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This is now my cameo ring. It was my mother's. I don't wear it often for fear of losing it. And never do I wear it while doing yard work. I most always have it sitting in a special place, and when I'm nostalgic for the good ol' days of having my mother with me I'll wear it and I can almost hear her laughter and share her happiness once again. But only in my memories & dreams!! I don't ever recall my mother not wearing this ring. With my 'guesstimation', she received this as a graduation gift. So, it's 77 years old [if I recall correctly she graduated in 1930]. The only time she took it off was when she did gardening, being that cameos are such a fragile art. The cameo itself is quite smooth after years of her constantly having it wrapping her finger. And the silver ring on the 'under side' is quite thinned with age and wear. With an added note: Do you look in the mirror and see your mother's reflection? Lately, I don't see me, I see mom! And now that I look at this photo of her cameo ring, I see my mom's hand too!!! I guess as we age, it's a natural process of instances that make us a work of nature, and everyone who knows their mom goes through the same experience. I recall when I first noticed a bit of my mother 'in me' was when I began raising my own kids....telling them to clean their room, don't swear, pick up your toys, wash behind your ears, do your homework, work comes before play, etc. etc. --I turned into my mom as the guidance counselor, teacher and the one who set the rules; almost overnight. And now I can visualize mom when I see her face in the mirror instead of me, the young daughter, and the same hand of my mother's is wearing the ring, today!! Because of this ring, I have been known to purchase a few cameo broaches, and earrings, necklaces, and hubby has given a few to me as gifts over the years. But, only the genuine 'thing'. To tell a true hand carved, shell cameo, you must lift it to the sunlight...if you can see filtered light through it as with a seashell, it's genuine!! [plastic or resin cameos are solid with no light or a very denseness that won't allow any natural light filtering through] I'll next show you my most recent purchase from about 6 years ago [ya, I know that's not really recent, but it's the last time I found one worthy of buying --I haven't seen any here in Corpus]. It's very unique and not the 'usual' cameo from shell, as we know them to be. It's hand-crafted by a Native American, dangling from inlaid silver strands, that I bought in Tucson Arizona at a posh Native American jewelry specialty shoppe in old town, and it's absolutely stunning!! I can't really sit here and describe it to give you a true picture. The above photo is of a cameo broach of mine, inlaid in 14k gold. [I, unlike my mom who liked silver better, like gold with jewelry/accents best.] And, this is one that I shared during a Photo Hunt Meme for the word "fake"....being that the cameo is strung with a rope of faux pearls. A long time ago, way back in the infantile days of computers and being able to connect to the world through internet services, I used the nickname cameo lady. Wonder why? hehehehe To the left the photo is the cameo, hand carved by Native Americans in stone. It's inlaid atop a silver encasing and then the 'chain' is several strands of thin silver.


The wild tales of Winston the Cat and Thaddeus the Toad from the famed Wind in the Willows [remember those stories?]. Or is it a frog? Either case, he was all alert, and wide awake...from a morning's nap that had him snoring just seconds ago ---to this! Our early morning visitor. See? I told you we have a virtual pond in our yard from all the water falling from the sky! Why, even the amphibians have moved in and made themselves at home in our home!! But, it seems Winston has other ideas!! Look a bit closer...near the wooden floor molding just ahead of Winston's backside, trapped in the fish netting....see him? [Click to enlarge the photo.]


Using only one word, how does grocery shopping make you feel?

PENNILESS [afterward]

What is your favorite part about the season of Autumn?

The air is once again crisp and refreshing. The cool breezes, the falling leaves, the smells of pumpkin, spices, fireplaces, pine, roasting turkey, and all the fixin's. Oh, and Halloween and decorating for the season!!! Oh, and the rich, warm golden colors of the foliage around town and in the woods! [we lived in Arizona for a dozen years, where the plants and trees remain green year around, and the lack of change of seasons got boring!!] One more thing I need to add: Allie mentioned baseball. YES!!! How could I not not mention it....the Fall Classic!!! [and since the 'Stros are not worth a poop this season, I'll have to go and root on my 'other' home team...the D'Backs!! Go B. Webb!!!]

