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RARE Green Breasted Mango
Central American Hummingbird in Texas!.

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Kitten is hosting this week. Her task set up for us is to show/write about our home.
    "I think it would be neat to hear about the story behind your home and the road you live on. It doesn't have to be historical, maybe just something that stands out to you. It would be nice to have pictures to go with your little story. I also would like to know who has the oldest house. Whoever has the oldest house will get a little Christmas treat from little ole me."

I can't even begin to make it in the contest here for the age of our home...it was built in the early 90s. That's 1990's...not 1890s or 1790s....LOL I'll begin with the story of how we ended up here in the coastal area of the great state of Texas. You see when hubby decided to buy out and retire early, we sold our home in Colorado. Now we had two choices of relocating...San Antonio Texas or Tucson Arizona. We traveled one week to San Antonio. Found several homes --but the one thing that made us choose Tucson over San Antonio was the high property tax in Texas. You see, as I said he retired at an early age of before 55, Tucson's property tax was much much lower. So we traveled and found a home and moved in. The first few years went by and we loved having no snow and mild winters. But, before the eleventh year was over I saw the hot white sky in the morning one August [eternal white hot skies of the desert] and went in and told hubby...'it's time to get out of here'...go where there's more water, the sea. We put the home up on the market and it sold within the month. Ummmmmm, we had no home or no house-buying plan yet. Texas has always been one of our favorite states...so, I did some research with realtors in the gulf shores area. Galveston and Corpus Christi. Corpus Christi properties were more resonable, within our retiree's price range for the square footage. And besides, I DID find the home we live in now; ON THE INTERNET!!! A whole unique concept for me. What a way to shop. Well, the day we signed the agreement on the selling contract in Tucson, we had a whopping 30 days to get a new home, get a mover, etc. etc. etc.

The next day, hubby stayed in Tucson while I flew into Houston and then took a side trip to Corpus where the realtor met me at the airport. She knew the home I wanted, and to make it all much shorter, before I flew back the very same day to Tucson, we had a contract written up and the sellers agreed to my terms.

Now the one thing besides the house itself that appealed to me was the neighborhood. Each and every ONE of the homes in the small community was DIFFERENT...not off the rack, same ol floor plan as you see in some newer developments. And ALL very well taken care of...yards manicured...and the street our home is on is a dead end street....no through traffic. A church within walking distance...convenient to all shopping and main roads of the city....and far enough from the water/coast to be 'safe' from the full force of hurricanes. Yet, close enough in proximity to the beach within a 10 to 15 minute drive.

Brick home...very pretty high pitched roof...fireplace, and the interior was like a brand new home. An older woman used to live here and she really took pride in it and kept it up in perfect shape. The first thing I really liked was the sunken living room. And IN the living room was a wooden 'dome' recessed in the ceiling. It gave it a 'regal' look to the room. Also the kitchen was quaint, and small enough yet large enough to move around in...and the unique style of the floor plan there was a neat thing for me...all open just off the dining room, and 'closed-in' with carved wood from counter to ceiling. And all angled. By this I mean the walls are NOT a sharp 90 degrees. Very unique.

The master bedroom was grand too. The part I was really impressed with is that this room has 20 foot ceilings....very victorian like yet modern with the finish. And if you know anything about room interiors, heat rises, so when it's 100 degrees outside and the air conditioner is set at 80 degrees at night in the summer, the extreme heat rises and the room remains cooler.

Another wonderful selling point was the entire house was guarded [ALL windows including doors and patio] are equipped with hurricane shutters. And they can remain on the windows and doors permanently --they open and close with a push of a button.

The yard was landscaped nicely...but the photo here ---the figurines were not here at the showing, of course, they're ours. But the white stone and the turf were here...

The patio is covered, patially, and I like the sun's effect during the afternoon hours.

AND!!! I fell in love with these flowers/plants when we went to Hawaii a couple of times....bird of paradise...There was one in the YARD!!! =the plant was HUGE and blooming as it is right now...Of course it's grown some since we've moved in, but believe it or not, it too was a selling point!!!


Our Home on the Bay.

Next week, the F M themes will be taking a break for the holidays.
Our Next Host will be: Peter
On: December 31st


Robin has debuted a new meme in which we participate! "P P L" for short [Pensieve Poetic License]. And it looks like it may be quite a lot of fun. In fact, I know it will be...

