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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out


This week, the hostess is Beckie @ Give it a Try! Beckie has asked us "I want to know what your favorite treat is. Is it sweet or sour? Is it plain or salty? Is it candy or chocolate? Is it homemade or store bought?"

I decided to list the top five favorites for me [plus one]....and it's not all crumby either!! One's eye candy. This was a task that really took some thought, how can I possibly chose only ONE favorite when I will run to have my favorite treat at the drop of a hat --no matter what is enticing me at the moment.

Let me begin with the eye candy. Yep, after all these years, from my younger days when I was nearly an adult and soon to not be a teenie-bopper any longer, and into motherhood and now a grandma...he's still hot!! Now that he's mellowed with his own aging, and recording all the old romance ballads, he's even more so my favorite singer. [Y'all thought the eye candy was gonna be Johnny Depp didn't you? hehehe]. Now this may seem a bit selfish, but a few years back, I knew that Rod Stewart was coming to concert in Tucson. And I also knew that there wouldn't be a chance in H E double L that he'd ever consider coming to the city to where we were planning on moving in Texas. So, when Ticketmaster opened the 1st morning, I was there!! Getting two tickets, for the first night show ---and the tickets purchased were 2 months in advance.. But, the selfish part is: I told hubby I wasn't willing to put our home in Tucson on the market 'til I was sure we'd seen Rod Stewart's concert!! We waited, saw his outstanding performance, and then put the house up for sale. Good thing we waited too....our house sold within a week's time!!

Now, for the treats, the mouth-watering delectables that I just can't resist. Any time, any place, any how....just as long as it has my name on it!! AND!---not necessarily in any special order either. If someone were to suggest either of these, color that someone my new best friend!!

It has to be either homemade in my own kitchen WITH THIS RECIPE or Dairy Queen's soft serve ice cream. But it has to be covered with hot fudge. No strawberry, pineapple and chocolate topping...HOT FUDGE!! A delectable banana split. It's filled with fruit...good source of potassium!! *snort*

Fruit pies!! Especially blackberry. Homemade. Never store bought [bakery]. Always my own. I can then have the tartness the way I like, with just a hint of sweet, and a sugar topped HOME MADE flaky crust! [no store-bought crust purchased!! *shaking my head* Huh-uh...not on your life]

Once again, I chose Dairy Queen. I love their pecan mudslides!! Soft serve ice cream, hot caramel sauce, hot fudge, and pecans!!! Mmm -m-m-m- m good!!! Now, I don't indulge in these but once a year. On 4th of July. It's been a family tradition since our kids were try and keep them from nagging to go to the fireworks display too early, we'd take them to Dairy Queen. And it still goes on at my age!! 4th of July=Dairy Queen Pecan Mudslide!!

A lot of husbands or lovers buy their women a heart shaped box of mixed chocolates for Valentine's Day. Here, Bud knows better. Why? Because I won't eat 'em and he'll know that I know he bought them for himself! So, for me from him, he buys me a box of Milk Chocolate covered turtles! [I think there's a definite pattern taking shape here]-----there's caramel, chocolate and pecans!! Ooooey, gooey, finger-licking treats!!

For me, the best pizza around. Pepperoni and extra cheese. Sinfully fattening and not at all healthy.......but it's still a favorite, hands down. I don't care for sausage pizza or anything with pineapple or some odd concoction. Nope, just greasy, salty, pepperoni please!! Oh and make it a LARGE!!


  1. Hi although I'm not a particular Rod fan I do think he has matured quite well and I do love some of his songs. A couple of the photos would not come up for me. But those milk choc turtles will do me nicely yummy :)

  2. he sure has a sexy voice! i will go for the milk choc turtles too, please, you going to share them then!

  3. I can go for the Pecan ice cream and the peperonu pizza!

  4. Hootin! I must say, "Great minds think alike...along the lines of candy and eye candy." No tellin' what kind of damage we could do to the Dairy Queen and Pizza places. Pigging Out Listening to Rod.
    Oh, Enstrom's is sold in the Denver area. They have a "factory" at Cherry Creek, and most grocery stores sell it in the refrigerated sections. Just ask. Now that I've written that, I can't remember if you said you were in the Denver area of not. Oh, well. Just get on their web-site at my place. They can have you some sitting on your front steps by this time tomorrow.

