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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out


Bobbie and Becci. I know Becci from many years of online friendship. She is a generous, wonderful lady. Becci has sent me gifts through snail mail, and we're now part of a small online group of ladies.

Anyway, yearly, Bobbie and Becci attend the Twins Days in Twinsburg, Ohio. And, when I logged online this morning, Yahoo news had a segment on TWINS....I immediately knew it'd be about twins, and my friend with her sister. So, I clicked through the many many photos 'til I found theirs!!!

I understand that their 'costume' of a pinata donkey actually has a very convenient storage area where they drop tootsie rolls out the rear as they participate in the annual parade!!!....CLEVER!! Becci's Blog can be found here:


  1. That is so cool, our Becci is famous!

  2. When I was little I imagined to have a twin sister, unfortunately I never found her ! I enjoy my holidays very much, there are a lot of seagulls, the sea is blue and the little english towns just lovely ! And I still find time to fight with this english keyboard !!!

  3. How fun! Oh, yes, Becci has been an occasional visitor at Lifecruiser too and she has a wonderful sense of humor :-)

    Care to come for some romance and other fun stuff in Paris...? *giggles*

  4. I just love their pinata costume...I can just imagine how hilarious it was to see the tootsie rolls coming out..ummm...from the other end! LOL xox

  5. LOL! I know they are having a GRAND time as always! That is a cute pic! Is she gonna be hard to LIVE WITH now???? LOL!