Here's the scoop!
Here's this month's assignment:
    December: Form: Cinquain Theme: Celebration Post poem week of December 17th If you haven't already indicated you'd like to participate, it's not too late; simply write a poem, and once it's complete, link your post (not your homepage) to Mr. Linky."

CELEBRATION OF CHRISTMAS through the eyes of TWO different people....
....and here are my two entries:

© 2007 Hootin' Anni

The horizon glows pink -- Christmas morn
Hints of amber rays, the snowflakes glisten.
Rising in the east the dawn'll break...
All God's children, soon, they wake
Giving, celebrating, amongst the laughter, we listen---
Of the story when Christ, the savior, was born!



© 2007 Hootin' Anni

Fragile, weak, and weary - holiday depression no more
Homeless, I march in, to the house of charity
Cold and alone, I'll not leave hungry, they say
My heart, happy again, it begins to soar
I kneel and pray and celebrate the rarity
"I'm thankful you're here for me"..."please fill my tray."


Welcome to my tour. I see you've chosen to do the thumbnail, condensed version of my holiday sequences. You'll have ten images while the slide show has 42 images I've shared. With the slideshow I'm sure it'll take a high speed connection, and I didn't want you left out in the cold winter's day if you're here to view some and you have internet access with dial up connection. Come on in...there's egg nog on the table, cookies on the hutch...and hot chocolate on the stove ..........

My house virtually turns into a North Pole Extravaganza of Kris Kringle. It's like walking into a Holiday Toy Store. I have many many many Santa Clauses. The last time I counted was about ten years ago and then it was 179 [give or take a few]. And I receive Santas as gifts and I buy about 5 new ones myself each year. So, my guesstimation of the total is now way over 200 Santas. In and around the house are Christmas Stockings, snow, vilages, animated Santas [and Mrs. Clause too], fiber optic Santas, miniature Santas, sleighs and reindeer, one Santa that even recites "Twas the Night Before Christmas" at the push of a button! Poinsettias touch off the holiday ambiance. Real ones, velvet ones and snow frocked ones. All very festive. [yes, it takes me about a week to dismantle it all

Below top left to right are photos of:
Our fireplace decked with Santas on the hearth. [candlelit inside fireplace]
A very tall, lanky metal Santa with Christmas Gifts as his hat.
A heavy resin Santa all decked out in his Christmas best...a tree
A "Coat of Many Colors" Santa tree top

My Scarecrow from Halloween [it was a witch then - with a wardrobe change it became a 'farmer' for Thanksgiving and now it's a Santa 'crow']

then, a plush stuffed Santa with his friend, a stuffed moose.
A holiday wreath I made with velvet poinsettias AND of course, a wooden Santa!
A natural clay pot filled with poinsettias
A lamp table strewn and covered with snow and several Santas

and last:
A Hallmark "Polar Express Santa" with the magical bell.

Thumbnail Version - Anni's Holiday Tour

Happy Holidays from my house to yours.


  1. Love all your Santas!! Merry Christmas!

  2. I would have loved a picture of your entire house view from outside, lol ! Besides in big cities like Boston, New York and Chicago I never saw brick houses in residential areas. My aunt lived in Madison(Wisc) and all houses were of wood. what I have seen so far here for Fund Monday, I was the only one having a house in bricks but that's not unuasual because wooden houses don't exist.
    For your home tour I come later when I have more time. I am participating too, I don't know but maybe you missed mine but anyway most of the pictures you know already.
    Thanks for your yesterday's links it is amazing what shows are done for Santa ! and your collection looks like my cat collection ! But they are here the whole year last count 350 but that was 6 years ago so now it must be more then 500, lol ! We both will get into the Guiness Book !!

  3. Good Morning Anni,
    I just finished a new post today and have proudly displayed your Award that your presented to me. "THANK YOU" so much. I love the history on how you got your home. It is beautiful. Here in our town, all of the streets are named after States and Cities. We did live on North San Francisco Street and when we moved, we moved to North New York Street. We moved clear across the United States. LOL. The house we were buying(which we have lost) was built in 1950. It only had 1 closet in the house. It was brought from out in the country and redone by a couple that we had bought it from. It still has the original cabinets in the kitchen and the original wood around the windows and doors on the inside. I love all of your Christmas Decorations. I would love to be able to just walk thru your whole house and see everything. "THANK YOU" for showing us your home. I so enjoyed it. Well, take care my friend and have a great Monday. May God Bless You and Yours.

