Dear hubby and I have a very busy day ahead; I'm posting my Sunday blog early, so I have time enough to jump over to other blogs and leave the surprise comments ----

What is blogging to me? Let me tellya. A few years ago I heard, by chance, on television news the new word "Blog" and I had no idea what it was. A friend of mine was beginning to do a personal blog and I became very attracted to the idea. But still, I just didn't conceive the whole worldly concept of it all. But now, I have met so many wonderful people. They humor me, they make me happy, they share their innermost thoughts, they show their lives to me. I appreciate reading and visiting them all....I say life has never been so fulfilling since I've met other bloggers. You ALL enrich my life in your own special way. In 2007 [july 14, 2007 Blogiversary article] BLOGGING turned ten years old. Since then, I've learned words such as blogosphere, blogland, blogger, blogger buddies, etc. etc. etc. My favorite new word for me that I made up myself [at least I've not ever seen or heard it from others], is: "Bloggles" in it "Bloggles the mind"....when I want to share something exciting or think it is of the utmost importance through the eyes of my own, I will tell hubby "This bloggles my mind!" Or if the cats are being a hoot....I rush for the camera for the special "blog moment".

- - -

This is Sunday again. My quiet day [well it was supposed to be, but you see, I got this email and my OTHER Santa emailed me over the weekend and told me that she got me something on the spur of the moment....and I'm so excited. I want Sunday over with so we can get on with the week and the delivery dude will come my way. My curiosity is piqued and I feel like a kid again!!]. What time is it? Is it Monday yet mom? Anyhooo, I'll try 'n' sit back and enjoy the time when the house is quiet except for the football games being telecast. Hey, I love to watch sports. It's time for maybe some nacho chips and an icy root beer or a batch of microwave popcorn in front of the screen.

Lately many very kind and gentle souls have given me blog awards, and I think it's high time I repay them with one from my own conception. Hopefully there is none out there like it.-- You're all treasures to me, and so I wanted to tell you that your friendship and your blog style are as good as gold!! Thanks for sharing with me a part of your life, and thanks for showing me your amity, devotion, good will, big heart. We're all a big part of the new "bloggerhood"!!


I'll begin by passing this new award to ones who have presented me awards:

Baldwin Girl
Mary at Mary's Writing Nook
Rose of Sharon
Talk to Grams -aka Carolyn
Pea -aka Carole

also, a special friend who sees a Santa now, and thinks of me!!! Dear Ellen B

and, I'd like to send along a couple of encouragement awards; of the same above, to a couple of newer bloggers...

To all the above:
Know you've made a great deal of impression on me, and you're appreciated. And if you ever wish to pass this accolade to another blog/blogger that you think is a treasure in some way; affecting your life....yes, by all means, do so. Each and everyone deserves a bit of recognition for their unique, and personal A+ blogging style!!! But, as always, there is nothing required from me, I don't like to be told what to do, so I'm surely not going to dictate that you NEED to pass the award on to's choice here friends, not mandatory.

Oh, and one more...golly, I can't forget. Yes, I can't forget the one who enticed me into blogging in the first place. She's a Texas Gal...and always in No Deep Thoughts. She's a proud grandmother, mother and wife...and matriarch of the furry version of the "LOST" cast. Visit with her...she has a full life -not only that, but it's all shared with a hubby AND six cats [a few of her own, by choice, some from the "LOST" areas in her town ---she took them in with her big heart and gave them shelter!]....Kits, cats, sacks ---well, you know how it goes. Thanks P J for opening my world to blogging.



I'm always interested in Science and Nature [in fact, when I play Trivial Pursuit, that's my strongest subject. LOL] This is what I happened to glance upon this week in the internet news. Here again mentioned, it 'bloggled' my mind....

_ _ _

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Scientists searching for fossils high in the Andes mountains in Chile have unearthed the remains of a tank-like mammal related to armadillos that grazed 18 million years ago. [I think it resembles our Texan Armadillo]

"It looks different than almost anything out on the landscape today. There really isn't anything that's comparable today in terms of its body form," John Flynn of the American Museum of Natural History in New York, one of the scientists, said in a telephone interview.

The creature, Parapropalaehoplophorus septentrionalis, was a primitive relative of a line of heavily armored mammals that culminated in the massive, impregnable Gyptodon, a two-ton, 10-foot(3-meter)-long beast covered in armored plates and a spiky tail.

