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Rodney, at The Journey has come up with a wonderful idea. Most often these days; in blogs, on the news, in newspapers, magazines, television programming, and surrounding us on the streets, stores, attitudes...there is so much negative! Rodney has decided we should devote a post in our blogging to show more of the positive!! Share in our blog another blogger who has given us a bit of the good side of life! I commend him in so many ways. I really tire of visiting others while all they have are complaints of ailments, sadness or their pathetic lives [I realize life has ups and downs, that's not the point]...when all they have to do is conquer the negative and look for the positive!! The brighter side!! Take away the pathetic and rejoice in living!!

So, I whole-heartedly want to participate by showing everyone from my blog, to Rodney's, one special person who lifts the spirits of many! I've visited her for months, have had her blog on my favorites for quite some time now. She shows herself as a person of dignity, honesty and humor!! I've, over the past many months, enjoyed reading her blog [at one time it was entitled "Heron's Nest". And when I leave a comment with her, I point out the fact that she has certainly lifted my spirits. She is a down-to-earth lady...a wonderful personality, and I find myself facing the day with a lot more positivity because of her!! And if you view her blog, you'll soon notice that I'm not the only one who feels the way I feel about her blogging style....there are always plenty, of her now blogging friends, who continually frequent her blog with visits!!
If you haven't already visited her blog...please do so. Take a journey with me to the good side of blogging!! You'll leave a 'whole new person' just by her homey blog and wonderful attitude!!
Meet: Merle -at "Third Try" Merle most definitely deserves the recognition of a "Thumbs Up" blog!!

MERLE: I hope you can pick up this thumbs up 'award'! Just right click/save, and it's yours to display proudly on your blog [with a link to Rodney's Journey] ---you deserve it!!!


  1. Good choice Anni ! I also visit Merle regularly and you are right from time to time you also can post serious things but no lamentations all the time. I just saw a blog this morning where somebody posted a video of her dieing dog ! Awful I switched it of after the first seconds. Isn't that distasteful ?

  2. Dear Anni ~~ I am speechless, but very grateful to receive this award. Thank you so much for your kindness and wonderful words. It is 2 am here, so I must go to bed. Tomorrow I will try to paste the award.
    Thank you so much. Take care, Love and Hugs, Merle.

  3. Anni,

    Oh YES!!!

    Merle is the best choice for this award!


  4. I simply adore Merle and her posts always make me smile!! I'm so very glad you chose to give this award to her, she certainly deserves it. xoxo

  5. Hi Anni,! I can't think of a more deserving happy friendly person MERLE IS A WONDERFUL CHOICE....(((HUGS))))

  6. I so agree with you Anni. I'm a regular of Merle's blog. She always has wisdom, humour and as you say, dignity.

    A wonderful choice!

  7. Hi Anni ~~ Thank you again for this award. I want to also thank the girls who has made nice comments about my blog. I enjoy it and am glad that some of you do also. Take care, my
    friend, Love, Merle.


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