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Several aspects of this photo can be considered old fashioned. First the frame. The oval shape, the rose impressions, antique silver-look [it's actually pewter]. Then, the woman's hair style. Of the 1920's. And the dress she's wearing. Along with the single strand of pearls. Also, the woman in the photo is my mother!!! As I grew up under her tutelage, as she continued from day one through to my marriage, teaching me the old fashioned values of womanhood and citizenry. Call me old fashioned saying this, but she was the best mother around!!!!
This is of her 16th birthday.
Circa 1927.
I miss her terribly.
This photo is sitting right here, next to me at my computer desk!!
♥ ♥My Mom♥ ♥
And: "I kinda like this hair style, I just may wear mine like this" After all, when I look at her, I know I look almost a spittin' image.

~...end Photo Hunt


Dear Karen at Karen's Korner tagged me!
I'm to do the "Great to be Me Meme" - what I think makes me me and how great it IS to be me! And the rules are, to list 15 things that make it great to be me. Dear me...there are a lot of 'me's' in that aren't there? Me oh my!!! So, let's get crackin'!!!

Here we go. Ready?

1 - GREAT BEING FEMALE-why? Mainly 'cause my 'parts' were inside, protected, unlike the male parts!! The 'man upstairs' may have a sense of humor, but I'm not sure on this, with this aspect. Females rule in so many ways, and this is ONE way!!

2 - ABLE TO DO-what I WANT to do!!! No boss, no schedule. It's great. Life is easy livin' right now, and I enjoy me more.

3 - MANY NAMES FOR 'ME'-but the "ME" part is best. Many titles come with ME --daughter, mom, grandma, hey you, sister, old fart's wife, ma'am, that girl, SHE [as in she did it, not ME y'know?] things like this makes me ME. I like it.

4 - TALENTS-no, I'm not boasting!! I do have talents and if and when I can, I make use of those given talents.

5 - NATURAL-I don't try and be 'younger looking' or use anything artificial [on special days I'll put on some mascara & nail polish] - but my nails are real, my boobs are not enhanced, my height is not 'brought up' with shoe lifts, I've never considered Botox™ injections for wrinkles, I don't color my hair, it's all natural, I don't use artificial means to be 'en vogue']. In other words, I make use of what God gave me, and enjoy what I have without 'fake'...The acronym: WYSIWYG?!!! Yep, ME!!! [What you see, is what you get!] Besides, just think of all the $100s I save by being me and liking me as I am!!

6 - Fifteen?!!! Did you say list 15 things?!! How 'bout just five? No?!! Okay...let me think s'more!! [number six would be my HERITAGE that makes me, me!]

7 - SENSIBLE-I'm not one to skip over common sense. If someone were to tell me tomorrow that two plus two equals six...I would KNOW better. [But wait a gosh darn minute DOES equal four, but only 'cause I was TOLD...hmmmm!!?]

8 - INQUISITIVE-And on the same principle of #7, I question everything. It may be a 'silent' quandry and I do go out of my way to find out things...proving otherwise or coming to the conclusion that this is right, or that is wrong. I never take someone else's opinions and go with the flow. A song title is coming to my head right now..."My Way"...I do things MY way!! [Oh ya, and around our house it goes like this - my motto: "There's a right way, and a wrong way, and then there's Anni's way!!!"]

9 - Are we there yet? What? You say this is NOT number 15? Can I argue this point? Okay---so, it's not the last one to do. You got me. ::shrug:: 9 is BALANCED. I'm balanced in many ways. Not only can I stand upright, I am agile, I am flexible, I am level headed, I am not uneducated --life is my education. Ya, balanced. [of course like a balanced beam, I could come crashing down any minute! --just kidding. I'm of sturdy jeans - ummmmm, GENES.]

10 - WITTY-Yes, I AM blonde [well, I WAS when younger!]. And proud to be so. Here's an example:
    There once was a blonde who was very tired of blonde jokes and insults directed at her intelligence.
    So, she cut and dyed her hair, got a make-over, got in her car, and began driving around in the country.
    Suddenly, she came to a herd of sheep in the road. She stopped her car and went over to the shepherd who was tending to them.
    "If I can guess the exact number of sheep here, will you let me have one?" she asked.
    The shepherd, thinking this was a pretty safe bet, agreed.
    "You have 171 sheep," said the blonde in triumph.
    Surprised, the shepherd told her to pick out a sheep of her choice.
    She looked around for a while and finally found one that she really liked.
    She picked it up and was petting it when the shepherd walked over to her and asked, "if I can guess your real hair color, will you give me my sheep back?"

