like GOD. All of that is what Women/Men made up and not GOD. Okay, I will quit preaching now. I hope my work is done. LOL. I enjoyed reading your Thursday Thirteen. Girlfriend, I have to be comfy and I do mean COMFY. It it don't have elastic in the waste, then it's not going on me. LOL. And my shirts have to be where I can have room to breathe and move around. All the clothes I have don't match anyway. I ain't out to please anyone by what I wear. I am Grown and I will wear what I want to wear. No one pays my bills and gives me money to buy clothes, my DH does, and I'll buy what I darn well want to. COMFY is the big key I do believe. "THANK YOU" for sharing your Thursday 13 with us. I really enjoyed it and got all fired up about it. LOL. I sure hope I didn't offend anyone by what I posted. I wasn't trying to do that ya know. I love your saying of what's good for the goose is good for the gander. I say that all the time. LOL. I guess I bess be headin' back to headquarters now. Don't want anyone to start shootin' at me. ROFLMBO. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.

    Love & Hugs,
    Karen H.
    P.S. I'm in no hurry for you to do the Meme. I just wanted to let you know that I tagged you and you do it when you have time. I was tagged last week and just now got around doing it yesterday. I'm getting slower and slower by the day. LOL.

  11. I too break rules sometimes. Rules that seem to be so rigid to follow otherwise I don't

  12. White is allll right, I say too! Cute post :) Happy TT.

  13. I agree with Nicholas, fashion rules are simply a marketing tool to get people to update their wardrobe every year. (psst..Please don't tell my mother I agreed with you! She would roll over in her grave to know I wore write sandals in October.)

  14. OHoooo Anni, I agree with you 100%..I wear white in Winter... white sweaters and white tennis shoes.I also have white hair and drive a white car...I also love black and navy too....I have even worn black at Easter ..what floats your boat is cool... Hugs, Baba

  15. Anonymous1/23/2008

    Oh I wish it were warm enough to wear sandals in Massachusetts!!

  16. I'm no slave to fashion, never have been, never will be. LOL!

  17. That's a rather strange rule. Our labor day is 1st of May and you wear whatever you want the whole year, even on funerals. White is a color I only wear when I am brown, otherwise I look too pale ! and I don't know any man who still wears a hat, that's old fashioned. I agree with you I wear whatever I want and when I want, no matter what fashion or rules are !

  18. Hi Anni. Fashion rules are made to be broken. If your happy and comfortable wearing white or any colour wear it with pride, Dont worry what other people think.. warms hugs.. Jen

  19. OMG, what a crazy rule! It sounds a bit primitive and undemocratic to me. I'm proud of you for ignoring this silly rule - and any other fashion nonsense. I've always worn what feels comfortable and suits me, not what the fashionistas say I should be wearing. Thanks for some enlightenment and laughter. Happy TT!

  20. I thought it was only white shoes after Labor Day. Maybe it evolved into that? LOL. I don't know, but I wear white when I want to. I never, NEVER follow fashion rules, I wear what I like, when I like. The only time I think men shouldn't wear hats is during a funeral or a wedding. (My husband wore a cowboy hat to our wedding, and while I walked down the aisle, he took it off.)

    :) Happy TT!

  21. I break the "no white" rule too. Oh well, I've never abided much by the rules anyway.

  22. FASHION SMASHIN!! WHO CARES!! This white shoes thing is not just a Southern thing!! We were always told that in Illinois where I grew up and lived until 7 years ago. Then when I moved here I noticed that it really did not matter. So I say just like you..WHO CARES anyway!! Be comfy..

  23. Great post! But I still can't bring myself to wear white shoes after Labor Day. I can't and I won't!! ;) I'm not fashionable .. but it's so ingrained in me!

  24. I thought the white rule had died? Or was that only for that one Fashion Season? ;)

  25. Is that rule STILL in existence? I thought it went the way of the wind a generation or two ago!!! LOL! Well... color me fashionably insensitive! I guess I've never adhered to it!

  26. Clinton and Stacy on What Not To Wear totally agree with you on the no white rule!

  27. I think the "no white after Labor Day" rule is silly, too, but I believe it's pretty much become passe.

    Happy TT!

  28. Funny you should post this today, because just yesterday I posted about the fact that I was wearing white pants (winter white I guess) and my office manager said I looke "springy" and it ticked me off. ;-)

    Great post!

  29. Anni,

    I love your cow graphic and your rebellious spirit. LOL Please stop by my blog. I have a little something for you.


  30. My arm feel a lot better so I did a new post today!! But not going to be able to go to all my favorite blogs today!!!

    When I was young lady in the fify's you just didn't wear white shoes after labor day!! I am so glad things have changed!! Love and hugs Grams

  31. I notice they sell white snow boots and white parkas....

  32. I remember some movie I saw where this crazy woman killer her lawyer for wearing white shoes after labor day, LOL. That's just taking the rule a little far.

  33. And here I thought it was only white *shoes*. Huh.

    Well, I don't think I own any white shoes, and as for the rest...well, I once tried to combine plaid pants with a paisley shirt. The Fashion Police have written me off.

    Happy TT!

  34. I had never heard of the "fashion rules." I'm clearly not on the up-and-up with regards to fashion industry. Who has time anyway? And frankly, I could care less. I'm with you -- if it's comfy and it fits, I'm wearing it! Happy TT!

  35. Anni, I wish I had your chutzpah! I'm always afraid the fashion police are around the corner, just waiting for me to slip up!

    I will say that as I get older, I do demand that anything I wear be not only attractive, but COMFORTABLE. Life's too short to be uncomfortable in your clothes!

    As for the "white" rule after Labor Day...the only one I really won't break is the one about white shoes. I'll wear a white blouse, white sweater, no problem...but I guess the white shoes tabu is just too ingrained in me!