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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

[graphic made by me]

THIRTEEN 'FORCES OF NATURE' [actually COLORS of nature] ~

1) I love to witness the iridescence of the greens and mauves of the hummingbird feathers.

2) I love the deep turquoise of the Gulf of Mexico...the farther south, the more turquoise.

3) I love the virgin landscapes of snow ---how it sparkles with cream-colored yellows to clear icy blues against the backdrop of a crisp clear blue sky, untouched in the woods.

4) I love the rich, deep greens of a forest pine.

5) I love the deep velvety reds of a rose petal.

6)I love the colors of a rainbow found in macaws.

7) I love the delicate purples of a freshly opened iris.

8) I love the mossy green color of my husband's eyes.

9) I love the pinks, oranges, reds, lavenders, navy blues and grays of a sunset.

10) I love the intense, black, white, orange, yellows and tans of a tiger.

11) I love the vivid yellows of a swallow-tailed butterfly.

12) I love brightness of all the colors in Oaxacan carvings [pronounced wah HA kin]. In the southwest, they are treasured. [from Oaxaca, Mexico]

13) I love the sharp, textured, greens of a cut emerald.

PS - I have two doctors' appointments scheduled, and we have a pest exterminator coming in also, so it'll be a very busy day for me....will try to get to you to visit with YOU...but I may end up taking the day off from the computer, depending on how I feel after all this. BUT!!!---Happy Thursday to you all.


  1. Those are some beautiful colors. As a Floridian, I'm particularly drawn to the Gulf Coast one.

    Your husband's eye color reminds me of a line from a Robert Lewis Stevenson poem..."eyes of gold and brambledew."

  2. Wonderful TT, Anni - love your pictures and describing!

    Wishing you all the best for your doctors´appointments!

  3. Those are all indeed wonderful colours...makes one realize how important sight is and what we'd be missing if we didn't have it!! Good luck with your appointments! xox

  4. Great TT. Loved the photos and the colors.


  5. Thank you for this gorgous list - and your TT header gave me a good laugh! Hope the doctor's visits went well:) Happy TTing and have a great weekend!

  6. I have one of those Mexican carvings. I love it.

    As for the colors... you are SO right. Beautiful stuff.

  7. I have a lovely blue Oaxacan cat my husband gave me when we were first dating. Happy TT.

  8. What fantastic photos & unreal colors. This was are really great post. Thanks!!

  9. Anonymous8/01/2007

    Wow, just gorgeous.

    Thanks for sharing all of those pics.

    Happy TT!

  10. Love the pictures of the flowers...your descriptions were AWESOME!

    Great TT!

  11. Love your vivid colors and the pictures. Hope all is well with your doctor's appointments.

  12. That's a very nice TT ! I love everything you listed too ! How could your husband keep his eye open with a flash ?? I am up with awards, maybe you want a new one ?

  13. Love the snowy one. It's an especially appealing thought on a day like this one, when it's over 90º again. And the guy with the green eye looks awful sweet. Good luck with the doctors and the bugs ...

  14. How pretty! Happy TT :-)

  15. Wishing you a happy TT.Your header picture is great , but it looks like she is crossing her legs...need a "potty break ""..You did a marvelous job on your post.Good luck at the Doc. appointments today. Baba

  16. I hope your appt goes well..:)

  17. The silence of falling snow always astounds me as much as the sparkle.

  18. Isn't Mother Nature amazing? All the colors she uses for her art. LOVE all the pictures.

  19. I LOVEIT!! How can I play 'Thursday Thirteen'?

    Love your blog!

  20. Wonderful pictures H.A., nature's palette is sure hard to beat!

  21. This was the most beautiful T13 I've seen in a long time! I loved them all too! Just lovely.

    Think of them when going to the Doc's app :-)

  22. Anni, I hope that you own appointment went well. Please let me know how it went. I always think about your health as I know it is a bit of a worry to you...Sandy

  23. amberstar8/02/2007

    I saw your blog this morning and thought it very beautiful....didn't take the time to commment then. I had errands to do, but wanted to come back tonight and tell you now.

  24. Hi Anni. Hope it was nothing too serious at the doctor's.

    That's an amazing post and I love your husband eye(s), what a fabulous colour and shape they are.

  25. Very unique Thursday 13! Thanks for sharing & visiting my blog :)


  26. Wonderful Annie.....great 13's...what would we do without our eyesight? You put so much love & work into your Thirteens...I enjoy them so much.