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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Today, well it's Sunday. It's seems the week has been two weeks long...and I'm sure it was because of the holiday and then the pre-registration for the heart procedure I'm having near the end of this month...that registration fiasco took 2 days!! [well, only 2 hours, but what a hassle, and it did feel like two days!]

Anyway, instead of pouring out my heart, I want to be cheerful today! Afterall, as I said, it's Sunday!! While updating the Bloggers Over 50 Blog Roll, I came upon Bob's request to be added---once I finish adding a blog url, I always stop by and add a comment to let them know they've been added!! Well, while visiting with Bob and perusing his blog entries and searching for the link to the blogroll [I did find it]...I clicked on the cat photo on his sidebar [naturally]---and what a HOOT!! It's just so hilarious, I was in tears rofl!!

It's a very comical, hilarious, and fun-packed blog. I'd recommend visiting anytime for a few laughs along the way for your day. Oh and don't forget to click on the cat's face---you'll soon find yourself smiling if not laughing hysterically. [and I understand he adds some periodically, so I'll be sure to return often]



Mother Goose and Grimm are my favorites each day I read the paper. Here are a couple I saved only 'cause it has to do with computers...blogging, etc. I like the style of this cartoonist...a lot!...and I think the reason is so many times it's so very much NOT politically correct. And I am the same way. I mostly say what I want. At least around family. *giggles*

...and then, this one is from B C

[they can be enlarged]


As I posted on a Photo Hunt just recently, behind us used to be an open field. And I showed the red monster that is now a frequent visitor to our 'new neighborhood' because the field behind our backyard fence has been sold, and a new subdivision is going up. Rather quickly!! This photo was taken from our newspaper also. Thing is our house is in the background! Just over his backside and a bit to the left. [this too can be enlarged if you'd like to have a better view ---ummmm, no, I didn't mean the butt crack....well, wait a minute, at least I don't think there is one. Now, I gotta go look for sure...golly!! lol]


So, like I said, a long week! And to make me feel better, I usually shop. I know the psychiatrists would have a field day with me, with my binge shopping sometimes. But really, honestly, I was in need of a new pair. Most of my shoe wardrobe is either way too fancy for everyday, or sandals either opened toed or mules. And down here, even tho it's subtropical it can get mighty cold on the tootsies in the winter! So I need to get something that was a 'complete' shoe, other than tennies. And they're leather, and comfortable....but when I got them home and tried them on to show hubby....I realize that they're 'old lady' shoes!! hehehehe Awwwww, who cares. They're comfy and will go well with blue jeans that I tend to wear from October to March.


  1. Gday Anni,Your blogs always nice and cheerful to visit, But sometimes I get side tracked and forget to
    I must say your shoes look very comfortable, and I love your Cameo's and can understand you feeling so close to your Mother when you wear that that lovely ring, Such a treasure to hold....

  2. Same case with us, during 30 years a wonderful field and now big ugly houses ! Your new shoes are not old lady !!! and I wear Jeans from January til December especially this year !!
    Geez ! I couldn't believe that I wrote to you in french !! the worst is I didn't even realize and then suddenly I switched over to english. The only explanation I have is I just came from Claudie's blog and with her as she is french and lives in France I always correspond in french. And then of course it was 7 am ! I just said if you would like to shop today ...
    So don't be surprised if next time you find german or maybe italian (spanish I only understand but can't write it) I am getting old lol !

  3. Hi Anni,

    I always enjoy reading you-as Jeanette just pointed out- you are always cheerful - and I know you have problems just like the rest of us but you manage not to let them beat you down!! Good! :)

    I also enjoyed seeing your Cameo ring that belonged to your mom. I know it must be one of your greatest treasures!

    The shoes look fine to me and they will look nice with jeans!

    Take care,


  4. I hope you enjoyed your walk on the beach this morning!!! My did I fall in love with the beach!! The ocean goes on and on and on forever and I felt God's love there!! His love is endless just like the ocean and I was so touched by all the beauty!!

    I love the beauty of the Smoky's too!! But after a while I felt boxed in.....
    Love and Hugs, Carolyn

  5. I just went and visited Bobbarama.

    I think the shoes look great - and hey, so what if they are a binge buy. Some days you need that - better shoes than chocolate. At least the shoes won't go to your hips!!!!

  6. I think the shoe are great. Youre jokes are way to funny.