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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out


We had a nice time with our son. He checked out a couple more investment properties on the way back to Corpus. Did I tell you he's now a professor at one of the colleges in Houston? Well, he is. And since the semester began a couple of weeks ago, he thinks he is going to enjoy it very much!! Well, anyway, we just drove around with him and enjoying him doing the driving and seeing a lot of areas of Texas coast that are pretty. But, this weekend it was pretty DARNED WET!! Lots and lots of rain. Saturday afternoon was the best time...the sun even came out for a while. But since it was so wet and stormy, we played pinochle and hearts way into the wee hours of the morning on Monday after our trip back. Somewhere along the busy times we made time for all of us to go out for a late lunch at Landry's on the Bay.
We went to the largest mall in town. While he was walking around checking for casual wear, I went into the bath and me a new bottle of lotion. I seem to run out quickly these days, and I wanted to try something different in fragrance. For the last year or two I've purchased only Sensual Amber...this time, I chose Japanese Blossom: [what's your favorite for body lotion?] Then, I always have to stop in the bookstores. *shaking my head* and my fixation for books!! Sometimes I wonder where I got that...I always hit the bookstores! Anyway, as usual, I found a new one that just came out. An erotic novel of the Phantom of the Opera, Unmasqued. That story by Leroux has intrigued me ever since we were required to read it in school many, many years ago. I could not not leave the store without that book. Besides there were only two left on the shelf. If I were to wait for Bud and me to get back to the mall, it would have been gone. And I'm not one to buy over the 'net. So, it's either do or do without.


Now before I go for the day to get some laundry done and get the 'fridge restocked, I wanted to share with you the gift that Erik bought for me. Years and years ago, I saw this hanging in our local library. He was only about 5 or 6...I know he wasn't in school all day yet, so he was young. He saw me looking at the one hanging on the wall. When he came over by me on the stuffed divan the library had for previewing a book, along with his picture book, we sat together. At one point, he asked me why I looked so funny. I told him that the picture reminded me of my grandparents from long, long ago, what I can remember from my childhood as I didn't really get to know them before they passed on. Even down to the oversized hands of the old man, just like my Grandpa's that I recall [but when you're a kid, things are huge, y'know?]. The other day...well, over just a week ago, someone on one of the daily memes had the very same picture; I was dumbfounded!!! It brought back so, so many memories of long time ago. I ran out and called Bud in so he could see it before I lost it on the monitor-browser. He's heard me many times since the day at the library, talking about the picture we all saw. I never knew what the name of it was. And soon after I saw it with Erik at the library, we moved into the foothills north of the city and rarely got back to the huge library. Just before Erik got everything back in his car so he could leave from Corpus, he walked around to his trunk and handed me this huge box! He said: "Mom, this is especially for you." I took it in the house. I never opened it tho, because of the lack of time, and he getting anxious to get back to Houston. I finally got the package opener and sliced the edges. It was the print!!! It's signed and numbered!! He found it at an antique shop on one of his many trips around southern Texas!! HE REMEMBERED!! I cried! But, now --the couple reminds me of me and Bud, not my grandparents....tho, they still come to mind! How time slips past us without us realizing it.

Needless to say, I had it cleaned and polished and hanging on the special wall within the hour!!


added 6:18 a.m.: While trying to catch up on what I missed out on in the Land of Blog --I received an award from Gattina!! Thank you so much for thinking of me! I'll try and drop by Skittle's Place also, since she's the designer! But, Gattina, you always seem to make my day when you visit. Luvya bunches!!! I'll add this to my sidebar when I get done with catching up from the Labor Day weekend!! You're a treasure!! Thanks again.


When we've had such weather as we've had the past summer, I was always aware of water spouts. They're referred to as tornadic circumstances that appear above water. Yet, only a danger to those out on sea. Rarely do they last very long. Around this area, over the last few days the Gulf has had a few spouts and these are the ones that were captured over the last days of August, and the long weekend. The first photo is taken off Mustang Island just a few miles southeast of Padre Island. The second photo is taken off Padre Island. Personally, I'm inclined to think the phenomenon has been caused by the tropical waves and hurricanes that Old Mexico has had the last few weeks of August. It's tending to stir the weather patterns in our area and disturbing the pressure areas to make it ideal for the occurrence of such weather induced water spouts! They're awesome to watch, but only last a few minutes. They are truly a work of art through the course of nature!! I'm just amazed, and truly thankful I'm not on the water when they appear.


  1. Just be thankful that those WATER Spouts do not come on shore and become tornadoes. I have been in several tornadoes when we lived in Illinois and I NEVER EVER want to see or be close to one ever again!! They are awful.
    My favorite scent not at bath and body though is the new DOVE green tea and cucumber lotion and body wash. I love its clean and not real (in your face) smell!! Good stuff. Have a good day. Sandy

  2. What a wonderful gift you have got from your son ! Gifts like that especially when they are just a surprise and you haven't thought of it at all make tears flow !! I had this when he brought me an enormous cat statue of onyx from Egypt. The thing was so heavy I couldn't lift it, but he had carried it in the plane all the way from Egypt to Belgium ! And now we can purr together like two fat cats because you and me we can be proud of our sons they made their way in life !

  3. Oh, that is SO sweet that he remembered. :) Such a good son!

  4. That is just a wonderful story...the gift from your son!!


  5. How interesting, I haven't even heard of water spouts before this. now I wanna see one.... *giggles*

    Oh, that story of yours with the painting was a touching one indeed. Such a wonderful gift form such a wonderful son! THAT is pure consideration and love, straight from one heart to another. I love to hear about such things. Awwww.....

  6. WOW! Sounds like you really had a fantastic weekend! How neat that Erik found that print for you! Just AMAZING!!! Very cool! I have never seen (nor even heard of) those water spouts! You know ... me and weather... I LOVE them! How AWESOME! Did YOU catch those pictures? Or were they just pictures that you have seen? I would LOVE to see one of them in real life!!!

  7. Sandy: Ya, I've lived through a couple tornadoes also. When I was a kid...just like Dorothy in the wizard of oz.

  8. Melli: Yes, we saw it...more accurately BUD saw it! The top one, it was on August 30th I believe, or the 31st. And the other was approximately at the same time....but on a different section of the sand bar...a few miles south.

  9. Gattina: I bet it IS heavy!! Yep, we sure can...cats rule. *giggles*

  10. I'm so glad you had such a wonderful time with your son...we miss them so much when they're away from home, don't we!! It brought tears to my eyes reading the story of that very special that he was able to find you a print of it and that he had even remembered it!! I had heard of waterspouts before but have never seen them...good thing they stay out on the water!! xox