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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

I just can't NOT comment on this!

How cruel and inhumane can humans be? The past week, I've listened to the national news, and the covered story about Michael "V's" [name left out] confession of mistreating and the actual killing of dogs [with dog fights that are illegal in the first place!!]. So far, he's only been suspended from the NFL [national football league] of which he is a 'star' quarterback for the Falcons. It just eats away on me and my stamina --I find myself tripping in disbelief that anyone can be cruel to animals --animals of ANY kind, it's just so gut wrenching for me to realize that this all goes on behind our backs and we're not more knowledgeable to the facts. And, so far, the only action against Mr. V is suspension with the league!?!! Is that because of the money he has and will bring in to the football franchise? I'm sure he'll be reinstated once he finishes serving his light sentence because of his breaking the laws of the land! I can't help but feel that if some laymen would be caught 'red-handed' in the act of dog fighting and mistreating the dogs, that the penalty would be much much stiffer. But the money talks......

Now, today, as I ate my lunch, I hear on FOX news that another 'show biz celeb' has also been nabbed because of dogs...pit bulls, found dead and malnourished on his estate. In Arizona. The man known as a three letter name, a rapper, has had his home raided by Phoenix police. And yet, his lawyer explains to the media that the rapper loves his dogs. How can that be? I am appalled. Sickened.

From the news:

...deputies who served a search warrant at the home Friday seized 12 pit bulls tied up on the property and took them to an old jail that has been converted into an animal shelter.

Deputies found the buried dogs when they dug up the back yard. One had apparently been burned and the cause of death on the others was unknown because the bodies were decomposing.

No matter who you matter how much you make for a living, if it's inhumane, you should pay for what you've done...imprisonment without parole, or any plea bargaining!!! And instead of us taxpayers paying for your keep....the guilty should pay their way in prison [monetarily, like rent!! And this rent is on TOP of what the person was fined at the beginning] and shelter and hard labor! You're scum in my mind; I know I'm not a perfect person and should not state this---but one who does this kinda thing doesn't look good or feel good to me!! You don't deserve any more humane treatment than what you dished out!! I'm sorry, but that's how I's wrong to do this, and wrong to let anyone get by with it without a strong, upstanding disciplinary action against the wrong-doer!! I silently pray it'll be in bigger hands than the justice system.


  1. I'm with you all the way there, Anni. We have a show that started two or three weeks ago called "Animal Rescue" and I just cannot watch it because of the bad way some of these "loved" animals have been treated before they're rescued.

    The thought of torturing an animal makes my blood freeze and I sometimes think I would like to see the tormenter given a taste of his own medicine.

  2. You are absolutely right in everything you said here. I can't fathom what could be in the minds of anyone who abuses an animal. It makes my blood boil!

  3. It is everywhere Anni -

    A couple of years ago a story broke about a Portland Trailblazer who left his dog for dead after it lost a fight. It was huge news here in Oregon....I do know the player was suspended at the time, but I don't remember how it ended.

    Humans have always liked blood - it is in our history - unfortunately, some like it more than others.

    I hate it - and think those that participate in any kind of animal fighting (cock, dog, whatever) should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

  4. *just testing to see if the new 'recent comments' on my sidebar actually works. :o)

  5. Why should you be sorry to write about this and tell your opinion ?? I am 100 % with you it's just disgusting ! I hope that amongst his fans or whatever are people like you and he can go with his success to hell. They should put him in a ring with the best boxer of all times and let him fight until he has all bones broken. Then he can go to jail !