    Karen H.

  4. Sorry, yes I missed it now I saw it on your link ! Looks beautiful ! On your blog I hardly could see it. On my screen it looked like a dark little square, lol ! But your Santas I HAVE seen !

  5. Oh, Anni, you're as crazy as me ;)! I've done two of these posts, leaving the third (my own carnival!!) undone. I'll be sure and letcha know when Mr. Linky is up to link this post and you TWO wonderful holiday poems back to it.

    What a great tale of your home--I've bought several things off the internet thru the years, but a house? You're doubly crazy!!! Sounds like you really did your research, though, and I think it's neat how y'all through caution to the wind and just DOVE IN!

    I don't have time this morning to click through the entire slideshow, but I can't believe your Santa collection! I was wondering last night how many ornaments I have, bu I can't imagine over 200 (I'm just guessin' since you haven't counted for a while)...I bet you smile at every one.

    Thanks for joining PPL :)...you're a dear!

    Robin @ PENSIEVE

  6. how cool--the internet, really!

    i love the slatted top to your breezeway, and the hurricane shades.... we don't need that kind of stuff here. more like blizzard shades.

  7. A very nice house, just needs a bit of John Wayne paraphernalia to give it a lift!!!

  8. What a beautiful house. I love high ceilings, and the dome sounds fabulous. Love the Santas too.

  9. Wow what a lot in one post. That bird of Paradise would have been a selling point to me too. :)

  10. Merry, merry Christmas, Anni! We're glad you chose Texas!

  11. Your home is a winter wonderland! Merry Christmas.

  12. Merry Christmas!
    Such wonderful Christmas decorations!

  13. I love the story of your home Anni. I have bird of paradise blooming outside my condo bedroom in Southern California. It's such a great looking plant! So I got a twofer here again and I enjoyed the Christmas tour too. I've posted mine too. I will come back later and see your longer version. Blessings...

  14. What a cute blog! THANKS for commenting on my blog. Ü

    Merry Christmas!

  15. What a beautiful collection of Santas!


  16. Happy holidays to you! I enjoyed the tour.

  17. What a wonderful collection of Santas. Thanks for the great tour.

  18. I'm glad you finally found that house. Sounds wonderful! Great story also!
    Love your Santas!

  19. I think I'm now ready to LEAVE my home I built and go find a BETTER priorly lived in home that someone else decorated BETTER than I did! You guys got a great house!!! (and yard)

    I never thought to do a slideshow for my TOH... I actually didn't think to do a tour - until today! I'm up - but UNofficial! I'm off to view your slideshow now!

  20. Anni,

    Your post today is wonderful. I loved it all. The photos of your home are lovely. I adore the domed ceiling and 20 feet. That's my kind of space. I love high ceilings. I would love to be able to change our dropped ceilings back to the original.

    I enjoyed ALL of your Santa photos. My favorite for the moment is the Santa Christmas tree. It is wonderful. Out of all the Santa's you have, which is your favorite?

    Thank you for the anniversary wishes. Today (Monday) is our anniversary and I've posted a bit about it this morning.

    Take care, my friend and thanks so much for sharing your lovely home as well as the poetry.

    Love and blessings,

  21. Love your ceilings and the angle of your walls. Very unique.

    Fifteen minutes from the beach? Wah!!

  22. Awesome Santas. Thanks for stopping by my house. Merry Christmas!

  23. so cute! thanks for leaving me a link so i could find it easily.

  24. I love collections that are too big to count! How fun! I like your Santa hat cursor too. I'm at school so needed to visit the short version this time. I hope you have a very merry Christmas. Thanks for stopping by my place too. I'm glad you liked the vintage aprons. Kelly

  25. Love all your Santa's! And your photo's of St. Paul's Cathedral too!*****Thanks so much for letting me know that my link was not working over at Boo Mama's! I had not idea. I always double check but I did it so late last night and I was a very sleepy girl. Thanks again!*****

  26. Love all the pretty photos (especially the Santa's!). Merry Christmas!

  27. I love all the Santa's, too...thanks for visiting me! :)

  28. Isn't this a fun day touring all these homes! I loved seeing your special touches and all your Santas. Santa will feel welcome with all his relatives here.