Gyptodon, the size of a Volkswagen Beetle, died out 10,000 years ago. Parapropalaehoplophorus had similar traits, but was much smaller, at 200 pounds (90 kg) and 2-1/2 feet.

The findings were published on Wednesday in the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology.

The creature is a member of a family called glyptodonts that originated in South America and later entered North America after the two continents joined 3 million years ago.....

click on link to read more:
copyrighted December 12, 2007
Yahoo News


I've been tagged by Mary of Mary's Writing Nook and these are the rules:

List 12 random things about yourself that has to do with Christmas.

[one rule states to make sure you tag 6 people...instead of "if you want to do this list kinda thing, consider yourself tagged." When I started blogging I just never tagged anyone that I can recall, why start now? I'd break my own record. So, I'm abiding by my own rule...I just don't tag. I'll gladly play/write up if I AM tagged, but I just won't tag anyone. And, to be honest, I've never been one to follow rules.]

- - -


1] I love gift wrapping, it's an art form. Adding bows and ribbon is just not enough. I purchase candy canes, miniature ornaments at the dollar store, small items that can tie in with the ribbons and bows to make a more 'festive-decorative' gift for around the tree.

2] On the other hand when I have to ship packages for the holiday, I make the package wrapping as simple as I can so nothing will be spoiled by the handling of the carriers. In fact most times it's just a name tag on a plain Christmas paper package.

3] This is the time of year there are no 'holes barred' attitude. I eat a lot of sugary treats and drink EGG Nog!! If I put on 5 pounds extra be it.

4] Tinsel on my tree is still a MUST have.

5] Today, as when I was a kid, I NEED to get up at the crack of dawn if not before for gift opening. My hubby is still a 'bah humbug' let me go to the bathroom and have a cup of coffee first type...but begging, pouting, whining or all three, usually works.

6] I have my santa shirt all ready and cleaned for the big day, and just in case it gets colder, I'll have all kinds of "Santa Sweaters" --but around here, it's too warm usually, so they're stored in the closet for the ready.

7] Ham and mashed potatoes and gravy on Christmas Day....gobs of gravy!! I still continue to save the desserts for the day after and beyond - or even fork it over to the big guy, it's the gravy that makes my special holiday meal complete. rofl

8] My parents are gone and one of my brothers has passed away. My sister is in Colorado with her immediate family. My other brother is estranged while my oldest brother is retired and travels the winter remembering the 'olden, golden' Christmases when we were much younger and all together from sun up to sun down at my folks house on Christmas Day is still a wonderful time to reminisce; to sit and bring back and view the good times from Christmases past in my mind or a photo album.

9] The quiet, peaceful feeling that envelopes my being on Christmas has always given me happiness, and a lot of quiet serenity.

10] Christmas Day always involves hours on the phone with our two kids who both have their own Christmas traditions now, and other family members call. In Tucson, when it was hot and in the mid 80s we'd climb Sabino Canyon...gorgeous country and usually that time of year there may be a waterfall here and there along the canyon creek.

11] Board games are part of Christmas Day too. Or I've even been known to suggest going to a movie when our grandsons were with us per chance.

12] I always, at the end of the most wonderful day of the year, lay my head on my pillow at night, and thank the good lord for a most perfect day. There wouldn't be a Christmas; if he weren't here with us. I stop and give thanks, then I fall asleep and dream of the years before and the good times ahead....


  1. What a lovely Sunday post, Anni. Thanks for sharing your weekend and your Christmas with me.

  2. Hello dear Anni:-)

    I'm in the middle of watching Christmas cartoons and also visiting my blogging friends...two of my favourite pastimes! hehe

    Bloggles the it! lol Isn't it funny that since starting to blog, we look at everything as a photo op for the blog! My camera now goes everywhere with me and nobody around here raises their eyebrows anymore at what I take photos of! lol

    Anni, thank you so very much for the beautiful means a lot to me to know that you enjoy my blog and please know that I feel the very same way about you, you have become such a wonderful friend to me and I really treasure that friendship. I'd also like to thank PJ for having got you started in blogging:-)

    I so enjoyed reading your 12 Christmas facts about're my kinda gal, I love tinsel too! I'm also like a kid when it comes to Christmas, I so love everything to do with it!!

    Thoroughly enjoyable post once again dear Anni. Love ya! xoxo

  3. You are so sweet!! Ty for the great award. :) I will be putting up tonight.

    I love your blog!! Bloggles is a great word. :D

    Thanks for making your great posts.

  4. Anni,

    I'm glad I tagged you for the 12 Christmas hoopla. I enjoyed reading it.

