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Believe it or not, this is what I learned to type with in Junior High School. I actually bought this with my own money at a Library 'sale' they had in town one Saturday; to dispose of their equipment after they got all new stuff! I bought it for $1. I was 'high bidder'! The 'auction' was a silent bid auction.
It's stored in our garage, I just don't have the heart to get rid of it. Tho, in order to take the photo, I ripped the plastic covering off. Ha!! The joke's on me...the plastic did not keep out the dust.
There is a ribbon behind the cover. As the keys hit the ribbon the letters appear, and the ribbon is TWO on the bottom, and red on top. [there's a little gizzywitch thingie on the right side to switch ribbon positions] It was 'modern' way back when...Golly, let's see, that was about 45 years ago, or so. The letter "T" is missing it's button/cap today but wasn't years ago --I have no idea what happened to it, maybe the dog ate it *snort*. It's now just a sharp piece of metal jutting up for my fingers.

Before I got my electric typewriter, I still used this old one to type letters ---you know, those antiquated items you sent in snail mail? [I looked it up...the postage back then was really 5 cents!!] Hubby did make a "T" for me out of a scrap of wood button, so I wouldn't cut my fingers.
Now, I can't even begin to continue it's use because I can't push down the key buttons hard enough to get the typeset up to the ribbon!!! I can do a few letters, but then my wrist is tired. ROFL
It's a Remington Rand 'State of the Art' typewriter!! For my day anyway!!!!


What is your favorite kind of pie?

I love most pies, but they're fruit pies. I don't particularly 'cotton' to cream pies much. My all time favorite pie is Black Raspberry!! It's soooo yummy!!! But I can't find frozen black raspberries at the grocery store anymore, so I go for the next best ---Blackberry!!!

Name something that made you smile this week.

My hubby. He always makes me smile. I can't help myself. When his dimples show up around his smile, I just have to smile back...sometimes the smile turns to giggles!!!

What do you do to cool off when the weather is hot and humid?

To be more honest than not the humidity is hard to handle more than heat....but I'll take high humidity before I take another winter snowstorm. For the really hot/humid days, I stay indoors!! With the air conditioner going...and set about 70 degrees!! If I'm out an about somewhere from necessity, I am in air conditioned car, park in the SHADE!!! Cover my steering wheel with the sunscreens made for windshields, and shop in air conditioned buildings!!

Main Course
You receive $1,000 in the mail with a letter that says you can only use the money to redecorate one room in your home. Which room do you pick, and what do you buy to spruce it up?

Well, I've completed all rooms in our house except for the extra bedroom that has all my hubby's old west, antique decor. Can't do much with $1000.00 so, it'd be paint for the walls and maybe new draperies to go with the paint color we choose, and a beautiful, antique style bedspread or quilt. Then, if anything is left of the money, I'd go to antique shops for some 'old west' knick knacks!

Fill in the blank: My _________ says __________, but I __________.

Well, ya know they say opposites attract, right?!! Well the two of us here are the epitome of that expression. For instance:

My hubby says yes, but I say no.
My hubby says white, but I say black.
My hubby says cold, but I say hot.
My hubby says dry, but I say wet.

Well, you get the picture!! That's why we've been married so's too interesting at our house.


  1. Happy FF! :)

    You've got a nice blog!

  2. oops, sorry you can view my FF at htpp://

  3. Ha! I had forgotten about typewriter ribbons and constantly straightening them~getting the ink on my fingers. And then the two color ribbon and sometimes a letter printing half red-half black. LOL When I got an electric typewriter, I would hit the keys and type several of the same letter over and over by accident. My husband is always commenting about how 'loud' my typing is now. He never took typing in school, so he never developed the bad habit of typing hard like you had to on the old machines ;-) Old habits die hard. Thanks for the memories!

  4. My Hubby says "JUMP!"

    I say...."How high?" lol

    Have a great weekend

  5. Good grief, Anni. I learnt to type on one of those too. Then came electric typewriters, noisy things they were.

    Computers are just wonderful, no more starting over if you made a mistake...just backspace and it's gone...woohoo!

    Good Friday Feast, too.

  6. WoW! I wouldn't get rid of that either! You should STILL type old-fashioned letters on it!

  7. What a blast from the past! I used to play secretary with an old Royal my aunt used in college. I had very strong fingers and was amazed how easy typing actually was when I got my first electric typewriter.

    Regarding the dust cover, dust sure has a way of creeping in doesn't it?

  8. Those old typewriters were quite a workout, eh? Even the old electric ones feel stiff compared to computer keyboards. Do you ever feel like we are just making things to easy on ourselves? He!

  9. I always enjoy reading your memes!!!

    ANother good one my friend!

  10. I learned to type on a similar typewriter. Mine did not have the letters on the keys. You had to look in the front of the room at a chart. This was to teach you not to watch your fingers.

    Thanks for sharing!

  11. I really enjoyed your feast. My hubby and I are also a case of opposites attract, it makes for fun times!

  12. Great feast!
    Have a great Friday.
    My Life as Annie!

  13. great feast... and i know what you mean about your husband... my wife and i are like that... i so understand that. oh, and i agree blackberry anything is awesome!

  14. I am very familiar with those typewriters because I spend many hours typing on them also. My first jobs were as secretary!!1

  15. hilarious dessert!! Sometimes I am opposite on purpose with my hubby to irritate him :) Great feast.

  16. Anni,

    Enjoyed seeing your old typewriter!

    I would not even THINK of getting rid of that!