    The blonde thought it was only fair to let him try. "You're a blonde! Now give me back my dog."

11 - LIFE TELLING SCARS-It's great to be me and tell you proudly where each and every scar came from and when! "Let's see....this one here :::pointing::: is from when I was on the back of a bike in 1955!!"

12 - IMAGE-When I look at my reflection I see her wisdom and her joy of life. I learned from the best of 'em! My mom.

13 - I demand overtime payment on this tag!! I'm union you know!!!!

14 - Oh here's one that a lot won't be able to say --- I'm, ALL TEXAN!! [except for the lack of a 10 gallon hat, my spurs, the accent/Texan drawl, cowboy boots, and the love of all things big...THEN consider me Texan!!] Hey, I wasn't born here, but I got to be Texan as fast as I could.

15 - ANIMAL LOVER-YAY, this here is right on...number 15, finally!!! Animals tend to be drawn towards me. Hear 'em purr? :::pushing Bud away::: There, that's my fifteen reasons I think it's great to be ME!!!

[*holdin' up the applause sign*]

:::Cheers rising up from the peanut gallery:::

Now, I don't rightly tag anyone. An' don't reckon I will. So, if'n y'all have a hankerin' to list 15 things about why it's great being you...go right ahead sucker dear commentor!!! More power to ya...and y'all gimme a holl'r when you done did it. [See, I kin talk "Texan" - okay, so I overstepped my boundaries a bit, but it's close 'nough, y'hear?]

BONUS ADDITION: It's also great to be me, 'cause I can laugh at the silliest things!!!!


  1. Hi =)

    I love that frame!

    To answer you - there are no "rules" (other than post a photo that is YOURS and not stock images). My post today was simply saying comment your "Mine is Up" comment on the weekly post that will be up at 5am every Saturday... you are free to post anytime you'd like... just wait to comment with your link, then. You can post on Wednesday if you want and come back Saturday to link.. LOL Know what I mean? Sorry for the confusion.

  2. She is so pretty and looks awfully stylish for now i can hardly believe that is 1927 as much as things change-- they stay the same

  3. I like the frame very much! Old stuffs sometimes really give us a great memories.

    Mine is up.

  4. What a wonderful photograph of your mother and a beautiful frame. That's a treasure. Hope you have a great weekend.

  5. Good Evening Anni,
    Ohmygosh, girlfriend, what am I going to do with you? LOL. You are just too funny. "THANK YOU" for doing this Meme. I really enjoyed reading it. Well let me say I got a kick out of it. LOL. You are so you. I do wish we lived closer to each other because I would love to meet you. I know it wouldn't be a dull moment. LOL. I would say that my favorites of your Meme's are #1,2,5,10,13, and 14. Number 10 had me ROFLMBO. I had to read it to DH. It got a good LOL from his as well. I am blessed up stairs if you know what I mean. LOL. I have had people to ask me if they were fake. I'm like no. I love the photo of your Mother. From the picture I have seen here of you, you do favor your Mother alot. She was a beautiful woman. I know you miss her, but she is looking down on you. "THANK YOU" for sharing the picture of your Mother with us. Okay, can I sit down now? LOL. I have been standing up applauding way too long. LOL. Take care my friend and have a great evening. May God Bless You and Yours.

    Love & Hugs,
    Karen H.
    P.S. I've always heard that things are bigger and better in Texas. Hmmmm, NO, I'm not from Texas. ROFLMBo.

  6. Your mom was a true beauty. Enjoyed reading your meme answers.

  7. She's gorgeous.
    Your mom's picture adds a touch of elegance to the pewter frame :)
    Its Not a Weekend;It's a Lifestyle

  8. Oh! What a beautiful girl your mom was!!

    I enjoyed reading those facts about you, too! :)


  9. She was a very beautiful young woman Anni and if you look like her you are fortunate.
    Have a great weekend.

  10. oh Miss Hootin' Anni...that was good and TRUE. i like the tags but it is a lot of info. to come up with. I really liked waht you and to say and you made me laugh! -Jennifer

  11. Ahem, proof reading is not my strong suit. That would be 'what'.

  12. I love all the old-fashioned aspects on that picture.

  13. mistyeiz1/25/2008

    lovely frame!! reminds me of those that are in my mother in laws house. :)

  14. What a beautiful photo and frame. I love your mum's hairstyle and, yep, you should go for that one, Anni.

    Your 15 things that make you great, is great! I especially love the Texan drawl you adopted at the end there.

