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On her wedding day, my grandmother had her portrait taken before the ceremony. The portrait hangs on our FAMILY wall here at home. [circa late 1800's]
Thing is, tho sad, I really didn't get to know my grandmother well....she died when I was 6. But, oh how I remember her house. It was a huge, three-story farm house. And could she cook!! And yep, it was a coal stove ---made the best meals and the most gooey, ooey, oatmeal cookies. I still have her recipe that was handed down to my mother, then when my mother passed on, I got the same recipe card! I just can't describe the taste and texture of her cookies. And, truthfully, mine --even tho I use her recipe, they're just not the same in taste! There was more LOVE in her cookies!!
The farm house of my grandparents was on a huge section of land [640 acres]. In Nebraska. The couple had five boys, and three girls. [one of my mother's sisters died in a fire, when an infant]. The uncles, my mom's brothers, would spoil me rotten. I could do just about anything and get by with it. In fact, don't tell anyone ---but, when they'd all sit down and play cards at the huge dining room table, I'd be the one who got iced beers from the well ---and I'd get nickels and dimes, and yep!!---my first taste of beer. And sometimes when the game went on and on, and I was getting bored....I'd seek my brothers out, and in the barn we'd run---jumping off the hay mow---into a huge pile of soft sweet hay below!! Then other times, in the heat of the summer, I'd ask my grandmother for a salt shaker and go out in the tomato field and sit in the rows, eating to my heart's content!! They all knew where to find me.
Ahhhhhh, great memories. The people are gone, all of them, the farm house was moved into the city, and the land was sold. Tho everything is changing; the times I did have with them all are cherished in my dreams.

Her name was Florence Mae. Her mother was Ann....I was named by Florence in the hospital [with mom and dad's approval] after HER mother.


Describe your laundry routine. Do you have a certain day when you do it all, or do you just wash whatever you need for the next day?

With just the two of us at home now, it's a job that I don't have to do much at all! Maybe once every two weeks, and then I do a couple of piles of colored clothes and then a load of whites....then a huge load of towels and bath linens along with bed linens that have been piling up over the weeks. It's an all day routine, but it's only whenever I feel like it.

In your opinion, what age will you be when you’ll consider yourself to truly be old?

I'm getting there now!!! Sliding on a banana peel. Some days tho, I run into a sweet cookie crumb and life is good and I feel young at heart!----so it depends on the circumstances, and the day I'm in. 99% of the time it's mind over matter!!

What is one of your goals? Is it short-term, long-term, or both?

At my age? Short term!! Goals? Not much, just to continue with happy days and being alive and well! I've never set myself up for disappointments in life, so my goals have always been small. My motto: Why dream for the big stuff that will never happen?

Main Course
Name something unbelievable you’ve seen or read lately.

An unbelievably good movie! Bourne Ultimatum!! It was a thrill ride! Almost literally ---the car chases were extraordinary------the cameras musta been mounted on the cars so you could see the 'drivers view'!!!

On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being highest, how happy are you today?

I just woke up! And the fact that I DID wake up makes me quite happy. I'm also happy that the tropical storm didn't do much in our area of the Texas Coast---it hit landfall about 30 miles north and east of us just outside Rockport on the Copano Bay!!---Now, I'm really happy 'bout that! Yet, I see and hear predictions about Hurricane Dean heading our way ---possibly hitting our city. I'm not happy 'bout that!! Life is good to me 90% of the time or more, so I'd say "9"!!


  1. Awwwwww... what brought Grandma to mind today Anni? Those are some mighty sweet memories!

    Great feast too! But Anni ... *whispers*... ya gotta have dreams!

  2. * * * Melli, dear? I didn't say I didn't dream...I said I don't dream BIG! In other words, I don't dream of becoming a movie star --that's not in the big picture of things for me, but to dream of becoming a mother, that is possible!! See? Ya never know what is gonna be served on your platter for the day in your life...dreaming the impossible just heads me for disappointments...and I strive to be content with the small things.

  3. Great feast! Have a great Friday!

  4. Great feast, Happy Friday!
    My Life as Annie!

  5. O! I just LOVED every word of this your "show & Tell" TODAY I could see you jumping into the hay, fetching beers for your uncles and eating those lovely cookies.

    Isn't it funny how things change and time goes bye I am not always convinced that the newer the better or that our lives are happier and healthier today I think the "good old days" are still just that and the memories we all hold are what is truly important.

    I am so touched that we have a thread that binds you and I together and it is a name your dear grandmothers name and my dear little grand daughters name is the same "Florence" a beautiful name from the past now in the future. now that is very special I would say.

    tahnk you for sharing such a lovely photo of a beautiful grandmother today.


  6. What wonderful memories! I am glad you have that photo as a keepsake.

  7. Now being at your grandmothers farm house sounds like so much fun. L.O.L. about the cold beer in the well. Enjoy the wonderful photo. blessings...

