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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Well, our 'fun and relaxation day' was a bummer. Most of it anyway. We made a special trip to the island [Padre Island] to go through the Pirate Museum with artifacts from England and around the world pertaining to pirates' booty and such. Drove up and down the park road....NONE of the business buildings have we didn't know for sure where it was exactly.

Finally, I gave up and stopped at a surf shop and asked. The two college students behind the counter didn't know anything. LOL But the older woman, the manager, did. She told us where to drive and which driveway to pull in....

Get there

And the museum was closed for good. So we missed out on that. But the drive to the island is always nice. The highway and the causeway were filled with traffic tho, nearly bumper to bumper....guess it's tourist season. Normally, you encounter just a few autos here and there. My question was, "Why aren't they all on the beach instead of slowing me down on the highway?" LOL

Okay, so up and over the causeway once again, and back into Corpus Christi. We ended up eating lunch at Jason's Deli. I had a Sergeant Pepper, which is garlic roast beef on a crusty bread roll...and topped with red, green and yellow grilled peppers and grilled onions ---all topped with provolone cheese. And au juis for dipping. Yummy. Then, for a cool dessert, I splurged on the diet a bit and had a serving of chocolate/vanilla swirl soft serve ice cream. It's a little on the expensive side for deli sandwiches [for the two of us with just two sandwiches and two teas, it was nearly $20---but I figure, you get what you pay for these days]

So, after eating our lunch, we ended up at the bookstore, and next door the craft shop. Two more 'yummy' places. I didn't find what I wanted at the craft shop so that too was a dry run.

Stopped at the Sun Harvest -grocery and produce store- and went in to get the newspaper, and they had GORGEOUS plants on sale. Believe it or not, a 12" potted Boston Fern was only $7.99!! Now, I'm not much on houseplants indoors as I tend to 'kill them all off in time'. But for $7.99 for this humungous fern...I couldn't leave without one. It actually filled the back seat of the car!! And our car isn't a compact one either. Huge, the plant is.

So, a long morning for naught. Except for the early lunch and the fern...we're back home again. Oh but wait...just as we were nearing our subdivision, right in front of a trash bin along the street...we saw this-----

I'm just wondering....what is he waiting for? Or is he one that is thinking --"Patience my ass, I'm gonna clobber someone on the road!!"
[a red headed vulture --in the CITY! --click to enlarge]


  1. Beautiful plant! One day I will take a pic of all my house plants. Somehow they thrive regardless of my neglect. I never heard of a Sergeant Pepper, but it sounds great. I will try to google the recipe.
    I'm glad you had a fun day!

  2. What a shame that pirate museum is closed for good...that's something I would love!! It must have been a bit of a let down that your day didn't turn out the way you had expected but hey, just look at that fern you brought home:-) It's gorgeous and you're right, the price was right!! xox