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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Weather, once again, put a damper on the country's birthday celebration in our part of the state. Rain, rain, go away!! With the extreme storms with lightning, I haven't had much time online. Only 'cause I've lost a computer once --from lightning!! And we even had a surge protector! The lightning strike went right down the wall into the computer outlet!! [lost two TVs also] It didn't take us long after that to learn to unplug everything during intense storms!!

It was a clear morning...early, before sunrise I went outdoors to check the sky above. Clear, moonshine, very few clouds. Then, when my hubby got up we both went outside and the clouds were rolling in---moving across the sky rapidly in a northerly pressure current. But down here, on ground, the trees were still, no leaf fluttering and 85 degrees. This was about 6:00 in the morning, not yet daylight.

It really didn't get 'light' all day. Nearly all day. The rains moved in again! And once again drenched the land. The day before, Tuesday....about 11 o'clock a.m. --the skies opened up it's gates and heavy rainfall for about 3 hours. We had plans of going to a movie 'come hell or high water' --the high water came. Evacuations were ordered west of us ---along the riverbanks...


...and we didn't let the downpour dampen our spirits. We did go to the movie. One I've wanted to see since it opened and we both decided to wait until the 'crowds' of a new movie simmered down a bit, so we could have a better choice of seats to view it and enjoy it.

I give this movie, my personal opinion, just a B+ --tho critics acclaim it as being a 'hit of the summer'. I wasn't completely dissatisfied, but a bit disappointed in that I was expecting more 'comedy'. The animation and the art were terrific as always with a Pixar movie. But the story was quite different than I expected. Somewhat mundane...or perhaps too simple, I don't know. It just wasn't up to my standard hopes. It's still a very good family movie, I was just hoping for more laughs ---like the movie last summer, CARS.

YESTERDAY, the 4th:

The two of us had made plans to grill our hot dogs outside. HA!! That was a plan nipped in the bud for sure!!

...and the rains came!!

Our front yard - taken from the protection of our garage. There IS a street and sidewalk under the water somewhere!!

This is the same area, just taken from the driveway. The brick form in the center is our mail box --under water!

The water was up to the SUV's wheel hubs!! And creeping up the driveway!!

...I made the potato salad and cole slaw, along with hot dog -"pigs in a blanket" instead of grilling outdoors, [our 'traditional 4th of July meal]. Bud loves hot dogs, but we don't have them enough for him! LOL I now buy turkey dogs when we do have them. He's satisfied. And of course, our nightly tossed salad fixed just prior to sitting down to the table.

After preparations were made, we got a bit of a break. Tho still cloudy, the rains stopped. Long enough for me to get MY midday 4th of July fix!! And that 'fix' is a trip to Dairy Queen and my Pecan Mudslide. They're soooooooooo yummy!! And rich. The hot fudge and the warm caramel along with the salty, crunchy pecans served atop the soft-serve ice cream is a 'traditional' family treat for the holiday.

We had a short respite, but the storms moved over our area once again. We were home, safe. And watching the Astros play on TV. During a pitching change, I grabbed the digital, and took a 'quick see' in the back yard. Water was standing everywhere!!

This is the patio!! Covered in water! [And notice how dark it is...this is about 2PM]

[the rock garden area---you can't see it much, but the stone is UNDER water too!]

I truly hope the weather predictions are correct. We've been told that the rains will move out to sea. We need to dry out! When I was out back, I noticed even the patio cement had green on it! Moss and/or mildew's not black yet, but may soon be!!


  1. Apparently we are sitting in the same boat (or with Noa), lol ! You on the other end of the world and I here, but both in the rain ! It's now more then a months !! I have flippers growing at my feet and my legs are getting green. From time to time a treat in form of a thunderstorm ! Fortunately we are living on a hill, but many basements in the town were filled with water and elsewhere it's even worse. On top of that it's cold just around 70 ! If somebody talks to me about global warming I will kill him !

  2. Loved your post Anni you made me laugh. Read my Noah post ...

    Smiles and Blessings,

    Angel ():) ( Angel Mama)

  3. Anni,

    sure hope you get a break from that rain! Looks like you all have had enough for a while!


  4. Are you suuuure you don't live in Georgia? :) Actually, yesterday was the worst of what we have had so far, but we did finally clear up about 6:00 or so. I'm glad you were at least able to get your ice cream fix. That would have been tragic otherwise. :) It has been AGES since I've had pigs in a blanket.

  5. PS: I believe I saw the same ark passing by our house yesterday.

  6. Oh, niiiice change of bloglayout Anni! Just beautiful.

    That looks like a lot of rain yes. Flooding.

    Here on the island there has been very little rain, hardly anything in May-June and very little now. So I'm happy! But they promise rain to come the nearest days.... phew!

    Sunny hugs from the island :-)

  7. I blogged about our storm yesterday! We didn't think we would have a firework display at the park for all the rain. But it did stop! We did have the display.
    Loveed your Noah post!

  8. We are having our vacation in Sweden and I can tell you it is safe to let your Noah's Arch sailing over!

    Btw: your welcome over to my new blog home and if hungry, to get some spare ribs left from our 4th of July party:-)

  9. Oh dear, we must be under the same cloud because this is our second day of thunderstorms coming round and round. I keep having to shut down my computer everytime it comes around's really cutting into my blog visitation time! Grrrr! You certainly were hit hard...look at all that water everywhere! If it doesn't stop here soon, we will look like you did! Try to stay dry:-) xoxo

  10. Summa dat! I just want SUMMA DAT! The rain.... and the mud slide! Honestly... if we could just catch it and redirect it!!! (the rain - NOT the mud slide!) LOL! So Noah... how long can YOU tread water???

  11. You're certainly getting your fair share of the wet stuff...loved the Noah's ark cartoon.

    Hope it dries out for you soon...actually when you ask Him to stop the rain, can you get Him to send it our way? Much!

  12. Your banner and colors are great!
    It's funny (odd) that you poor people are drowning and we're in the middle of a drought! It was 112° here today and no humidity. We're all afraid of instantaneous combustion!!!
    ~~~(I accidently deleted my Over 50 blogroll...duh. Can you send to me again? Thanks!)

  13. We've had our share of rain too this week. I don't like waking up on a gloomy morning. Hopefully this weekend, we'll both experience a lovely weather. Take care!