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10 things you love/like about yourself meme, aka "Stuart Smalley meme"!!

Alllllllllrighty then, guess I can try and list ten things about me that I can brag about like. This isn't gonna be easy. But, I'll give 'er a go...

1) I like the fact that I can blink on cue. *Blog visitors shouting* "Blink!" Okay, I will, see?----*BLINK!* Pretty nifty, yes?

2) Cixelsyd ni daer ot ytiliba eht evah I taht looc ytterp s'ti. [reverse]

3) My eyes. Yes, my eyes. They are like Hamm's Beer!! Refreshing; like from the land of sky blue waters. You say you haven't heard of Hamm's Beer, OR the commercial? Well, guess you have to be of my age, my generation! Here's a sample of the classic commerical. You'll like the rhythm and the jingle. Turn up your volume. Ya baby, blue....and refreshing!!

Hmmmmm, let me think a bit, I said "Hmmmm" not Hamm's---boy, do y'all have a one-track mind. I'll be back...

4) Okay, I'm back. I like the fact that I can change a man's religion with just the flick of a knife!! [spooky, huh? Does it remind you of a certain someone named Lorena Bobbit? Ya wonder how you say "cut off penis" in a foreign language? I know it has nothing to do with my 'hidden talents' of changing a man's religion but...just curious.]

5) I like that I like food. Afterall, I would starve if I didn't!!

6) I like the fact that I do not yet have the need to iron my body. It's still wrinkle free!! Well, at least wearable without too much embarrassment. I really don't like to do any ironing at all, of course!! Even steam pressing!

7) I like it that I've never been taken hostage! What with my multiple personalities, when threatened...I wouldn't really know who's the hostage and who's the culprit, anyway. I'd have to set up a time with my psychiatrist to find out if I'm holding myself hostage or what....but then again, my psychiatrist ego may not show 'til it's too late.

8) I like it that I can talk to my plants!!! I can even yell at them, and they still thrive. [Not!! I'm a plant killer actually --remember, multi-personality here! And now I see you're really asking yourself "Does she, or doesn't she"?]

9) I can pull off the snot trick, and gag the whole block! [well, if they're all outdoors and within eye range that is] You haven't heard of the snot trick? Well, now...I like the fact that I can tell you just how to gross someone out! You see, you get a 'strand' of sauerkraut, stuff it up your nose, but just far enough---and make sure it's a long enough sucker piece so after you have it placed inside your nose a bit, it'll still hang down over you lip. Pretend to sneeze while covering your nose and lips...sneeze loudly. Then pull your hand down, and eat the 'kraut in front of the witnesses.

10) I love that I can play practical jokes that are harmless!! Here's an example: Take a salt and pepper shaker. Fill accordingly, but with a small piece of napkin cut in the shape of your shaker lid/cap - place it over the shaker. Before returning the cap/lid to the shaker, cover the napkin with the opposite seasoning. When the user will see the salt in the bottom of the shaker, only pepper will come out!! And visa versa...use salt above the napkin wrapper, and they'll see pepper but when used, only salt comes out!! ----I'm a world of practical joke knowledge.

WARNING: I did this meme in fun. It's fictionalized!! All joking aside...the tricks and personality traits are used in not attempt without supervision. [JUST KIDDING!]

If you want to do this meme....consider yourself tagged.


  1. That's funny. You made me laugh :)

  2. Are your oh so blue eyes also in black and white like the beer ad ?? (Very funny btw) and the text for dyslexics was the first sentence I could read ! Thank you to help me to handle my handicap !
    At least your listing were not boring and I see no wings growing on your shoulders, hahaha !

  3. LOL!!! You are hilarious!! Thanks for playing along!