  5. MMMMmmmmmm! Rod Stewart dipped in caramel, chocolate and rolled in nuts. Heaven.

  6. Yummy,yummy!Nice delicious things...
    I posted Fun Monday too.

  7. I once got hit on by a strange man who told me my hair looked like Rod Stewert's!!

    I love Dairy Queen! (How can you not!)

  8. I like Rod's 80's stuff, but I can't say I'm a big fan of his more recent romantic 'crooner' songs. However, I am a big fan of Dairy Queen, and I sorely miss DQ down here in Australia!

  9. I do love Rod's singing.

    And, all those yummy treats? Mmmmm, I didn't see anything I don't like.

  10. Caramel Turtles here, please!

    The Pizza looks good, too. It's lunchtime here in Ireland, I could just scoff that right now! lol

  11. Hi Anni, welcome back to Fun Monday. Her Indoors is right about Rod's sexy voice. I like some of his tunes like Maggie May. That is an interesting story about the Rod Stewart concert and selling your house.Your banana split looks tasty, and the blackberry pie looks delicious. I would like my piece of pie heated with a little ice cream please.

  12. Anni, I think you are right Rod has mellowed and he is pretty good.

    Your treats look pretty good too. I found myself drooling as I strolled down the list. The ice cream numbers did me in.

  13. That looks like the perfect pepperoni pizza. The DQ Pecan Mudslide looks so yummy. OK I am hungry again.

  14. I love Turtles, as in my Fun Monday, any thing with nuts caramel and chocolate. I was thinking of DQ peanut buster Parfay when saying salted peanuts chocolate and ice cream but my all time favourite was the chocolate rock they had about 6 years ago. I made (and put a photo and recipe on my blog) last week of apricot cream pie. It was quite tart, so I think you would like it.
    Your ice cream with bananas is something I do when we have bananas in the house and ice cream.

    Great list of treats. Thanks for visiting my Fun Monday.

  15. that is a whole spectrum of treats. Rod Stewart... would have never THUNK it.

    I like pizza but not pepperoni so you can have my share of that

  16. My mouth IS truly watering. Love all of your pics. And I'm gonna be making the banana one!

  17. Lots of yummy eye candy here! And I have to agree, Rod sure has aged well.

  18. Dear Hootin' Anni,

    You are my new best friend. I love Dairy Queen ice cream especially with caramel, pecans, hot fudge, etc. Pizza, yummy, although I prefer vegetable only toppings. Rod Stewart....primo. And Turtles....sublime! Have you ever had Turtle Cheesecake?
    Thanks for the delectable treats!

  19. I should have posted a picture of Jon Bon Jovi...

    Yummy food - my "Oatmeal to Go" bar isn't tasting so great right now.

  20. I'd join you for all of your treats, except Rod Stewart!

    Great twist in your post with the eye candy!

  21. Mindy stole my comment. *SIGH* *drool*

    Oh, were we supposed to be talking about food?

  22. * * *For me, eye candy is food!! A good food to feed my fantasies!! rofl

  23. Black berry Pie!! Oh my!!
    My Mom made Blackberry pies!!

  24. While I wouldn't necessarily consider him eye candy, Rod Stewart does have a very unique and interesting voice. Blackberries are my favorite berry and I do like turtles as well. Have you ever had a turtle cake? It's a fave around here, and very simple to make.

  25. The turtle cake is not my recipe, so I probably would not do a recipe post on it. It is a recipe I've seen repeated many places, though. Here is one like the one I use:
    It's simple enough for my 10yodd to make!

  26. YUM - DQ Pecan Delight. Yummy yummy yum.

    The eyecandy isn't too bad either.

  27. Ack! I can NOT believe you put Rod Stewart for your "eye candy" ... WHAT happened to your addiction to that DEPP fella??? LOL! As big a fan as I am of ol' Rod, I do NOT believe I would call him eye candy! The VOICE is ear candy though! :)

    Your other treats sure look yummy! And fattening!

  28. My mouth is actually watering.
    Hootin' that was one deelicious post!
    Thanks for stopping in at my blog,

  29. I love how you thought to put eye candy in!!! I agree with you on everything except the eye candy! Sorry hon'!
    I love a DQ Banana Split!! Oh and Turtles I haven't had those in years!!! yum yum!!

  30. i think chocolate, caramel, and pecans is the best combination in the world!

    would you make me a blackberry pie? :o)

  31. So many delicious where do I begin?

    I used to like Rod but I think my tastes have changed a bit now and I'd rather have Robbie Williams!