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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

I just wanted to post what a wonderful, sinfully, great subject we had for FUN MONDAY!! Now, I must diet. But wait---*grabbing keys*...running out the door for more Dairy Queen!!! [If you'd like to see my favorites, it's below this posting]

How addicted am I, really? I saw this on another blog the other day and wanted to take the quiz.

Of course it piqued my curiosity to conclude my premonitions to see how addicted to blogging I really am. Yep, I'm pretty well far-gone! An addiction that is fun tho---so, it can't be all bad!!

You can take the quiz yourself!!


  1. I've just read your previous post and you do realize that now you've got me craving turtles, pizza, dairy queen AND everything else you have on there!!!! lol Oh and Rod Stewart too! hehe I took this quiz on someone elses blog a few days ago and it said I was 64% addicted to blogging...I was surprised, I thought I would be closer to 100%! lol Congratulations on the award, very much deserved:-) xoxo

  2. Ohhhhhh... WOW! I am only 65% addicted! Wow! Must have been the having MORE than ONE blog that gotcha! LOL!

  3. Mine said 52% addicted!! But I would say more!! But who knows!! i have been gone and trying to catch up on blog reading...

    Blessings, Sandy

  4. I'm only 725 addicted to blogging.