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Thursday Thirteen below------

Hubby came into the computer room just the other day and said "You gotta come here, there's a fire"! Well, I thought he'd done something with the gas grill or something. But, neither here nor there, I stopped typing and followed him outdoors. From our patio, over the tree top I could see the billowing smoke climbing ever higher!! While mesmerized there in my track, watching, I thought ---Hmmm, a blog photo op. LOL --So, I went back indoors and came out to snap a couple of pics. The fire was just blocks away from us, and by the time I had the camera turned on, the smoke column was even higher. [the local news that night said it reached 150 feet and higher] And as suspected, there is more than likely arson involved. It is my understanding that the building that was set aflame, was to be moved. And instead, it burned to the ground? To each his own I guess, but why resort to an illegal act to get some insurance money? It's beyond me.....but, thankfully no one was hurt. The smoke was awesome to watch it swirling up into the sky tho, with the iridescent hues. And the sun filtering through the smoky cloud made the siding of the house glow orange, reminding me of the dozens of forest fires we lived near in the foothills. It's too sad a situation I know, but still there was some beauty fighting against nature.


  1. Hmmm. Sometimes I think that the beauty involved in "destruction" is actually one of the things that God "turns to good" ... ya know? That even though this horrible thing is happening, there is some good from it? I'm also thinking about MY infatuation with weather - tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, ice storms... all the EXTREME stuff... it can all be very destructive - and yet very appealing and enticing. Nice post Anni!

  2. I don't understand arsonists well maybe I do see the greed of insurance money!! I'm just like you always looking for a good blog photo.

  3. yep fire is a great photo op. I got some great shots of our dumpster in flames in the winter. I need to get out more ;D

  4. Glad you are okay ..I agree with Melli..

    How can fire be so bad sometimes and yet so beautiful

  5. Great post, and thanks for visiting ours.

  6. Fires are so scary and interesting at the same time. Way to keep that camera ready!