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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Texas lost one of their beloved. Today, the country mourns. Flags are raised only to half staff in respect for one of our own. Funeral services were held in Austin Texas...many of our country's dignitaries attended. She leaves behind a "living legacy" in many ways---

Lady Bird Wildflower Center

LBJ's birthplace --The Lyndon Baines Johnson Ranch
aka "The Texas White House"

Tomorrow [Sunday] she will be buried beside her husband on their Texas Ranch.

I admired this woman very much. She stood up and unconditionally supported her husband who was Senator, then President after JFK was assassinated. With her will and persistence, she glorified our land from sea to shining sea...from northern borders to the south! She made our country beautiful again...with flowers, the absence of billboards, and lowering signs along the highways!

May you now rest in peace near your loving husband Lyndon, and your wings be uncaged, and now forever free.

[Madame First Lady's, Lady Bird Johnson, BIO]


  1. Deepest sympathies to you and your countrymen.

  2. A wonderful lady! She had a long productive wonder she was admired by so many. May she rest in peace.

  3. Bubba's Mom has a nice tribute to Ladybird on her blog, too -

  4. I saw it in the news she was a real nice lady ! and the name Ladybird suited her so well !

  5. I commented on another site the other day that I got tears in my eyes when I heard that Ladybird died.I didn't know I cared so much about her but,apparently I do.
    I loved the way she cleared out the billboards and replaced them with beautiful flowers.
    Rest in Peace, Ladybird

  6. Her name may have been Ladybird, but she really was a real Lady!

  7. Oh SHE even has her own SKATE PARK in San Antonio!!! ROFL! My boyz have skated it! She was a good egg!