  17. LOVED your dessert. I completely understand!!
    Thanks for dropping by my feast. My granddaughter's name will be Zoe Sahar (Sahar is my DIL's middle name).

  18. Thanks for the memories. I think I still have my 60 and 80 minute pins from highschool typing class.

    I like fruit pies, but given the choice, I will always choose cream pies.

  19. I love old typewriters. My daughter asked for one just recently and I found one for her for her 21st birthday. She has used it for her poetry class in college and her professor got the biggest kick out of her poetry typed the old fashioned way!

  20. I think that the dog *eating* the key is a great explanation, and thats what I'd stick with!!!

    I love pumpkin pie, and homemade is my favorite!

    I smiled at my husband who kissed me this morning and told me that I was beautiful!

    I love the heat, but miss green!

    I would spend the $1000.00 for my family and then remember that I needed to redo a room!

    My mind says yes, but I say no!

  21. LOVE LOVE LOVE this typewriter. I would keep it too! Great show and tell!!

  22. Anonymous8/10/2007

    I remember playing with my grandmother typewriter, that looked just like this, when I was a kid.
    I sure wish that I had it today. What a gem!
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  23. It is a shame it has to stay in the garage. Maybe you could make a display using it in some room or in the library, etc.

  24. Anonymous8/10/2007

    Love your show and tell. How neat! I will be doing your Friday Feast. How fun!!!

    Mrs. Chrissy

  25. I had the same typewriter in school and they keyboard was covered so that we couldn't see the letters ! Was I happy when my boss bought much later an electric one, because my wrists started to hurt. Today it's an antique !
    I only can confirm your I say yes, he says no, etc ...
    Tomorrow I go home !

  26. I remember when it was a really big deal that I got an electric typewriter in college! I remember those black and red ribbons, too -- and changing a ribbon right in the middle of term papers was such fun! LOL! A friend of mine had an antique typewriter and had it on a mantle with a little pot of flowers in it.

    Love your dessert on your Friday's Feast!

  27. That is a fabulous "keyboard"! A definite keeper!

  28. You have fun list! Have a nice weekend!! Grams

  29. I had one of those typewriters I had bought at a yard sale and I remember how hard you had to push down on the keys to type...must have made people using them have very strong wrists! lol I gave it away a few years ago to this lady that collected them. I learned to type on a manual typewriter at school...I guess they would have been the ones that came out after these ones. Then I remember when the electric typewriter came barely had to touch the keys but having been so used to having to press hard, you just touched it a tad too hard and you'd get cccccccc in one shot! lol xoxo

  30. I always tried to type on my mother', I never learnt how to.
    I only know computer a keyboard.I can even use a few fingers not just the two anymore.(maybe I am of a few years later.)
    We recently bought a Royal, maybe I can S+T that next week.

  31. It's IMPOSSIBLE to find black raspberries! happy feasting though.

  32. That typewriteer is just sooo darn cool, butt what a heavy work! *giggles*

    Time for some Rolling Stones concert!

    Let's rock the boat! You can lean on all of us if you get exhausted, butt I must warn you: we'll jump up and down screaming all the time... *giggles*

    Oh, and bring your lifejacket, it might be needed... *giggles*

  33. Oh, what a beautiful blog you have!

    Freat friday feast!

    Enjoy the weekend!

  34. Thanks for stopping by! Yes, I am indeed a proud Texan, and most definitely I say Pe-kawn...not Pe-CAN!

    Your feast was cute to! Especially the part about you and your hubby! :-)

  35. That is such a great treasure! I'm so glad you still have it!

  36. Anonymous8/10/2007

    I used one of those too!! Catholic schools were always the last to get anything
    Oh my those ribbons were just awful...and just forget about it if you made a mistake typing.

    Take care,

    Mine is up.

  37. Happy Friday, great feast!

  38. I learned to type on one of those also-boy did I go through a lot of liquid paper!

  39. ROFL! Well... at least there's ONE thing you and Bud agree on -- you both LOVE each other! (and that's all that really matters!) Great feast dearie - as always!

    By the way ... I LEARNED to type on an electric - in High School! They were brand new though - and I as a freshman got to hear the Seniors CHEER for the electric typewriters!!! We had come IN to the century! LOL!

  40. I typed on those dreadful things too!! A horror story was when I first went to work and had to type the General's speech on a non-electric speech typewriter which had 1-inch sized keys! Yikes! No mistakes could be made either. You had to pound down real hard and pray it wouldn't be a mistake, so you wouldn't have to start over!

    I praise God for COMPUTERS!!!

    Love your blog - great name!


  41. Black rasberry, now that sounds interesting! I love raspberries but have only had the red kind. I'll bet the black ones are delicious!

  42. Love your dessert! Great feast! Happy Friday!

  43. Nice Typewriter. Looks like it is wonderful condition!!!
    Thanks for coming bye. here is my other blog for your enjoyment.


  44. Annie,
    That's exactly what I learned to type on when I was 13 in a convent with nuns teaching. It seemed so difficult at the time...pounding on keys and trying to hit harder with my little finger.....but lo and behold, slowly and eventually my speed got better and better. Now it's not called typing anymore.....we call it 'keyboarding'...and my speed is at 80 words per minute.
    People who visit think I'm fantastic...and I'm so thankful the nuns forced me to take 'typing'. Although it was a pain in the neck then,,it is now an asset. Thank you , Sisters!

  45. hi! thanks for dropping by my blog! great feast! and i sometimes encounter the same dessert as yours! :)