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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out


This week, Nikki challenged us for fun Monday to do a good deed and tell all!! Well, I must say that with just the two of us at home, and automatic doors at most shops here in town that we frequent, it proposed to be a task that really was a challenge. Really, when it's just two at home....Picture this, two middle aged duffers, doing good deeds....when, in fact now that we're considered senior citizens, I find more and more having doors opened for me, and special service at restaurants!! Like this last Friday we actually went to Friday's for a turkey burger, and our waiter, Steve, was oh so kind. Imagine, an everyday, non-posh restaurant, and he held my chair for me. Guess aging does have some benefit. [besides, if I were 35 years younger.....ooooo, la, la -Steve was a hunk! And I did my good deed; smiled and gave him a 'thank you' and then left a bigger tip than my usual 20%.] LOL And most of the time since last fun Monday was hosted, I've been either to doctors offices, then dealing with hospital staff, grocery shopping, dining out, having our son for the weekend visit with us....really, honestly not much going on, to the point in fact where I really could do a good deed; at least outside the home as Nikki suggests. [Seriously, good deeds are not just for strangers locked up in a nursing home...good deeds are for anyone you want to do something good for they in a nursing home, at the store's door when you're there at the same time---anything. Even doing laundry for your family is a good deed!!]

Okay, so now to the good "deeds" that I can come up with off the top of my head. Tho not a meal for the aged and disabled, while our son was here, his favorite meal that I cook is Mexican. He loves my Chili Verde con Pollo [Green Chili with Chicken] topping on his burrito. So I cooked a whole chicken, and we snacked on burritos while playing card games. [He loves to play pinochle and dirty hearts]. This is his plate! No skimping here...he can afford some extra helpings such as this one. He is young enough where the 'fat' doesn't go to the belly and hips.

I also cleaned a closet out this past week, and donated the still good clothes that fit way too snuggly on my ever-growing hips, to Goodwill!! I think that's always a 'good deed' for not just simply throwing them in the trash. [and besides, having a garage sale is way too much work for me, and the infernal summer lingers]. A few items of glassware and one pair of sneakers went to Goodwill too.

Then, at one point in time, just for hubby, I sneaked around the store and purchased some peanuts and corn candy. And, got them home undetected, so it would be a surprise. Now, some may not consider this a good deed, but to him I really made some brownie points; at our age simple pleasures turn into good deeds! He gets this treat only once a year. Usually I make him wait 'til October when the air reminds us both of corn candy and caramel apples. But, while he was out in the garage, dubbing on his work bench with some project of his, I filled the Autumn candy dish with his favorite combination...corn candy and salted peanuts. The salty goes really well with the sweetness of the candy.


Then, for my 'good deed' for the day, I am going to invite everyone along on a trip around a neighborhood lagoon, a favorite Sunday stroll for us and I happened to take the camera with me yesterday morning to share the walk with y'all today---all for you, and the ones who wish for the beach life and feel like a shut-in!! Get outdoors, enjoy the scenery. Right along with my sharing---Hop aboard!!

SUNRISE ON THE LAGOON -filtering through the date palm.

WOODED WALKWAY-bespeckled with morning light

WILD REED surrounding the creek that flows into the lagoon

[notice the lights above the treetops? That's a Little League, the bird refuge is IN the city! And oh, so peaceful and quiet, along with the waterfowl being protected by law.]

The pink bird is a Rose Spoonbill -right
White are Egrets
A brown pelican is perched on a fallen tree

"Whose woods these are I think I know.

His house is in the village though;

He will not see me stopping here

To watch his woods...."

Stopping by the Woods ~Robert Frost

Along the wooded pathway

"WE INTERUPT THE WALK...SNAKE ON PATHWAY!!! Anni turns and runs. No way I went any further!!" Ummmmm, no way! You're expecting a photo of the snake in the pathway? Guess you didn't read it all clearly....I turned and ran!!! That was the end of our little jaunt in the morning. At least in that area.

....and beyond the lagoon, heading away

you'll see this on Ocean Drive


The water was so glass like it was beautiful and peaceful!!

At the Bay's horizon, the city skyline

Near the campus of Texas A&M
To the south beyond the college is the NAS [Naval Air Station]
To the north, the downtown area
Behind this is the Lagoon we just left, and on the other side is Oso Bay

If lucky enough to have a repaired computer, our hostess will be Sayre next week.


  1. I think that sneaking those treat home was a good dead. To me a good deed is simply something you do for the benefit of someone else, regardless of how big or small it is.

