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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Our typical Sunday morning is to go walking and then out for breakfast. This past Sunday was very humid by 9 a.m.!! VERY humid. As we drove down Shoreline Blvd. going into the city itself where the wonderful seawall is, and home to a beautiful walking/jogging area that takes you along the shrimpboat docks and the yacht club. Still, in the sweltering morning, we walked.

Off in the distance at the horizon it was darkened by a storm front. Back behind us, looking towards San Antonio, Texas there too was a storm front brewing. And we were in its pocket of sultry, steamy heat!!

By the time we walked to Peoples Street "T-HEAD" where the shrimp boats bring in their catch of the day, we were working on soaking our shirts with the dampness of our bodies. This is a popular area for us as a lot come down with their iced coolers to purchase the freshest of gulf shrimp!!

I followed with the camera in hand one coming in from the wee early morning hours of their trek out shrimping!! Sometimes like this past Sunday, I love the ambiance of the 'small fishing village on the bay' atmosphere. Other times, I wish the city would get a bit more cultural stuff that would be good for the city's tourism and it's citizens. I swear sometimes that the city council are too ignorant to know what advancements the city could make if they'd give a bit more. But then, the fishing village would no doubt disappear with progress.

And I know it's not just city council that wishes for the shrimp boat industry to co-exist with the city's residents...and that's sea gulls and brown pelicans. While walking our last distance back to the car, we walked along the boardwalk just beside the shrimp boats, and they were in waiting for the scrap fish and garbage the shrimpers pulled in with their nets!!

Almost like buzzards on a high perch in the desert, waiting for road kill!! But, at this one boat, they [the brown pelicans] dined on a huge tasty feast!!


  1. Oh, Anni,

    I loved your walk! Thanks for taking us along!

    I wouldn't wish for any changes here!!


  2. It IS beautiful Anni. Here, where I live, we fight between the desire for progress and the desire to remain quaint too... Over the years we've somehow landed "somewhere inbetween" ... which is really NOT an improvement over "either, or"... but once you start, you can't turn back... and yet, you begin to realize exactly what it is you're losing. It's kinda sad...

  3. I'm so jealous! I have been trying to find a pelican with no luck. :( Great photos!