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If you stop by my blog a lot, you know I love this upcoming holiday. Sometimes, I think, too much. But, all in all, my collecting of ghoulish, witchy items, has grown for nearly 40 years. So, come to think of it, I'm not that much fanatic about it. rofl!!!! *Ya, right!* But, each October it's like a whole new holiday for me ---I get to unwrap all the items from the storage boxes and bring out my 'old favorites' again!! Anyway, through the years I've collected witches. I love the wrinkled, old hag look! *laughing* Yes, I do. Why, I dunno. But, I do. Yet, it's not just that part of witches...I also get a big kick out of the whimsical side of the witches seen on store shelves. The cuteness can be a lot of fun too. I even have a 'bobble-head' witch! Since this is the last Friday of the month to show n tell my Halloween fixtures, I thought I'd walk around the house with you to show you my witch collection. Besides the witch afghan I made last year and the two 'tree-top cone witches with the white hair that I made [all shown in the slideshow], I have ceramic witches, a 'crashed' witch that's laying on the floor!, the 'Shakespeare's Macbeth' witch trio, fiber optic witches, a miniature witch fairy that is my 'newest' to the collection [she's shown here, and I placed a golf ball beside her to show her size...she IS miniature and quickly becoming one of my favorites]. The witch pencil sketch, witch scarecrow, the two small 'witches in arms', my crocheted one I just did a couple of weeks ago, and Matilda, I left out of the slide show. Also, the 'round' one [the glossy witch in a ball] here in the show is sitting on a pedestal and is a 'fortune teller'. She is sound activated along with the two 'hanging witches' seen. And here they are.....

* * *Since the day is nearly over, I took the embedded slide show off for quicker loading time. If you're here and would like to view my Show N Tell --This is the Link!

And there are quite a few different skulls laying strategically around the house....hubby likes skulls!!!


Someone in blogland asked me why I love Halloween so much. Well, it's simple. I love the festiveness of the whole season. To me, tho Autumn really 'falls' in late September, Halloween is the beginning of the Autumn season!! So, I'll try to describe my reasons why it's a month of fun for me. I recall when I was just a youngster, my parents had Halloween parties. I've only gone trick or treating a couple of times in my life. And it wasn't ACTUALLY trick or treating in the sense of dressing up and going door to door for CANDY. We were on Halloween Scavenger Hunts....while attending Halloween Parties. There really wasn't CANDY trick or treating for me. Nor for my kids and not even for my grandkids. We always made our own fun---safe, at home! A day or two was always set aside for decorating the house, inside and out, in preparation for the upcoming party. There were bobbing for apples, square dancing [yes, barn dancing!!], punch, music, decorations, pumpkin carving contests...things like that. And when we had kids of our own, again, no trick or treating, just partying. And the candy our kids got was stuff we had on hand. Then, the witches....like I said above, it's not the evil in witches that attracts me...it's the idea of collecting them -- they can be cute, funny, fiber optic, etc. etc. etc.

Walking at night through the dried leaves, the odors of a Fall evening, kids having a time of their lives with fun costumes and bright, excited eyes---giggling and having fun trying to scare their friends or comparing their costumes with their peers, the smell of pumpkin, apple cider, wood burning in the cool star-filled nights. I have been known to be in costume when I answer the door for the little 'monsters'....and for many years our home was 'the place' to hit for decorations outdoors and good treats and lots of fun from 'that lady'!!! One child, I remember distinctly said to her parent while walking up to our house on Halloween - "Wow Daddy, it's like Christmas here at this house". One other boy about 9 or 10 said to us one year - "This is the best house in the whole city." Sure, you can have that any ol' night, but there is just something magical about all these things on Halloween.

Now, if you ask me: someone in my own immediate family, a long time ago, said that "kids asking for handouts; for candy, is what I don't like about Halloween". Well, I say to that: it's no different in concept than Salvation Army and their little red buckets during the holiday season [I don't know for sure where the money donated is going], or anyone asking for money on the street corner [or for that matter giving that certain person on the street corner - food!], nor is it any different than us adults and family having Christmas. In a sense, a long shot I admit, but having to buy gifts for everyone in my family and some of my close friends, presents for Christmas is the same concept as candy on October 31st. In the mix of it all...we're begging; EXPECTING handouts on Christmas morning....much more expensive than handing out treats to the innocent kids- be they very young or older teens. And to me, that's not what Christmas is about either!! But I still buy, buy, buy! And give, give, give. [overseas gifts also] And I want this and that. *shrug* Same difference to me...Christmas - Halloween Candy. And I do admit I love the little ones all excited and having so much fun in costume...whether they go trick or treating or not. They have a time in their lives that they can remember with joy and good feelings. And hopefully be safe and happy about the 'holiday'. BOTH holidays!!!

