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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

My Sunday Snippet this week is something I totally forgot to cut out of our paper, but I did an online search through Brownsville, Texas and found the same item. I like to do a news story for Sunday that has something 'good' or 'happy' about it instead of the over exposed violence in the this world as the news seems to thrive on ---

    BROWNSVILLE, Texas - For nearly seven years, Melina Salazar did her best to put on a smile and tend to the every need of her most loyal and cantankerous customer. She made sure his food was as hot as he wanted, even if it meant he burned his mouth. And she smiled through his demands and curses. Eighty-nine-year-old Walter "Buck" Swords obviously appreciated it, leaving the Brownsville, Texas waitress $50,000 and a 2000 Buick when he died. Swords, a Second World War veteran, died in July, but Salazar didn't learn of her good fortune until just a few days before Christmas. She says she "still can't believe it," and describes Swords as "kind of mean."

Ms. Salazar works at the local Luby's cafeteria in Brownsville. Sad about the death but being as cantankerous as Mr. Swords is said to have been, he really showed his appreciation. This is good!!!

- - -
Online snippet headlines:
Cranky Texas cafeteria customer leaves $50,000, car to patient waitress
Published: Friday, December 28, 2007 | 8:51 PM ET


Yesterday morning we got a phone call from my nephew. He and his wife have been in Florida where her parents have retired. They both work for the college in Northern Colorado, so when the school is out for the holiday season, they usually travel a lot. They have no kids, other than their black poodle named "Rockie" [yes, for the baseball team in Denver], and they take him wherever they go....

They called to see if we were home. They're on their way back to Colorado and stopped in San Antonio. Being that it's a little over an hour away from us, they thought they'd drop down to say hi, and have lunch with us, then head back up north to the interstate on their way to Las Cruces where they get off one interstate and hit another heading toward Colorado.

Sure, of course, we were home and we took them out for Cajun food. We drove them over to the island [in Port A -Aransas Pass, Texas] and treated them to some real southern hospitality. Yessirree ---true Cajun fare. Where they have the tables covered with paper and serve your food by dumping your order on the table [sometimes you'll get a mallet] and eat the food ---more or less finger food, off the table. It's fun, the food is good, and the atmosphere is down home!! I think they enjoyed themselves.

Sorry 'bout having no photos of them while the butter and cajun dip was oozing out their mouths, neither like to have their photo taken. I respect that. But, I did get a photo of the outdoor from the parking lot. It was a gray, cloudy day, but quite mild....we're supposed to get a huge mass of arctic air coming in's forecasted the towns just north of us are going to be hit with a hard freeze for two nights before it warms up again. Winter's here!!!! I hope the two youngsters make it home safely and don't run into too much snow on Raton Pass heading out of New Mexico into Colorado.

It was a fun few hours spent catching up on the news of the Easter Slopes of my home state. Our kitties were very glad to see 'em go! LOL

- - -

You Might'n be Cajun if....

    1]You can look at a rice field and can tell how much gravy it'll take for that much rice.

    2]You don't know the real names of your close friends - only their nicknames.

    3]You're asked in school to name the four seasons and you reply, "Onyons, celery, bell peppers, and garlic."

    4]You take a bite of 5-alarm Texas chili and reach for some Tabasco. -I have to agree with this...TexMex food is not NEARLY spicy enough!!

    5]You won't eat a lobster because you think it's a crawfish on steroids.

    6]Watching "Wild Kingdom" inspires you to write a cookbook.


  1. Wow!! I have always known that it pays to be kind to everyone, but this lady really did get PAID!! Good for her for taking all of his guff all those years!!
    We are just at home today and enjoying staying here. It is supposed to rain.

  2. Love the post but am gonna comment now on e.e. cummings (and sn't it funny that they capitalized his name?). The eacon in our church, on the subect of self-esteem, said, "You are created in God's image and likeness and you have the nerve to not like yourself? How DARE you!?!?!"

    I like it.

  3. Good Morning Anni,
    Well, we slept late again. LOL. It was 10:45a.m. before we got up. I am now having my first cup of coffee. LOL. Wow, that waitress really got a great tip. It sort of reminds me of the movie me and hubby rented not too long ago called "The Waitress". That was a good show. I'm glad you got to visit with your Nephew and his wife. It sounds like yall had a good time eatin' at that Cajun Restaurant. I love me some Cajun food. I just don't like it hot, cause it burns my mouth. LOL. I'm a wuss I know. Hey, a person can only take so much ya know. LOL. I love the idea of them putting the paper on the table and then just dumping the food on there. Now that is how your suppose to have Cajun food. Those Cajun you might be's are just too cute. I really liked number 3. "THANK YOU" for sharing this with us. I really enjoyed it. Take care my friend and have a great Sunday. May God Bless You and Yours.

    Love & Hugs,
    Karen H.
    P.S. Thanks for the tip on how to get rid of the picture. I worked with it a bit, but I didn't see any code. I got it to where there is a line. LOL.

  4. Hello dearest Anni:-)

    I'm slowly making my way to everyone's blogs...see that, miss 3 days of blogging and now I'm wayyyy behind! lol

    Loved the newspaper clipping certainly does pay to be kind to someone at times! That sure made that waitress' Christmas!! Wow!

    I so enjoyed reading all about your Christmas...such wonderful gifts you received from your hubby! Love that raggedy Anni doll:-)

    I usually wait until the day after New Year's Day to take down my tree and decorations but I decided to start this morning and so far have the kitchen, bathroom and entrance back to normal. The living room is where the main decorating is done so I'll tackle that tomorrow. It always looks so much cleaner and uncluttered afterwards:-) xox

  5. Don't think I never drop by just cause I don't leave a message!! I do and love reading whatever you're dishing out!!!
    Love the waitress story, thank goodness things like that still happen in this day and age.
    New Year hugs to you and yours.

  6. Great story and the lobster thing was really funny!

  7. Hey Anni,
    I do believe I(we)did it. "THANK YOU" ever so much for the help. I sure do appreciate it. I'm still learning all this stuff and I always appreciate any kind of help I can get. You are the best. Take care my friend and have a great Sunday afternoon. May God Bless You and Yours.

    Love & Hugs,
    Karen H.

  8. Great post for Sunday! That was a great story about the kind waitress! So heart warming to read something good!!
    It is great you had such a good time with your nephew and his wife!It is so much fun to catch up on what is going on since the last time you got together! The food sounded great!
    Thanks again for the frame!! Love and Hugs Carolyn