Have you ever had any bad experiences online?

A few. But nothing that would make me lose sleep. For example, I've been 'stalked' to the point that I no longer used a nickname...dropping it from 'site'. And another was a woman who was a con artist to a group I was part of in the past...she had masqueraded as a dying woman who was a widow, etc. etc. etc.-----several had taken to her and gave aid, including money. Only to find out it was all an act...her husband even lived. It was a sad, sad situation, but luckily for me, I always kept that in the back of my mind when dealing with her [or anyone] online, and didn't 'go for the act' at all. But, still, it's a frustrating situation when you can't trust another human being.

Main Course
Name three things that make you happy daily.

I'm a simple, 3 things off the top of my head would be:
1]surviving the night
3]my two kitties


What one household cleansing or organizing item would you not want to be without?

ORGANIZER? ---Hubby CLEANSER? ---Windex Both items in a singular form? PRICELESS


  1. Those are very beautiful things to show. They deserve to be seen.
    BTW, about your question....typhoon season is not yet over with us.

  2. I just love your beautiful cameos. What lovely memories your mother's ring conjures up. I know exactly what you mean about turning into ones mother!

  3. Is Winston watching a fish or a toad ? I couldn't see very well even on the big picture.
    It's nice that you have so good souvenirs of your mother. Mine was a slave to my father without own meanings. I have nothing from her not even the looks. She was little and brown haired and I am tall and blond. I was a kind of Barbie to her, when my father came home she put me aside I din't exist anymore. Years later when I was in the fourties she tried to repair and catch up on things, but that was far too late. I had my grandma with her I spent the first 7 years of my life because my mother left me with her as soon as I was born.

  4. Now there is nothing more beautiful then a cameo on the finger or around the neck of a lady, your mothers ring is stunning and I have seen a few come into the second hand shop I work at and I wonder why!! would they want to get rid of such a beautiful family treasure.

    I am so pleased it brings your mother and you once again together when you put her ring on, it is a nice way to hold her heart in yours.

    Look like my mother? you bet I do more and more each day!! even my Hubby sometimes calls me by her name Nathalie just to press my buttons. lol lol!

    have a lovely weekend Lee-ann

  5. Anonymous9/07/2007

    I love your cameo so very much. It being your mom's makes it such a treasure. Cameos are classic and will always be a wonderful gift to pass along from generation to generation.

    Have a great day.

  6. What a special and beautiful Cameo ring, as well as your other cameo's. Thanks for sharing the info about how to know a real one.

    I know what you mean about beginning to see your mother!!! I blogged about that once. SO true.

  7. Another catlady! Well, at 27, I am a catlady-in-training. Landlord is not too impressed.

  8. Good morning Anni:-) That cameo ring is so beautiful and what a treasure to have from your mom! I remember my gran and my mom wearing cameo brooches and when I was a young teen mom had bought me a cameo strung up on a black velvet band to wear around my neck...a choker I think they were called. I so wish I still had it! Thank you for telling me that my blog wasn't loading properly...I didn't have any problems with it but I did a couple of adjustments just in case! lol Have a wonderful day my friend! xox

  9. It's such a beautiful ring!!! yes, I keep seeing my mom when I look at myself :)

  10. Thanks for visiting...

    and your Winston looks precious...I love my two big pillows--errrr um kitties--also....even when they get mad at me when I move my feet at night and bat at them (my feet that is)

  11. What a treasure you have from your Mom. I have my Mom's wedding rings and I feel the same way about them.

  12. Hubby and Windex! This reminds me of the fact that my husband used to be a window washer before we got married. However, he does not wash the windows in our house - even though he is the professional. Something about not having the proper equipment any more.

  13. The cameo is great. What a beautiful ring. Thank you for sharing

  14. I loved those cameos -- gorgeous. And our furbabies are always a reason to smile!

    Thanks for visiting earlier :-)

    Happy Friday!