  8. I love my grandmother's house as well, such wonderful memories.

    ~MJ @

  9. I lived with my grandparents until 7 and my grandma died when I was 38, so I have a lot of souvenirs of her ! she was a wonderful woman ! My father the big mouth was afraid of her, that was the best !!
    Your laundry routine is pretty much like mine, except YOUR cats are NOT helping you, lol !
    I take antibiotics now for this damned tooth !

  10. Anonymous8/17/2007

    Just a beautiful photo of your Grandma. Such a treasure because of the timeframe...We haven't any wedding pictures of our grandparents.

    All the best.

  11. I'll have to go see that movie!! What wonderful memories!!

  12. What wonderful memories. The photos of our grandparents are truly priceless.

    I like dreaming about the big stuff because I know I will never achieve them in real life. So why not enjoy them in dreamland.

  13. Lovely picture and wonderful memories!

  14. Just reading your post takes me back to Grandma's. We would drive all night to get to her house and no matter what time we arrived, she had fried chicken and pound cake waiting! Then a day at Aunt Sally's to chase the chickens under the house and pick peanuts in the field....good times!
    Wonderful Show and Tell...thanks! Cassie

  15. I love reading about your memories
    about your Grandmother.
    My grandma was born in 1874 and my Mother in 1903 and this sure brought back some happy times we had!!

    I am glad you all missed Erin or whatever she was called.... I don't want Dean to head your way either!!
    Love and Blessings, Carolyn

  16. I loved hearing your memories about your grandmother's house! It sounds like it was a wonderful place to visit! The picture is lovely too!

  17. Great memories of your grandma. I did know her pretty well, I was 14 when we lost her to cancer. I can still hear her voice. I have a copy of her high school senior photo hanging on my wall now.

  18. it was lovely reading about your grandmother and seeing her picture :)

    I am craving oatmeal cookies now!

  19. I'm glad to hear Erin didn't affect Corpus much esp since I hadn't called my Aunt yet to see how she fared on Padre Island. :)

  20. Fun memories and a keepsake photo to remind you of your grandma.

  21. Anonymous8/17/2007

    How neat. I love generation keepsakes.

  22. You are so funny, and you are certainly "maturing" in style!

  23. Very nice picture. I love to look at the old photos. THanks for sharing.

  24. Your grandmother was lovely! Sounds like she was an incredible woman, too. I love the story about her Oatmeal Cookies! It reminds me of the Brown Sugar Cookies my grandma used to make. She'd always have a cookie jar full of them. And no matter how many times I've tried to make them, they just don't taste the same, either!

    Lindy :)

  25. Your memories of your grandmother are so lovely, and beautifully told. I had an aunt in Marshall TX whose house was just about the same, on a smaller scale -- and no beer!

    They called off the seminar in Corpus, as much because of the water problems as the storm, I think. Apparently the hotel was worried about e-coli in the water -- that's what I was told, anyway. I should have just driven on down there, anyway, because we got hammered here. I live on the southeast side of Houston and made a sales call on the northwest side yesterday morning. Got there fine, but coming home, normally a 40 - 50 minute drive, took 2-1/2 hours. I had to try 3 different routes before I found one that didn't have parts of it under water. But it's the price we pay for living by the water, I guess. And we will have lunch one of these days when I'm there with a little time to spare. I know that day is coming ... it is ... it is..

  26. Your grandmother was beautiful and how wonderful that you still have that picture of her! They say you can take away all the physical evidence of years gone past but nothing can take your memories away:-) xox

  27. I loved your show and tell! What a wonderful picture made even more special by the memories that you have on your time spent with your grandmother and family in the farmhouse.

  28. Sounds like you have saved alot of memories of her for such a young age!!!that's wonderful.

  29. * * Suzy: As a child, your whole life triggers around cookies and games!! Right?

  30. I would love to have a good picture of my grandma. What is really sad is that my gm didn't pass away until I was 18, and yet I still dont have a good picture of her or gp for that matter.
    Thanks for sharing your precious treasure.

  31. What a lovely photo, and I so enjoyed your story to go along with it!!


  32. Love the picture of your Grandmother and those cookies do sound delicious!:)

    Susanna @ mommy,inc

  33. Lovely Dessert! Thanks for serving a yummy feast! :)

  34. What wonderful memories you have at your grandparent's farm! I love the thought picture of your sitting in the tomato patch with the salt shaker. LOL I want an oatmeal cookie now.

  35. Lovely photo - nice to see you have preserved it so well. And a charming story to go with it!
    Thank you for visiting my blog - nice to meet you.

  36. great feast Anni and loved reading your memories about your Grandmother and family in another entry.

  37. I'm just now finding time to read the Show and Tell stories. Enjoyed yours! Now I'm wanting some fresh tomatoes and oatmeal cookies!