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For Show 'N' Tell this week, I'm posting a couple of things; my ruby red crucifix and a bargain I found at the mall yesterday. First, I have this hanging off my clock that is on my headboard. I used to wear it 24/7/365 days until the chain nearly strangled me while, to protect me now while "I lay me down to sleep", I have it just above my pillow at night. It's really very pretty. When the room's lights are on it always sparkles and reminds me who's boss! And no, it's not 'ruby' ruby, it's red Austrian Crystal. I bought this many years ago at the "White Dove" of the desert in Tucson, probably about 30 years ago or so while on vacation. I had it blessed by the priest then, while there. [White Dove is the mission just outside Tucson on the Tohono O'dham* Indian Reservation- San Xavier del Bac]
*pronounced Ta HOE no OH dum

Secondly, hubby and I went to the mall to get our walking in. It was chilly outdoors, and quite windy, so we thought it be best to go trekking around the mall. And I of course, went for another check out the after Christmas bargains that still may be lurking in the back racks of some of the stores. I found one area at Dillards that had some of the winter clothing on a rack for 75% off the already sale price. This beautiful sweater caught my eye. It was already marked down to $39.00 and with the percentage off the sale price, I got it for just a little over $10.00 with tax!! Ahhhhhhhh, I love bargains. [there are only very few days we even need a coat around here, and just a few more days that require sweaters, but for that price I just couldn't pass it up!] Purple would have been a great find, but I do love the soft 'powdery pink' too. Oh and another feature I liked a lot, it is made in the USA!! hehehehe



This is my all time favorite photo of our cat, Winston. He was an adopted kitty. After we were here in Texas for a while, the two of us humans decided to get a friend for our "pretty kitty", Tahoe, so off we went to the Humane Society here in Corpus. Of course, with us, we always think it's best to adopt an older cat since they're so easily and quickly passed up for younger kitties. Nobody wants an older pet. Our dear Winston was sitting all alone in his cage, and looking right up at me, meowing so pitifully, I had them open his cage and I picked him up....immediately the sweet little boy purred with a great deal of contentment [or maybe it was 'fear' I don't really know]. He was in pretty bad shape. Had lost hair, probably to ringworm, and was quite dirty feeling....dry coarse hair. We went out and signed papers of commitment and intent of adoption. I had to drive back home and get Tahoe's immunization records for proof of a healthy house mate for Winston, and we took him home. Within days he was as playful as a kitten, but in need of 'fattening up' and realizing he's loved! One of his favorite games with us in his first days around our home was hiding and then darting out to jump on you...purring wildly... playing 'peek a boo'....he'd run and hide and we'd chase after him. I captured Winston 'hiding' under the quilt in this photo, just before he darted out and grabbed his toy mouse. Can you see where he's hidden? :::giggles::: He still to this day [three years after he's adopted] likes to play hide and seek. And his coat of long white persian hair is back and soft!! Oh ya, and he's getting too fat now. LOL

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And for this week's 'helpful tip' Lisa suggested that I do some html for bloggers; instead of trying to help each one on an individual basis to save my time for me during the day and on weekends. I've come to realize that I'm spending way too many hours assisting others, and way too many hours lately on the computer, when I should be with hubby. Afterall, HE is what counts in life; neither of us is getting younger - we NEED the time together!!! I'm spending too much time at the computer, and not enjoying my hubby as I should!! So, from this day and from now on, my day is for ME and hubby. And, at times during my Friday Fixins', I'll share some blogging ideas that I've learned myself. Those who don't help themselves....well, you know the rest.
    Some have thought that "God helps those that help themselves" is quoted from the Bible, but in all actuality it's Benjamin Franklin that gave us 'hints' to those words---Yet, it's almost biblical in a sense; finding this written from Dan Roark ---it would be difficult to “labor six days,” follow God’s commandments, and live a life of faith without helping oneself. That is how you become righteous in the Lord’s eyes. Therefore, even though simply put, “Your God most likely does help those who help themselves.”
There are many, MANY ways of searching for answers to your blogging questions. As much as I'd like to help --- I just have to stop and enjoy my life. BUT!!! I will share from time to time, and today, this is one hint:

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  1. It's always such a pleasure to catch up on your latest that life is going back to the normal routine, I'm hoping to be a more regular visitor:-) Your ruby red crucifix is beautiful and I love the fact that you had it blessed after you had bought it. Love the sweater you got for you, I love a good sale like that!!

    Winston looks so adorable with just his nose sticking out from underneath the quilt! hehe I just found out the other day that my mom wants to get herself a cat...I'll have to bring her to the Humane Society one day and let her choose one:-)I think it will be a great companion to her!