  15. I love your list of things you love about Autumn, very descriptive. Your salad makes for interesting reading - the mind boggles what some people will do!

  16. Your cameos are wonderful. How wonderful that the ring survived all these years for you to enjoy. Blessings...
    Your penniless comment for your Friday feast cracked me up as do the 2 ladies on your sidebar...

  17. Looks like there are a lot of people with horror online stories to share. Eeek! Have a great weekend. :-)

  18. Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm so glad you did because now I've found yours! I sometimes see bits of my mom when I look in the mirror and I have her rings, too but I seldom wear them (she had bigger fingers.) Your cameos are beautiful.
    I sure wish you could send some of that rain over our way. We desperately need it!
    Your cat is beautiful....oops, I guess if he's named Winston he would be handsome!

  19. Beautiful ring. I look like my dad, not my mom.

  20. Anonymous9/07/2007

    Loved your friday Feast! I love autumn. It's my favorite season!

  21. what a scary salad!! Wonderful feast you served up this week :) Have a wonderful weekend.

  22. Great Fridays Feast, thanks for visiting mine :)

  23. Thanks for stopping by :) I just love Autumn- although we don't have thanksgiving and I don't like Halloween.

  24. A hubby who uses windex? Where?!? How about one who does toilets? If you find one of those, let me know!

    Your cameo story is beautiful! Thank you for sharing it. :)

  25. I have always loved cameos, but how sweet to have one that was worn and loved by your mom! I didn't know that tip about how to tell a real one. I would guess most of mine are not real, but I love them anyway. There is just and old-fashioned grace and beauty about them.

  26. Great Feast. Like the dessert, haa.
    I have to say, that cameo is gorgeous.
    I collect them because they remind me of my grandmother who used to collect them.
    *is envyous of yours*

    Thanks for stopping by my place, have a great weekend.

  27. Those cameos are beautiful. The ring is such a treasure!

  28. Loved your Soup. You really laid it all out. Many of them I hadn't even thought of.

    Your salad is a shame. I would call that person a criminal, and I'll bet she's been in jail. She should be ashamed of herself, but I'm sure she isn't.

    Great feast. Have a great FF and weekend. :)

  29. "And another was a woman who was a con artist to a group I was part of in the past..."

    I remember this one.
    About the 3rd car accident or maybe it was the 4th cancer I was thinking NO way anyone can have this much tragedy! I think she would even pose as her daughter in live chat.
    So creepy!

    Have a good weekend..:)

  30. The cameos are just lovely!
    Mrs. C

  31. Thanks! I made that template myself! :D

    Love your soup!

  32. "Penniless"? "Hubby cleanser"? You are soooo funny!! LOL!

  33. Loved your soup! How could I have forgotten to mention the World Series, especially this year! (I'm a Cub fan, and I'm dreaming of post-season play.)

  34. Cameos are so pretty and especially since the one was your mom's then they are wonderful to have...YES, I look like my mother and I have been seeing that for some time now. I look in the mirror and go...I see someone else and not the self I thought i used to look like. You know it is scary sometimes.
    You FF was good too today!! Your Winston is a cutie..

  35. A wonderful feast this week! Love your soup.
    The cameo ring is beautiful with special memories.

    Thanks for visiting Stacey and me at

  36. that is a beautiful cameo ring. I always see brooches, so it was a pleasure to see it in a ring. Take care of it !!


  37. Neat show and tell.

    I have a cameo similar to that.

    Have a great weekend.

  38. I adore cameos and your mother's ring is just beautiful! What a perfect treasure!

  39. Baseball all the way, baby!

  40. Anonymous9/08/2007

    Thank you for stopping by my feast!

    Cubs fan here! It looks like we might have a chance to make the playoffs this year! :-)

  41. hi! this is long over due! lolz! thanks for dropping by my feast! had a great time reading yours. oh and thanks for the greeting! :)

  42. Firstly, sorry about the late comment and thanks for joining in on my feast.
    You've served up a great feast - especially your soup! LOL at yoru dessert :) Thanks for sharing!