And it's not about the 'UnChristianity' of Halloween either. The fact that Halloween began long ago that it actually had to do with religion and some people's beliefs. It's not pro or con Christianity to me. It's the whole concept of fun.

In a nutshell, Halloween if great time....because of decorating and having a little enjoyment at home with family and all kinds of 'once in a year' things to do together with an Autumn & Halloween theme. Then, the festive time of year begins for me....Halloween... in a short time...Thanksgiving and Christmas.... then, a new year with a bright future in store for me and family.

Maybe it's the inner child that hasn't let go, maybe it's just the idea of having some fun; remembering the great Halloweens my parents made for us kids and our friends, and still being young at heart today. I need the fun times still....I relish in being happy and remembering and having laughter, music and all the amusements, instead of being that certain stick- in- the- mud [again, this is one of MY family members, so don't get me wrong --I KNOW it's a choice of personal preference]. All I know is that each and every year I really look forward to the beginning of the end of the year; starting October 31st....it's something that our kids and grandkids can look back on and say someday "Hey, mom/grandma was one cool cookie"!!!! [Our kids already say that of our Halloween spirit ---and our grandsons look forward to Halloween at their house too, 'cause our daughter goes crazy for the season like I do - more so, I think]. And believe it or not, she's going to be a minister soon...see, in our house it ISN'T a thing about religious believers vs. non-believers.

On HALLOWEEN DAY, if you'd like to see some of our Halloween outdoor decorating in the past AND a couple of my costumes over the years....do come back.


I'm into my 3rd week of handing out Halloween treats!
This week the 'treat' will be this; a cute little vampire 'vanting to share some candy vith you'!!

Each day up until Halloween [October 31st]
I will be handing out
a treat for 1 - 5[one to five] bloggers who drop by
during the week for visiting.
You're more than welcomed to pass it along
to ones you think are deserving of a special treat
for the season.
Kinda like "Pay it Forward"
Y'know, one goodwill gesture deserves another?
But DON'T just choose your friends
making this cliquish and 'just groupies'...
Make NEW friends by choosing random visitors!!!

It seems that 'awards' are floating around blogland
and just "blog friends" get chosen all the time.
Make it RANDOM!!

If you do decide to share it with others
link it back to my blog and
explain where the idea originated.
Click on the image to expand and then save for displaying on your blog if you choose.


MissMeliss @ Escribition

Simone @ Back Chat

J C @ Castleruins

Michelle @ Michelle's Musings

Gratefullivin @ Gratitude Journal

[I loved her 'thoughts' on Halloween and kids from reading her 'which pumpkin face are you' quiz at her blog!]


  1. Anonymous10/26/2007

    I love Halloween so very much. I have wonderful memories of the excitement of dressing up to be someone completely different. The candy wasn't bad either.lol


  2. I love Halloween too!!! Now that I have kids though ... I'm not a big fan on the candy part so much ... but they don't really eat too much of it. I usually let them eat what they want the first day and then they kinda forget about it. So it all works out okay!! I love dressing up though! It's just so much fun!! :) Happy Friday!

  3. Anonymous10/26/2007

    Thanks for the "TREAT" Annie! It is just about the fun isn't it. I have spent most of my adult life in a conservative church where "they" look down on participation in Halloween. Using verse like "abstain from all appearence of evil" and "come out from among them and be seperate". I grew up in an Amish community. Their whole lifestyle is built on the seperation verse. I don't see many conservative Christians willing to go that far. Enjoy your Halloween holiday. Have lots of fun and THANKS for the TREAT!

  4. Anonymous10/26/2007

    Oh, you're so sweet. I love Halloween too - it's just so much fun. My parents have retired to Mexico, so they've been experiencing Dia De Los Muertos first hand, and that's been fun for them, as well.

  5. Your Halloween feaver is contagious ! It's a pity we don't celebrate it here in Belgium (not yet) but since I blog I see so many things that I too decorated my house and invited friends this week to see the decoration. I had prepared a plate with cookies and decorated with fat black spiders, one jumped hysterical in the air, she thought they were real once ! Imagine the laughter !!
    I served a Halloween feast today so if you like coagulated blood candies come over !

  6. one thing i always loved about halloween was that it was the entryway to the holiday season. of course, now that you see decorations, etc, starting around labor day, it takes some of the excitement out of it. sad.