    Now if you want to do something to benefit me you could send some of that Chili Verde con Pollo over here.

  2. I think the Chilie Verde con Pollo definitely counts as a good deed!! (now I'm hungry!)

  3. I love your post. The food looks delicious. Thank you for the walk around the lagoon. It was much better and more scenic than my daily walk next to the stream that is really a drainage ditch.

  4. Good deeds that are yummy! :D

    Could you please do one more good deed and tell me how you make Chili Verde de Pollo?? That looks so good and I LOVE Mexican food. :D

  5. Your son probably really appreciated his favorite dinner and some mom time. Also, you must have really brightened your hubby's day with his special treat. It's the little things that go a long way.

  6. Good deeds and great pictures, thanks!

  7. Well, Anni you became a very modest girl ! Paying a waiter more tip only because he held the chair for you ? Soon you will be very happy when dirty building workers sitting on a ladder will whistle at you ! (In the past it was handsome young men) lol !
    Your son has a very good taste ! I would love that dish too. And your pictures show a very nice landscape.
    I did a good deed too ! I bought myself black jeans yesterday !
    PS I hope I wrote in english, lol !

  8. Beautiful place that you live Anni!! The ocean is a favorite place of mine but not my hubby's!! too bad that we cannot agree on that one thing in our lives!! Thanks for the trip I enjoyed it.

  9. Great Post! I loved the stroll (even if I didn't get to see the snake...).

    The Chili Verde looks Delish!

  10. That meal looked fantastic and now I will have to look up the recipe. I've never thought of putting candy corn and peanuts togetoehr and while it was definitely a good deed in giving them to your husband I will be thinking ill thoughts of you when I insist on trying this and decide I can not survive without that combination of treats. My hips will not be thanking you either, I am sure.

  11. Awww this was just perfect! I love reading good deeds like this. It's just as important to do good deeds for the ones we love, maybe more important. The peanuts and candy corn look so good! My daughter loves candy corn so when I see it I immediately think of her. And I'm with the others....recipe please :o)

  12. I loved my virtual trip to the lagoon!

  13. Your Good Deeds are very delicious to all the senses (taste and sight!)

  14. You've made my day taking me on that trip around your neighbourhood. But a picture of the snake would have been good before you turned and ran :)

  15. I love Corpus!!!! You're a lucky woman. :)

  16. A really really good deed would be to share the receipe!

  17. I really enjoyed our walk up until that snake. I think you did some really good deeds for the family. Way to go!

  18. Yes, those were good deeds indeed! My Pete and I love candy corns too. Yummy.

  19. Loved the pics and the food! I want some now!

  20. Chili Verde con Polo, is one of my favorite Mexican dishes, and it's lookin' really good right now for my lunch.

    I enjoyed your nice morning walk. Very scenic, except for the snake.

    Happy Monday,Annie!

  21. Great deeds...and a photo of my alma mater's offshoot campus was good for me!

    I forgot that I donated some of my daughter's shoes to a fundraiser yard sale - dang, you guys are reminding me of all sorts of deeds I had forgotten. I'm feeling better by the minute!

  22. Spoiling your family with yummy treats makes for some very good deeds. Spoiling us with your photos is even better!

  23. YAY! YAY! YAY! Yay on the good deeds! And YAY on the walk! I just dOn't understand why you didn't get a picture of that snake though ... BEFORE you ran! Anni... it's ALWAYS about the picture! :)

  24. I love your pictures of the ocean!! It is just beautiful!! and the lagoon is pretty, too!!
    I hate Snakes!!! So glad you didn't get a picture!!! YIKES!!

    I bet you really, really enjoy your walks by the ocean on Sunday or Monday or what ever day you choose to go!! Love and Hugs, Carolyn

  25. Ooooh peanuts and candy corn...I never thought of putting that mixture together, I bet is IS good! Will have to try that:-) I so enjoyed our can do a good deed for us like that every day! hehe I loved all the pictures, so beautiful!! xox

  26. Great photos and a great list of good deeds. I could probably eat the plate your son does, but it wouldn't work for me as I don't have that great a metabolism. The candy looks great too, I love salty and sweet.

  27. Those are all beautiful wonderful deeds!
    I enjoy peanuts and M&M's! The pictures were beautiful! I was smiling the whole read...another good deed!! :)

  28. that was a good dead... as willowtree said. ha ha ha ha.

    anyway, the candy looks yummy to me
    and I love the bird pictures especially. That would be a find walk for me to join.

    what kind of snake???

  29. fun post! i loved the photos!