    I hope your gift from your "Other Santa" brings you much joy. Be sure to let us know when it arrives.

    Whoo Hoo! I'm honored that you have presented me with this beautiful award. You are a dear and I value your friendship greatly.

    Love and blessings,

  5. I got home from Sarah's party and found your note!!

    Thank you so much for thinking of me!! You are the treasure!

    I treasure your friendship so much and I am so happy that I started blogging back in June and met so many wonderful bloggers like you! You know I love reading your blog every day! Thanks again!! Hugs Carolyn

  6. Anni,

    If you want to see photos of some lovely Santas, visit Katherine, at Yellow Rose Arbor. Here is the URL:

    I also forgot to mention that I loved the photos.

  7. I already heard that I joined Bloogle Glogger and now I am happy to bloogle ! Without it I would never have gotten your nice award ! Thank you very much !! I didn't know what a blog was and had never heard of it until June last year ! and I dropped into it incidentaly while looking for documentation about Egyptian cats on Internet ! I signed in took one and wrote. Then I waited for somebody to comment. I didn't know that I had to comment too, so I was wondering why nobody came, lol ! You see what progress I made in not even one year.

  8. Anni if you want to know the origins of your beloved Santa, you can read it on my post today !

  9. Anni, it was so sweet of you to honor me as a new blogger by giving me this nice award. Thank you.

    I want you to know how much I appreciate you and treasure your friendship. I appreciate the help and insight you are always so willing to give me when I'm feeling lost and trying to find my way around the blogging world.

    I'm always amazed at all the fancy things you are able to do on your blog. I may never advance to your level, but I'll keep trying to improve.

    Thanks again and have a good day on Sunday.

  10. Anonymous12/16/2007

    Hi, i am late in visiting from photohunters :) Great pics u have and the post that accompany it r great

  11. Many thanks for the lovely award, Anni - I truly appreciate it. I'm posting it now. I haven't chosen anyone to pass it on to yet - I'll be doing that later. Once again, many thanks :).

  12. Loved your Sunday post, Hottin'Anni!! it is always a pleasure to drop by, you often cheer me up and since I am not a Christmas person I see with delight how much you enjoy the season! I love gift wrapping too!
    And since I was born in Chile I had read about the armadillo!
    Enjoy your Sunday :)

  13. So funny what you said about blogging. My kids are always laughing at me when I say 'oh, I need to put this on my blog'. They say I am like a kid with 'my space'.
    At work I also find myself talking to coworkers and saying 'oh, my blogger friend just told me about such and such'. They look at me like I am crazy!

  14. Thank you thank you thank you so much for that beautiful, thoughtful, kind award. You are very sweet! :) I will pass it on with the same love and kindness it was given to me. :)
    I also have a lil meme for your entertainment!

  15. What a nice treat, thankyou so much...PJ:)

  16. I too knew nothing about blogging until 2006. Every since I have been hooked!
    Loved your post!

  17. Thank you Anni for the sweet award! I'm honored. I really enjoyed reading reading your random things and your bloggy history! It really is true that our bloggy world opens up the world to us. Blessings on your Sunday! Enjoy...

  18. Oh goodness! You've got a LOT happening over here again!!! I can't keep up! Thank you for the little gifty! YOU are a treasure to me Anni -- with or without a blog!!! (but I have to admit - the blogs are FUN!) PJ got me into it too!

    I'll go along with that Gravy idea! IF I'm doing a traditional meal...

  19. Anni,

    If you go to my blog and scroll down to the end of my Green Thumb post, there is something for you. I uploaded it especially for you, but decided to share it with others who would enjoy a copy. Enjoy!!

    Hope you had a wonderful relaxing Sunday. Hubby is watching the football game that is being played in Ohio and what a mess of snow they have to play in.


  20. Good Evening Anni,
    "THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU" so much for this Award. I am so honored that you chose me. I will proudly display it on my sidebar. I am just now getting this. It has been a very busy weekend around here. I didn't do a post today, hopefully I can get back to normal tomorrow. I just love to blog and meeting new people. I am proud to call you a friend. You have been so nice to me since I have met you and I always enjoy visiting here. "THANK YOU" again for this beautiful Award. I loved reading your Hoopla. Mary tagged me also and I hope I can do it tomorrow or Tuesday. So much to do, so little time. Well, take care my friend and have a great evening. May God Bless You and Yours.

    Love & Hugs,
    Karen H.


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