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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

As promised, I wanted to pass along the Excellent Blogger Award, that I received, to ten of what I think are excellent blogs!! I find it very difficult to not just say "Here", to all my blogging friends, "take this award and enjoy". But I was instructed to pass this to ten bloggers of writers with outstanding style and ability...after all, this IS an award for "Excellence". Still, that makes it very difficult because I think each and every BLOG/BLOGGER has their own wonderful, unique style that makes their composition/composing exceptional. So, I decided blogs that I visit each and every day and ones so devoted to blogging that blog most every day are ones I will 'award'. But remember my friends...each and every ONE is a blogger of value!!

It's difficult to just pick a few ---

Pea at Pea's Corner Our dear blogger, Pea, has a grand style of blogging. You just never know what the lady is up to until you drop by. I love the fact that she shared her blogging friend's birthdays each we can all celebrate with them. Drop won't be disappointed.

Mary at Mary's Writing Nook is a treasured blogging friend. Her generosity and blogging style is incomparable. Right now, she's taking us on a tour of Florida while she and her hubby took their two grandsons to see Sea World and Disney World for the Christmas holiday Season. She writes well...and makes us feel like we're right there with them!!

Gattina at Writer's Cramps. What can I say. This wonderful blogging friend is always a trip down laughter lane as we scan through her daily blogging. Her humorous ventures and her cat blogging is right down my alley! I enjoy visiting with her.

Sweet Merle at Third Time Lucky just can't be compared. We get daily updates on her life and family. And I've picked up a few hints of some great food preparations here and there from her too. And our daily fix of some of the best jokes around the 'net!! I love Merle for what she is...a sweet, down to earth lady.

Ellen and Happy Wonderer. Well, what can I say. She just has a lot of style, and her blog is never boring...always something for everyone. Educational, witty, and filled with beautiful photos!

Carolyn [aka Grams] at Talk to Grams. I could go on and on about dear Grams-but all wonderful things can be retold about her. I just love this lady. She tends to bring us all down to earth by her blogging. She is trustworthy, loving and giving. She can lift anyone's spirits by her generosity and devotion to her family! And I trust her family feels the same!!

Sandee at Comedy Plus is a great comedy relief! She has spunk, she has style, she shares a lot of humor! I enjoy visiting with her ---laughter is the best medicine, and here you'll find a cure any ol' day!! Her most recent Thursday Thirteen just cracked me up!!! If you ever wanna visit and catch the contagious smiles and giggles, this is THE PLACE.

A couple of cats are worthy of this award too...Samantha and Tigger! Ya, you guessed it. Cats Rule! And they rule our household too, but well....this one Life from a Cat's Perspective is just full of hairballs, and lots of furry stuff. Soft, cuddly and makes felines feel good...just ask my Tahoe and Winston what they think of Samantha and Tigger!!!

Straight Up and Slightly Dirty. Just read her profile...that in itself is meaningful enough to intrigue even the newest of bloggers!! I love her wit, her open-mindedness, and style!

...and my tenth one, I'm sorry but without being on the 'friends' list, there is no working link!!

This one in particular has a couple of highly devotional goals. But it's a private blog on MySpace. My daughter's --Irene's MySpace. She has devoted her spare time between her two boys, her job, and her education, to bringing a bit of awareness to Domestic Violence and Down Syndrome...along with her devotion to her God. I find it fruitless to put her blog url here, because no one can view it if they're not her MySpace "friends" [I find that part about MySpace sickening, actually, but it's her choice to blog there instead of one she started a long time ago with blogspot which was 'too public', and her 'ex' was being a big pain!!!] To her, I e-mailed this award to you proudly. You Go Girl!!!

- - -
For the ten above, please take the award and display with pride. You all are very deserving and your blog style is excellent in my opinion!!


  1. Oh, Anni, I will indeed display this award on my blog sidebar. Your kind words touched me deeply. You are a dear friend. Thank you so much. I'm honored. You are a dear blogging friend and I'm thankful for your friendship.

    Love and blessings,

  2. Anni! What a wonderful surprise and HONOR! This is my very first award! I'm so excited! I will display it with pride and humility... well, maybe not as much humility as pride, no, wait, more humility than pride would be better right? Nah, I'd never pull that off... nope, pride it is! Thank you so much for reading and for interacting, and for passing along the love, plus - recommendations and links to MORE excellent blogs to read!

  3. Youpee ! I found it ! Thank you so much, that's really sweet of you to have thought of me ! I "steal" it right away !

  4. Hello...

    This is Karen, Gram's daughter... She wanted me to thank you for the award. I have taken the computer from her kicking and screaming so that she will rest!! She loves to blog.. and it's "killing her" -- to not be able she says!!

    She says to thank you soooo much for the kind words....

  5. All are very deserving.

  6. Thank you very much. What an honor. I'll get a post up before the day is out. Have a great day Anni. :)

  7. Thank you Anni. I appreciate your kind words about my blog! Have a wonderful week...

  8. Wow! We are so honored Anni! Thank you so much for your kind words about our blog! We will put the Award up on our Monday's Post.
    Your FL furiends,

  9. Dear Anni ~~ Thank you so much for including me in your list for the award. I am truly honored and will ask my brother to attach the award to my blog. Nobody has ever told me how to do this. Thans again Anni ~ That
    was so nice of you. Take care, Love, Merle.

  10. Hi again Anni ~~ I forgot to say Thank you so much for your very kind words. Thanks my friend, Love, Merle.