    Here's to another wonderful year of friendship dear Anni!! xoxo

  2. Good Evening Anni,
    I love your Ruby Crucifix. It is beautiful. I think that is so neat that you had it blessed when you bought it. I've never heard of anyone doing that before. You do have it in a good spot so it can watch over you at night. "THANK YOU" for sharing it with us. I like the picture of Winston hiding behind the quilt. That is just too adorable. "THANK YOU" for sharing Winston with us as well. I signed Mr. Linky and will take a copy of the button to put on my post for tomorrow. I sure am glad you ain't got any rules to go by. LOL. I'm like you, I don't like rules, but have rules of my own. ROFLMBO. Take care my friend and have a great evening. I don't blame you for wanting to spend all your time with your hubby. That's the way it's suppose to be. Enjoy your time together. We never know what timorrow holds. May God Bless You and Yours.

    Love & Hugs,
    Karen H.

  3. Your kitty is adorable! This is great that you will have more time for Bud! I am watching the Orange Bowl and blogging! KU is ahead right now! Missouri won their game on Tuesday! Love and Hugs, Grams

  4. I saw your crucifix and it looks very pretty ! I also participated at the game but Show 'n" tell is not updated yet. Winston has had a lot of chance that he could find a "forever home" with you ! I also participated on this, and you inspired me to tell little Rosie's story.
    So you want to spend more time with your hubby ? That's nice of you. I don't need it, because he is worse than I he sits the whole day in front of the computer ! It had been his job, he was a programmer and analyser so he loves it. In fact I discovered Internet and blogging because of him ! I was bored and he busy and now we are on the same level, lol ! That's also nice because when we meet for breakfast, and lunch we always have something to talk about and the evenings we spend anyway together, I close my "shop" at 6 pm and he too. See every couple has to find its own way to make a good marriage.

  5. That sweater is adorable -- I love that color and you can't beat the price.

    You're right about the people closest to us needing more attention than the blog world.

  6. Good Morning Anni,
    Just thought I would drop by and let you know that I have my Phriday's Phavorite Photo Phun up. When you have time, stop by and check it out. Take care my friend and have a great Friday. May God Bless You and Yours.

    Love & Hugs,
    Karen H.

  7. Your ruby red crucifix is precious! Nice sweater! I have to wait until Monday for the big sales as the big night is tomorrow night in Spain when the 3 Wise Men bring presents!

    Your cat is adorable! I don't blog on weekends just to spend some time with the hubby :)
    Last chance of the week is to post early for the PhotoHunt on Fridays around 6 pm and then visit for the next hour... I am always thankful for tips but that's not the only reason I drop by :)
    Happy Friday!

  8. I love Winston and what a great little story. We have 3 kitties, 2 are ones we adopted from the humane society, 1 that adopted us. Kitties are just the most lovable pets there are. Dogs are loyal, cats are cuddlers.

  9. Beautiful crucifix---nice story to go with it. ANd what a steal on the sweater!!

  10. What a goregous cross! I love rubies too. I am glad that it did not strangulate you though! What a great deal on the sweater, you must post a pix with you wearing it. I found a few good deals myself after much fun!!!

    Hugs, Sharon
    P.S. The Dr. Phil show turned out just fine. He wasn't too hard on them and the boys all had a blast with their 15 min of fame.

  11. I love the sweater, and I really love the picture of your cat. That is too cute.

  12. Two lovely show & tells!!!!

  13. Your crucifix is very pretty and what a great sweater find. I love a deal myself...

  14. Your picture of Winston is just priceless! I loved it - and it made me smile. Thank you!

  15. Oh, I love to get bargains on clothes. They price them so high and then sell them for 75% off. Winston is so cute. Love cats.

  16. Your red crucifix looks very special indeed and I very much like the colour of your new sweater! The shot of your cat it soooo cute!

    Thank you so much for your nice words on my TILDA roses! Unfortunately, there is no tutorial of them on the web, I found the pattern in my sewing book "TILDA's Haus" ("Sew pretty homestyle" by Tone Finnanger is the name of the English version).

    If you really would like to sew them, too please send me a message and I am sure I will be able to help you out!

    Best wishes and have a great week-end!


  17. Cute kitty picture. Maybe I will join in next time. Love that ruby crucifix. Yes, it is probably safer above your bed than around your neck at night! Not a good thing to be strangled by a crucifix!
    Great bargain on that sweater there.

  18. First of all: its too long since I've been visiting: What a great new blog home you've got - congrats!

    A lovely show and tell post!

    Have a great time with your hubby - good choice ;-)

  19. Anonymous1/04/2008

    Hi there. You own a beautiful cross. I'm so glad you didn't strangle to death! Necklaces can do that! Your sweater is pretty and a great bargain.

    My kitty who passed away looked just like yours. Their fur is so soft.
    Kathy b

  20. Your ruby crucifix is so beautiful!

    I enjoyed the story about your kitty!

    Love the sweater, bet you look "pretty in pink!!"


  21. Great deal on the Sweater! I think it is very pretty. :)

  22. the crucifix is beautiful. so is the pink sweater - what a deal. and i love the picture of your kitty. what a cutie.