  15. I have a photo of my mom today too and boy do I miss her like crazy.

    Wonderful choice for The Hunt.

  16. Wonderful photo of your mother! We really like the frame it is in. :) Beautiful choice for the Hunt this week. :)

  17. Nice take on the theme! Love the frame:)

  18. Beautiful way to honour a beautiful woman.

    My mother was very special to me, too. You might get a chuckle out of my Thursday post ``A is For Australia''.

    It's wonderful to see someone who cherishes a parent as deeply as you do.

  19. Anonymous1/26/2008

    I love the photo. On my desk at home I have a photo of my Grandmother from her 18th birthday - She was a tyrant when I knew her but a hottie when my grandfather met her :)

  20. TNChick: I understand it all completely now. Thanks for the enlightenment. You're the boss, and I respect that. You know you do a terrific job with this photo hunt, and I KNOW it is a lot of work for everything you do, and choose to do with the meme/group is okay by me!!!!

  21. What a beautiful frame. I'm sure my Mum would want to have one too :P

  22. You have pretty mother. thanks for visiting mine.

  23. nice shot! thanks for droping by...

  24. Your mom is cute and pretty. Good choice.

  25. The frame is wonderful but your Mom is even more so. I am glad she shared not just old-fashion values to you but good ones too.

    Have a great weekend, Anni. I enjoyed your reading your tag about being female, lol!

  26. Very nice photo and frame.Great photo for this week. Thanks for stopping by. Have a great weekend.

  27. Good morning Anni, I love the picture of your Mom and the frame..Our moms are special to us..Thanks for sharing your beautiful Mom with us..Baba

  28. great photo to display and keep. a treasure indeed.

    thanks for the visit! :)

  29. Lovely photo, Anni! The hairstyle is indeed old fashioned as well as the frame :)

    Thanks for visiting... Happy weekend!

  30. my grandma has one like that too. :)

  31. Gosh, your mom was a beautiful girl. A very good picture. I know how you miss mom has been gone 20 years and at times, I miss her just like it was yesterday. I think that is a good thing because it means that we loved them dearly.

  32. great take for this wk! and thanks for dropping by my blog...btw, i like ur "i've been tagged" graphic, can i steal it?hehehe!

  33. Hi!Again my sinceriest thanks for dropping by at my blog.

    What can I say at the photo? Amazingly beautiful.

  34. Love the frame - I have a couple like that as well.

    Happy Weekend.

  35. Hi, Ann!
    Very beautiful picture!

  36. What a wonderful tribute! They -mothers all deserve a tribute -everyday.

  37. I like those old picture taken way back and the frame matches the picture. BTW, your mom's a very pretty lady.

  38. Anonymous1/26/2008

    The photo of your mother is just wonderful. She looks beautiful and the old-fashioned frame suits perfectly.

    Thanks for visitng mine :)

  39. What a lovely photo/frame!

  40. Beeeeeauuuuuutiful Old Fashioned! Both the frame, and the mama inside!

    I think I'm going to have to TAKE the tag for that meme! Just ANY 15 things, huh? Hmmmm.... gonna have to do some thunkin' on this one!

  41. Your mother was a pretty girl !
    This meme was v e r y long, lol ! Now I know more !

  42. Hi Anni, My you have a great blog here, see you work hard and enjoy it.You certainly brought a smile to my face the moment I entered.
    Well Done.

    Love the frame and photo of your Mum, very pretty woman. Great Photo Hunt shot too.

    Thanks for visiting my lil ol blog and your kind comments.

  43. It's a beautiful photograph of your mom. The lovely frame compliments your mother's classic look.

  44. wow old frame. Very antique looking! Nice one you got here. Happy weekend!

  45. oh your mom is so pretty. i bet you're as pretty. :D nice take on the theme.

  46. That's a lovely old-fashioned posting. Your mother was a real beauty, and the pewter frame (I like pewter) really sets off her portrait.
    Thanks for visiting.

