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Ten on Tuesday ~

We're to list ten things we'll never do again.

I was always told and firmly believe in "Never say never!" It'll be difficult to come up with ten I think, because for me, the future may hold a different happenstance with some or most all of the 'nevers' included. Other than item one, of which I'm certain, I'm going to change the wording of this week's theme and make it "Ten things I HOPE I'll never do again"...

1) I won't have any more children; go through labor and rearing a child. At my age, it'd be impossible, besides. And even tho I love my two adult children I can't help myself sometimes thinking [especially when they're, at one time or another, jobless or having a hard life] "Why was I so selfish to think of bringing to being, another life?" For me, having children was a selfish act only because of hardships and at times not making them happy while growing up, but a loving act at the same time, to share the love and devotion of my husband AND raising and teaching my kids. It's hard to describe, a vicious circle of mixed thoughts and emotions.

2) I hope to never have a near drowning experience again. [Long story - let's just leave it at this: it was during swimming lessons!!]

3) I hope to never cry over spilled milk. Of all the times I think of how upset I would get over menial things, it's just not feasible any longer in my life to fret.

4) I hope to never break any more bones. At one stage in my life I broke my ring finger and had to have my wedding rings cut off because of the extreme swelling! And my hubby did the cutting. That tore my heart, thinking it'd break the vows in some sort of way. Once the finger healed, he surprised me with a beautiful set --mounted with the original stones --and vowed his true love once again!

5) I hope to never have to reside in a cold, snowy clime again. I grew up in the Rocky Mountain state of Colorado and in the foothills, where it would snow in July sometimes. And come Autumn, the snows began and didn't cease to exist until June the following year!! The amount of snow [most times measured in FEET instead of inches], and having to attempt to get out of our long driveway AFTER the county's snowplows blocked us in, well, it was more horrendous the older we became. [a little over 100 miles nearly due north of our property, the mountain range was named "Never Summer Range"...that's self explanatory!!]

6) I'll hope I'll never again get worrisome over an untidy home. Why bother? The dust'll be there in the morning. Afterall, tomorrow is another day.

7) I hope to never again have the need to go back to school. I'm at the prime of my life sliding quickly downhill, and to even think of competing with the young whipper-snappers these days, is exhausting!!

8) I hope I'll never get another severe sunburn. I've blistered before because of too much exposure, and it's not a happy time!!

9) I hope I'll never have to work outside the home again. Here once more, it's an 'age' thing, and more than ever these days a 'health thing'.

10) This one is kinda 'blathering egocentric' on my part - but I hope to never have to go back to viewing television and movies with a small tv! I love my huge televsion!! See? I told you that was something a bit on the side of 'narrow-minded'!!! Besides, it was #10 and difficult for me to come up with anything else.


  1. Wonderful Annie. I have to agree with them all.

  2. I can understand with # 2, I too hope not to experince that again!

    I'm sorry to hear that you had to have your wedding ring cut off because of your broken ring finger. But it was a very sweet ending, when your husband gift you with a new set and renew your vows again. :)

    Happy Ten on Tuesday

  3. GReat list and I agree with every one of them!! But today I am going in for an interview with CURVES!! I do not want to go to work again but it is called "NEEDING MONEY"...Hm!! So I am going to do this it looks like. I have such a busy life and now I am ADDING to it!! Wonder how this is going to work? Oh well. But I did love your list!! have a great day Anni...Sandy

  4. You have a list that I TOTALLY agree with.

    A nice mix and all are something I wouldn't want to do either, except #1!

    Happy ToT!

  5. I'm with ya on the sunburn! I've been blistered and reddened more times than I can count. I still have to remind myself to use sunscreen, though! Happy Tuesday!

  6. Love your list! I especially love #6!

  7. I understand the "Never say Never" part of your post. I feel as you do that I don't ever want to work out of my home again. Alas, the dh has been off work since January, and I haven't worked in 12 years, so off I go to polish this old body and face as much as I can in order to regain some financial assistance to our family.
    BTW, I saw your list of ten on the Ten on Tuesday website, since you don't know me.

  8. I dealt with number 2 when I was young - awful.
    And I am well-acquainted with the misery of number 8!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Waving at you from a very hot New York,