  7. I love how revved for Halloween you are! My husband likes to go a little nuts for this holiday too. :)

  8. Anonymous10/26/2007

    for 15 years, i helpeda neighbor raise vine crops (75-90acres), depoending on the year. We set up a ''roadside stand'' in the city of Aberdeen SD, dellimg from 15aug-31oct. the greatest fun, inthe world, is helping the kids, pick out their ''great pumpkin''. We would have candy, for early TRICK OR TREATS.
    I have a very good collection, of halloween tshirts, sweatshirts, and bluejean jackets, all halloween.my fav. tshirt is, of course, an ugly witch, w/ saying, ''if the broom fits''...my own children always thought ''the broom '' was appropriate.........
    in our little town, we never have more than 20 kids, for TorT....so it makes for real fun, i usually go to the $store..fun stuff.....whistles, mini play dough,plastic spiders, whatever i find, thats seasonal, yet, off the wall..then my husband buys the candy, and we put the ''packages'' to gether.....
    i'm leaving the link to the ''melon'' patch blog. it's almost all pumpkin patch pictures, from this fall. i will add greenhouse pictures and such when we start in the spring......

  9. Anonymous10/26/2007

    Aww I feel sorry for myself now. We don't celebrate Halloween over here (Holland) and I would LOVE to go Trick-or-Treating! Of course I'd dress up as a witch - a green one!

  10. Thanks, so much, Ms Anni! I will post my treat up with tonights Photo Hunt and pay it forward from those comments. I am also a scull/skeletons admirer.

    Let's get those Rockies on the ball!

  11. Anni,

    Halloween is about the fun to me as well. I love autumn. When someone asks me what my favorite season is, I have a hard time chosing between autumn and spring. I guess each is my favorite when it comes around. I'm not a fan of winter - too cold here in Ontario and summer is too hot.

    Thanks for sharing a little of your Halloween collection with us. The Big Day will soon be here.

  12. Anni - I bet your Halloween parties are a hoot!

  13. As promised two weeks ago, I have posted about our resident witch. Welcome!

  14. Awwww
    thanks I love vampires so the 'treat' is wayyy cool with me!
    Happy Halloween early ;)

    Halloween is my favortie Holiday after Christmas. I love to go out with my kids and walk around the neighborhood. They will tug on my arm when I talk too long at one house or another. We usually only visit or neighbors and friends. We don't go further than 4 blocks in any direction and that takes way longer to walk then you want to know when you have 4 little ones. LOL We make it a family outing. My nieces and nephews all join us. (we live two blocks apart so no biggie).
    What I hate about Halloween is that people will come to your house more than once. I don't like to see the teenagers with the pillows. If you dress up you get candy, if you are taking your kid sister/brother around, you get candy, but don't walk up in your school clothes with a bag and say here.

    Can't wait for Wednesday!

  15. I was up late watching the game last night!! I am sorry your team didn't win....Maybe tomorrow!! Love you, Carolyn

  16. Annie, thank you so much for showing us all your Halloween decorations this month. I love to check back with your blog and see whats new!

    I love Halloween too!



  17. Believe it or not, I enjoyed seeing your witch slide show! I don't like witches (many reasons!) but you have a very interesting collection!

    Thanks for the "long" explanation of why you collect witches.

    I also enjoyed reading your 13 pet peeves. This told me a lot about you. I feel the same as you do about all those things! (Especially the foul language.)

    Did you see my Mary Englebreit framed picture of a cute witch? You need one of those for your collection!

    Go to http://teainmycup.blogspot.com/ to see the witch cookies she put on her blog yesterday. So cute!


  18. P.S. - your Halloween jokes were so cute. Here's one that was on the card I sent my grandson:

    "What kind of music do mummies like best?" --------- "Wrap music!!"



  19. Hello, Hootin' Anni! I am so sorry that I haven't commented on your blog yet, when you visit mine so faithfully! I just could never figure out how to. I guess the creative title for "comments" stummped me!

    Well, I don't really celebrate halloween. I can see how fun it would be though. I can see both sides of the perspectives of Christians celebrating it or not. I am not decided on it firmly yet.

    There may come a point where we would hand out candy to neighborhood kids along with a neat commic book about the Bible.

    I must say you have a very creative template to your blog. Did you design it yourself? Someday, I hope I can get to that point!

    Again, I am so sorry that I haven't posted before. You always leave such nice comments and brighten my day.


  20. Oh Anni, what a wonderful collection of witches you have!!! I love Halloween too but I really don't have many decorations for inside the house and have really eased up on how many I put outside as well. I had to get rid of so much stuff due to lack of space and the Halloween stuff was part of that. I'm having fun enjoying yours instead:-) May you never lose your love of Halloween!!!! xoxo

  21. I'm with you, Anni! Halloween is just as much for "grown-ups" as it is for kidlets, as far as I'm concerned. All us baby boomers who loved it as children can't let it go! May future generations love it and celebrate it in the same atmosphere of fun as we do!


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