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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Well, I got bored with the tiger stained glass, so when I saw this paint shop tube on someone's tube site, I thought it's me and my sister! So, I went to work on having a design to show the two of us off....participating in our little hootenanny!

For 58 years, she's been my best friend, my cohort, my secret keeper, my tutor, my foundation, as I grew up! We shared a room, and I knew everything she did as she knew my antics! We still take each other's advice on things, just like sisters do.

After she left home [she is a little over 6 years older than I], we kept in contact with letters, phone calls late into the night, and vacations to see each other! I traveled to Washington D C to spend a month with her when she was working for a Senator, and I was still single. We took trips together, etc. etc. And most times with the camaraderie we have, we are always locked arm in arm when the camera appears. Hence, I chose this layout!

The two of us approved of each other's husbands when we decided to marry--approval was important, but didn't play an issue, 'cause we knew we'd pick the 'right' man...and our husbands like to be around us when we sisters are together...but there are times, it's just two 'old ladies' while our men go out and play a round of golf or watch football.


  1. LOL! How cuuuute!

  2. OH, how nice it its to read with sisters (or other people) that get along fine with each other instead of the opposite! It's too much negativity already in this world :-)

    I have a very nice relationship with my two sisters and brother, butt not exactly that close. Maybe we were too many, 4 kids.

    Regarding the Lifecruiser cyber cruise:

    Dear Anni, you've taken a place in our hearts, we'll not abandoned you for a surgery! That's of course "legal" reasons!

    Of course you'll remain with us in our hearts and the blogroll for a long while since you have given us so many fun moments in the past :-)

    Just exactly as Irish Church Lady still is on the list, I'll just add "not active" after as long as I notice that you aren't active :-)

  3. :) I enjoyed this post!


  4. I love this look! REALLY CUTE!! I wish that i could change just like this!! BUT I like the way mine looks thanks to Melli!! Blessings, Sandy

  5. Just repeating Mrs Lifecruiser.
    That's it for now - from the Summerhouse.


  6. What a lovely warm read about a long and never ending friendship. Lucky both of you to have found the tune and kept it and worshiped it!
    Wishing you a lovely Sunday and a great week ahead:-)

  7. Hi Anni, Its nice to read someone else has a sister like mine,we spend so much time together and speak to each other everyday, But I must say we are a very close knit family. We told my sister and her Hubby we were selling up and moving out from city to the country to enjoy our retirement, the first thing they said was not without us, so they sold up and now we live 2 streets from each other, the rest of family 3 hrs away and we see them as much as possible

  8. I love your new look!

    It is neat to hear about your sister!
    All my daughters have sooooo much fun together!!! They are all close to one another!

    I had one sister who would have been 83 on this Tuesday the day before my birthday. We had a lot of fun together, too! She was 14 years older then me... I miss her....

    When you get a minute come over to my blog and see what Karen did for me on Friday... I was so thrilled.

    I will pray that the hurricane does not come close to you all! or loses all its punch!! Love you.Carolyn

  9. Annie,
    I love the new look. I too have a very close relationship with an older sister....she's 3 years older than me. We don't hold arms.but we are very close...Although she lives across the country we have always kept in touch by phone, letter and now MSN.
    Then again I have 2 other sisters that I hardly talk to...I guess its the age difference.
    wish I could fix up my blog like yours...maybe in time.
    Have a good week, Annie..will be thinking of you.