  29. I think you live at the North Pole!! Hello Mr and Mrs Claus!!

    I love watching your slide show!! You have a lot of Santa's and I enjoyed them all!! Thanks for going to all the work to post this!! What fun!! Love and Hugs Carolyn

  30. Love the pics of your beautiful home.

    Great poems.

    Love your blog. :D

  31. love it, thanks for sharing!

  32. Very cool story about your home. It sounds just perfect for you.

  33. Thank you for visiting my tour! yours is lovely! I've only just begun going through the (growing) list!


  34. fabulous! i love bird of paradise too. that would have hooked me immediately!

  35. Anonymous12/17/2007

    Merry Christmas!

  36. So pretty! Love your Santas - thanks for showing them to us. Hugs - Megan

  37. WOW! What a Christmas extravaganza! Thanks for sharing!

    Merry Christmas blessings,

    kari and kijsa

  38. Thank you for stoping by my blog 'coz now, I FOUND YOU! Love your site- so Christmassy! Wish I have the wherewithal to change my blog's layout for the season...
    Anyway, love your Santas. Think I will mention this to my five-year-old and start a Santa collection for her.

  39. Your blog is just too cool! Merry Christmas to you!

  40. Well aren't you a girl after my own heart. I see you love Santas as much as I do. They are fabulous! I love the eggnog cups too.
    Thanks for the tour.

  41. That sounds like a fantastic experience in buying a home! I love high, vaulted ceilings. It's one thing I should have put in our new house - but nine-feet is high enough for me to clean...love the hurricane shutters! I used to live in Houston, and we had to use duct tape in star patterns on ours.

  42. Anonymous12/17/2007

    WOW - It looks a lot like Christmas @ your house! I like candy canes and candles myself. Christmas Eve by Yankee Candle is my annual stand by. Happy Holidays!

  43. Anni, as usual I really enjoyed reading your writings for today. You have a beautiful home. It must be really big to house all those santas. I enjoyed reading about how you came to buy the home you're in now. Very interesting read.

  44. Beautiful blog! Thanks for visiting.

  45. Anni, Zoe says thanks for stopping by 2nd cup! You have a really cute blog. So many Santas, how do you decide? I'm getting interested in collecting gingerbread men.

  46. I love all your Santas! They are really cute!

  47. Good morning ! (it's 5 am here, the cats woke me up) to your question why my cats don't touch the plants : they have enough grass to eat outside and the plants I have are not interesting for them at all. Maybe they don't taste very good, I have never tried !

  48. Wonderful decorations - I love all of the Santas! :)

  49. Your holiday spirit is infectious. I really love the Christmas fairy.

  50. Hey, Anni! I got my little place through the internet, too! Great way to house hunt...saves heaps of petrol (and carbon emissions).

    Wow, all your Santas...like I said before, I think you must be his biggest fan!

    All the best for the holiday season.

  51. I think you are the first person I know who has bought their home via the internet. I love Bird of Paradise flowers but not sure that would sway me into buying!

  52. Beautiful. I love your Santa collection.

  53. Beautiful!! Merry Christmas

  54. It looks like you have a lovely home! I was born in Corpus Christi. My mom grew up there and I have an aunt and an uncle that still live there. It holds a special place in my heart:o)

  55. Your collection sounds impressive! I couldn't see all of it, but thank you for the "Short Version." What a fun place you have here in Blogland. :)

    Thanks for sharing and have a Merry Christmas! :)

  56. Love your Santa Collection and hey, I'll take you up on the offer to stay with me for the winter....come right over, I'll have some of the caramel rolls waiting for you :)

    Thanks for the wonderful tour.


  57. Your home has so many great features that emotional buyers like myself eat up! :-)

    Great poems!

    Love the Santas. I'm a fan, myself.

  58. Anonymous12/18/2007

    That's just a whole lot of jollyness! Merry Christmas, and thanks for the tour.

  59. what a lovely stop to make this holiday season... thank you....

  60. Anonymous12/19/2007

    Your Santa's are WONDERFUL!


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