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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

....okay, so hubby and I were just sitting around takin' a break from some yard work Friday. And you know how you start a conversation, talking about 'the good ol' days'? Well, for some reason we were chatting away about what our folks used to watch on television back in our youth. You know, one of those innovative contraptions that was made of wood - a huge wooden box with a minuscule 'screen' that was magically transformed into a picture show. With sound!! LOL The days when life was in color but our entertainment was in black and white?

Well, hubby's teenage years were a lot sooner than mine in terms of television. Like Guy Lombardo and Mitch Miller's Sing Along "I'll see you in my dreams" and follow the bouncing ball thingie? [guess we're both of the same generation after all!] But, when it was my turn to finally speak about what my folks used to watch, I was in my mid-teens. In the 60's. And my father loved his westerns on television. Gunsmoke was his all time favorite. Oh lordy....I can still hear the nightmarish voice of that pip-squeak of a man named "Festus" played by Ken Curtis! "Mr. Dillon!?!!" Oh my!!! I must confess that I began to notice men back then...and that Dennis Weaver wasn't a bad lookin' fella!!

Ponderosa was another of my father's 'must watches'. In a passing glimpse as I was headed out the door with my friends, I'd stop and watch "The Lawman" a short time. Ya baby. Y'know? I always did go for the older men! While all the teen-aged girlfriends of mine were swooning over the 'hunky' Peter Brown, I was drooling and daydreamin' over John Russell. Mmmmmm-m-m-m-m, so suave!

[John Russell to the left - Peter Brown on the right]

Somehow, in the mixture of our reminiscing and back and forth conversation, we both remembered a western that both our fathers watched faithfully. And that was a show called "Laredo". We've had this conversation many-a-times in our 40 years together, but it's always fun to talk of the innocent times of our lives. We remembered the same episodes that were our favorites!! And those episodes were very comical. A western with humor. And there was one particular character that we always bring up in our talks....Linda Little Trees. She was a hoot!!! Very funny, very funny indeed. [picture me laughing as I type]

I know the first time we recalled this program together, there was no access to the internet. And it took us days to even remember her character's name!! But when we did finally come up with the name it was never forgotten from then on....

Linda Little Trees.

And this television era was way before the so called "political correctness" too. You see, Linda Little Trees was Native American [called indians back then]. And, the program directors and managers never used the true group. It was always either Mexican or very dark, black haired people to play the parts. Okay, so now I got that out of my system, I'll continue:

Well, when we were done with our work I immediately went out on the 'net to look up Linda Little Trees. And Laredo. And oh my goodness, I was struck, dumbfounded, at what I read!! You see, Linda Little Trees was played by Shelly Morrison. So I looked up Ms. Morrison on Google, and the photo looked soooooo familiar!! Lo and behold she is the woman that played the maid, Rosario, on Will and Grace. I could not believe my eyes!!

Just think of it....from the 1960's Laredo to the late 1990's Will and Grace. That's a lot of years to be active in television roles.

Here she is today---

...and with some deep, long research I finally came up with a few photos of the episodes of Laredo with our favorite "Linda Little Trees" ---

In a way, I still can't believe my eyes and that I'm actually reading that this is one in the same actress! But, I say, 'more power to you Shelly'!!! And now, come to think of it all I learned in the last few days....she's funny in both. Also, television may have come a long way with entertaining us, but for the two of us, we'd much prefer movies and sports on TV anymore. What saturated the tube when we were kids, westerns; today the mundane saturation is now reality shows and dumb programming! Give me a good baseball game or football. Or if there's nothing like that in 'season'....give me Turner Classic Movies!!!


My "feel good" Sunday Snippet. News around town. This one is just a few miles from where I live, near...Rockport Texas area.

- - -

She's only four, but a pint-sized angler is well on her way to becoming a pro. Pheobe [surname withheld by me] is the daughter of a Houston CBS station news photographer. She reeled in the big one during a family trip to Rockport, Texas. Catching a big fish was not the real story. It's the fact that Pheobe was using her Barbie fishing rod! Her tiny Barbie fishing rod snagged a 50-pound Black Drum. Phoebe screamed at such a big catch, so dad came to the rescue. Dad took the line, reeled for half an hour and finally got the monster out of the water. After celebrating the big catch, the daughter and dad duo threw the fish back in the water.

- - -

Added note by me: Her bait used? A red plastic toy worm!!!

[story & photos courtesy of local news station]


  1. Good Morning Anni,
    Well, I must say that t.v.'s have come along way baby. LOL. I never had one of the box t.v.'s like in your picture you showed, but I do remember seeing some in some old pictures of my Parents. I remember my Parents watching those westerns. My Dad still loves to watch them. My DH is a big John Wayne fan and he loves to watch Westerns. I'm not much of a Western Type fan, but I do watch a few that catches my eye. Hubby got me into them one time when I was out on the road with him. It was Tom Selleck's "The Hackett's" or something like that. Now that is a good show. I guess cause it's more modernized. LOL. Ya know, it has color. ROFLMBO. I used to watch Will and Grace but had no idea about the lady playing Rosario. Wow, she still looks good today huh? I guess when you have lots of money you can afford to have yourself look that good. I must say that little Pheobe got the Catch of the Day huh? I can't beleive she caught it with a Barbie Doll Reel on a Red Plastic Toy Worm at that. Dang, she must be good. LOL. Now, if that had been me and I would have caught something that big, I don't think I would throw it back. I would have had it mounted or something. Oh well, to each his own tho. "THANK YOU" for sharing such sweet memories of you and your DH. It's always nice to be able to sit and talk about days gone by huh? Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.

    Love & Hugs,
    Karen H.

  2. A toy worm and a Barbie rod?
    Why did I ever spend all that money on a Daiwa and every hook they have ever made?

    I'm sending this off to my pharmacist who's the most addicted fisherman I've ever heard of.

    Thanks for today's post..and ya - the good ol' days of tv...sigh.

  3. I grew up in the Fifty's and I had to watch TV at the neighbors until 1955 when my Daddy went down town in our small town and bought a TV! Once he got one he loved it and YES Gun Smoke was his favorite!! He never missed it! The stuff that is on now sticks compared to then!! We too watch a lot of football! and I love baseball! I do watch "Are you smarter then a fifth grader" because Nancy likes it! We got her the game for Christmas, and Karen just asked her the first grade questions... She is so proud when she can answer them!! love and hugs Grams

  4. I've always thought Rosario was one of the funniest characters in Will and Grace. As for the four year old angler, I've never managed to catch a fish in my whole life, so now I know what gear I need to succeed. Very very funny!

  5. Hi Anni,

    Yes, I remember the first television sets with all those black and white programs.

    Remember those old vinyl records? I still have the Mitch Miller "Everybody Sing Along With Mitch" record. I love all that old music.

  6. Great fishin story.
    I remember watching Pajama Patty on the late show. Andof course Bonanza was one of my favorites as well.

  7. Isn't that something!? How CUTE! Oh my gosh, I can just imagine how excited SHE was -- and then how excited DAD was! LOL! What a day they will BOTH always remember!!!