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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

No Friday Feast this week...Leader has "gone fishin'". I thought that today's feast for the brain would be this---

Remember when --way back when-- in the days when cars were built to last? So, so long ago, my folks would buy a new car every 5-6 years. And then, they didn't need to buy one because it was worn out or no longer working properly! The engine was simple, and clean, and easy to fix. Actually no need for a mechanic to replace something as simple as a spark plug! --- These days even the spark plugs are so 'hidden' you have to tear the engine out practically to get to them.

I learned to change oil and change filters and replace spark plugs on a 1957 chevy. Under the hood, the engine was quite simple. A carburetor, an air filter, and an alternator. Other than the actual engine block, that was just about all you'd find under the hood in the 50's.

But that's really not my point here. Well, a little bit, but not quite. I'm actually trying to convey that things aren't built to last these days. TVs, VHS are outdated, phones, automobiles, just about everything today. I guess that the car companies realized at some time after the 1950's that they were losing money by building 'the better car' -- and all companies saw the reasoning behind the 'cheaper built, buy more' theory and followed face. Beta turned into VHS and now we have DVDs and more. Tv's used to be black and white...with the picture screen about the size of a bread box and the actual console was the monstrosity! MP3 players/CDs evolved from 8-track tapes. Ahhhhhh, the gold ol' days of simpler, less stressed life.

BUT wait!! One more thing before you go. There is one item that has lasted through past years since just before our son was born --in 1972. I use it daily! I run it through the dishwasher when it's emptied, and fill it again after it's run through the dishwasher cycle! It's been dropped, it's been abused and we continue to be amazed! .....

And it's TUPPERWARE! This 1/2 gallon container has held juices of all kinds in the last 30+ years! It's never cracked, never 'stained' and just like the Timex watches of yesteryear ---it' keeps on tickin'!! Why can't they make things that last like this again? Do you have anything 'material' that has lasted a long time?



  1. nice template!
    we had a tupperware for loaves, and it lasted for around 30years! we had to have it changed (free, and another tupperware!), though, since it was all yellow and stained.
    Still, I liked that yellow and stained tupperware ... :)

  2. I am WITH ya! I wish they made washing machines like they used to! Criminy... they're practically disposable now...

  3. I guess I got caught in an in-between mode. I was born just before your child (I was January 1971), so I started with cars that you might get 6-7 years out of, but my current vehicle is still getting me from point A to point B and has over 175,000 miles on it - a 1995 model Jeep Grand Cherokee.

  4. With car repairs you are right and on top of that everything is electronic today and when the window doesn't close anymore you have to drive with open window even in snow until you find a soul who can repair it. And yes all the rest is not made for repairs anymore. When your dishwasher brakes down a reparation is more expensive then a new one. But I don't regret these old stuff I am always for something new. Or do you want your old photo camera back with films ?? Your tupperwear is an antique ! you should book a space in a museum !

  5. still remember my mom's tupperware. Everything that's been built in this century are all disposable.. now we are thinking where are we gonna put those garbage.. grr..

    nice entry

  6. Yeap, I had that same pitcher for years. I think when we moved from Illinois down here that I finally let it go. I still have a set of old bowls that I got when we were married. In fact I had some sheets from when we were married that stayed for years (married 43 years). They were made to last then...but not now!! They want us to keep buying and buying and buying now. Great post and I love your new template too..Sandy

  7. I LOVE my tupperware!
    Have a great weekend..:)

  8. Hi Anni. I didn't know Tupperware could last that long. That pitcher doesn't look old at all.

    My Dad bought a Dodge Dart in 1969. We had it around for 20 years with no major problems. We sold it before we relocated to Virginia in 1989.

  9. I know what you mean, it is amazing how things change that way. And you're right, Tupperware is made to last! I noticed that some of my toys from when I was little have held up great and my daughter is playing with them now, some of which include Tupperware toy dishes!

  10. I absolutely love old tupperware!! A great product. I think my grandmother passed down some of the old yellow stuff to me :) Have a wonderful Friday.

  11. Hi! I like the new and cool changes in your design.

    I love tupperware too because they last so long. I love the old pieces as well as the new ones. I like the new tupperware freezermates.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  12. I had towels that I received at my shower 51 years ago, No, they didn't last that long. but they did for 11 years!

    When you get back from fishing I tagged you for a fun meme. So Please stop by and see whats it's all about.