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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Once again, yesterday was a hot, humid, sticky kinda day. And naturally it was too hot to be outside walking. After lunch I went antiquing and 2nd-hand shop walking! I like to walk through all the different stores. In this area, all the antique shops are in a 'connected' strip in town, where you can walk from one small shop into the other without going outside in the 'elements'!! It's always a pleasurable few hours spent. I so especially enjoy seeing all the same things my mom had in her household...and today they're called antiques!! Boy, you know just how old that makes me feel? *laughing*

Anway, back in the '50s, my days of youth, mom had a special set of service for the kitchen. All ceramic pieces. As I've said before, my mother's favorite color was pink. If she'd had her way, I really do believe her kitchen walls would have been pink, but my dad put the hipper-dipper to that a hurry!! Sorry, got off track there a bit. So, here I am walking around the narrow pathway between all the stuff up for display. Most items are way over priced in antique stores, but some items are worth the price paid! Mainly, it's a 'just because' feeling of wanting a certain piece. And yesterday was that kinda day. I saw a lone ceramic coffee cup and saucer. My mother had these...with the same design! [again, pink....and wild rose! Her favorite flower]. And it was, of course, the same company from where she got her set! Right then, I really didn't care what it cost...I had to have it for the memories it brought to me. To this day, I really don't know what ever happened to her set of dishes and ceramic service, but I will have one small piece to look at and remember the good ol' days. Who knows, this may have been part of her set! *giggles* Now, where I'll put it, I'll never know. Maybe I'll find a neat place to display it.

I also found a large soft stuffed Santa Claus. Ha!!! But it's in need of a couple repairs on the beard and in need of a new belt...which is fixable. [I got it for $2!!, and you will notice the absence of his belt] Again, if you know me well, you will know that is MY collection for the past 35 plus years!! Santas! All shapes and sizes. All textures and materials. Glass, ceramic, stuffed, resin, metal, fiber name it, when I see a Santa that I don't have in my collection, it's in the shopping cart. And I'm thankful to have the means of purchasing them when the time arises.


Oh, and I am a baseball fanatic. Maybe not so much the memorabilia part of the game, but watching the games televised, and keeping track of the standings for each season. I'm most definitely a National League backer...but there are a couple teams I keep track of in the American league. The Yankees [just 'cause --that team is the most American Icon--and so is the ballpark!! It's gonna be a sad, sad day when the old Yankee Stadium isn't used any longer for the games...being replaced for the new one -and not only that I love to despise the Yankees [I do like to watch Derek Jeter tho] for always going to the World Series. It was a highlight of my baseball seasons when the Arizona Diamondbacks won the world series in 2001---believe me. I still relive the hit by Luis Gonzales giving the winning run!!] and of course, the American League Texas team...the Texas Rangers. And as usual, at least most often, the Rangers are at the bottom of it's division. But last night's double header was amazing!! At least one game!! They broke a record for their league--------30, yes you heard me correctly, 30 hits in 9 innings!! Grand slams, runs like was a wild game.

Texas scored 30 runs in a 30-3 drubbing of the Orioles on Wednesday, the most ever by an American League team and second to only to the Chicago Colts' 36-run performance in 1897.

So, today you'll see me 'dodging' my Astros garb for my Texas Rangers t-shirt!! Sorry Woody!! LOL


~IN the NEWS~
[borrowed from Yahoo News]

OSLO (AFP) - A grown moose belches out methane gas equivalent to 2,100 kilograms (4,630 pounds) of carbon dioxide a year, contributing to global warming, Norwegian researchers said Wednesday.
That is more than twice the amount of CO2 emitted on a round-trip flight across the Atlantic Ocean from Oslo to the Chilean capital Santiago, according to Scandinavian Airlines.
"An adult moose emits about 100 kilograms of methane gas a year. But methane gas is much stronger than carbon dioxide, so to get the equivalent you have to multiply by 21," professor Odd Harstad at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences told AFP.
With an estimated 140,000 moose roaming Norway's forests, that is a total of of 294,000,000 kilograms of CO2 per year.
But Harstad said that was no reason to begin killing off the entire moose population.
"Moose have very important functions in nature. They are ruminants that eat the grass. If we don't have ruminants, we have too much grass and that changes the landscape and has consequences for the flora and fauna," he said.

And....I will leave no comments here. But this: Scientists are a weird lot!! Who would truly spend their time and life studying the belching of moose? Or is it meese? *wink*


  1. Be happy that your mother loved pink ! mine loved green ! horrible, green kitchen, green bathroom and not a light green but rather bottle green. So you collect Santas as I collect cats ! I bought a little one yesterday because it looked so cute and very modern. Orange, yellow green and blue paws, lol !

  2. Wow, that wasn't a game but a massacre. Looks like some great "finds" and hopefully a cool place from the oppressive heat.

  3. How lovely that you got some china that reminded you of your Mum - the best reason to buy anything I think.

    Thanks for dropping by and commenting, lovely to see you. :)

  4. Anonymous8/23/2007

    That's a lovely story about the teacup! My grandma passed away last year and we kept her coffee cup. Don't know why, it just seemed like the right thing to do at the time.

  5. Hi Anni, We have tons of antique stores in my city, you would go "nuts" shopping here.Thanks for visiting my place today.That cup and saucer will find a special place in your house and keep your memories of your Mom forever......Baba