  47. your mother looked very beautiful and elegant in that portrait. the single strand pearl is such a classic. and the frame is pretty too.

    thanks for visiting my blog. have a great weekend!

  48. The photo of your mom is priceless anni and oh so perfect for the theme. I love the hairstyle. The frame is a wonderful choice for this photo. Is the frame as old as the photo? anyway you have a wonderful treasure to remember your mother with...

  49. Your mother is absolutely beautiful!!! I miss my mother too (((Gentle Hugs)))


  50. Anni, the frame and your mother's picture are lovely. How lucky you are to have such fond memories of your mother.

  51. Such a beautiful photo!

  52. I love that photo of your mom....I have one of my mom when she was about 8 dressed in a "little boo peep" costume her mother had made her for a school is just old photos and frames...

  53. Beatiful picture!!!
    I have copied the HTML for the Blogaholics club!! Can I join too?

  54. beautiful entry, anni! your mom was a striking lady and the frame is just lovely - so right for the time.

    My old-fashioned photo is here - stop by if you get a chance. (I got the link right this week - thanks for the heads up last week!)

  55. A good choice for the theme.
    I miss my Mom too.
    Mama Bear

  56. What a beautiful photo of your mum. Exquisitely frames. Happy Weekend

  57. Beautiful photo, love those old frames. My photo hunt this week is about old-fashioned photos too!

  58. WOW! Perfect - the frame, the picture of your beautiful mom, the style.

    Your mom reminds me of you - a picture you´ve posted ages ago... I guess it was while we´ve been on our first cyber cruise. =)

  59. A very very old-fashioned entry for the theme!

    I've just noticed that you have the same birthday as my daughter.

  60. I love the frame! Happy weekend!

  61. She's very beautiful. Great choice for old fashioned. Thanks for dropping by.

  62. Old fashioned indeed. And she's lovely. Happy Sunday.

  63. Anni,

    This is a terrific post. I loved it! The photo of your mother is lovely. How nice you have this photo of her when she was young.

    Loved your list. I also have life scars - many of them. They bring back memories. One on the back of my leg, just above the knee is from riding a bike with a rusted metal seat. Mom and Dad were away when I did it. It should have had stitches, but I didn't tell them about it for 2 days. I bandaged it myself and got it quit bleeding. I had no desire to have stitches.

    One on my right index finger is from where my younger sister attacked me with a butcher knife. I will save that story for another day.

    All of these life scars tell a story. I barely notice the scars today.

    I absolutely love #8. My way. Yes, things around here are the same. LOL

    Thanks for sharing this great post. I always enjoy my visits here, dear friend. Hope you are having a relaxing weekend.


  64. What a beautiful photograph - and perfectly framed, too. Your mother was very glamorous. Have a lovely weekend.

  65. Now I wished I posted my Grandmother's photograph. Your Mother is beautiful.

  66. LOL, I have been visiting your site a few times wondering where I could comment on the hunt. This has happened a few times in the past.

    I like everything that is old-fashioned on the frame, photo and dress. More importantly that person is so special to you who is one generation more old-fashioned.

    Happy photo hunting.

  67. call me "old fashioned" but there's nothing wrong with giving a strong set of values even today. Your mother's photo is beautiful.

  68. Terrific post, Anni! As always!

  69. Fantastic Frame and a classy lady.

  70. Your mother was a beautiful woman :)

  71. Anni, you Mom was really a beautiful woman. At first glance, I thought she looked like Nicole Kidman (=

  72. Too beautiful for words.
    Happy weekend
    Your L

  73. I love that look! VEry great old fashioned idea! Your mother was beautiful.

  74. you must be so beautiful. your mom's beauty was so sophisticated and timeless.
    thanks for sharing!

  75. What a beautiful photo and frame. Your mother was just lovely, and you're lucky to have taken after her!

    I had to laugh at your "175 words" post, too. I'm also the youngest of five (with a February b-day, too) and thought your answer to the elders was precious!

    Thanks for stopping by! Have a great weekend. ;o)

  76. hello anni! i love the frame. it looks victorian and your mom is very pretty. thin lips, expressive eyes.. beautiful indeed. :)

    btw, thank you so much for checking out my photohunt entry. ;)


  77. old-fashioned indeed!
    and your mother's so lovely... so you must be, too :)