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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

My goodness, my goodness!! Today I have been taking some of my time to visit friends I've made over the year or two I've been blogging [I blogged before under a different name, and decided to use my 'given' name instead of an alias]. And I realized it's been way too long in my visit with "Pea" at her most wonderful, down home blog. I found Pea a long time ago now, and fell in love with her earthy and friendly blog and her style of writing and friendliness to all of blogworld!! She has class.

But today, while visiting and enjoying her flowers and others, I noticed she'd been nominated and selected for a couple awards! I was just about to skim down to congratulate her....and as I skimmed....I noticed my name! She had nominated and selected me for the Creative Award.

With all my heart, I cherish her thoughts and consideration. And I feel quite happy that I know someone out there enjoys my blog too!! Thanks dear C!!

I understand that I'm to now nominate 5 others. It will take me some time to make sure I get them nominated. All blogs are creative in their own, this will be difficult. :o)


  1. ciao, nice blog! how about exchanging links? :)

  2. LOL! Oh, you'll have fun! Congratulations Anni!

  3. Yes I just came from Peas to congratulate you on your award!! Hey there!! Nice doing!! Sandy

  4. I really love visiting your site, which is so lovely and well done.
    Thanks for dropping by my blog as well and your nice words. I enjoy reading your very well written.
    Best regards, Jon

  5. Hello there Mz Anni:-) I'm so glad I could surprise you but really, you shouldn't have been surprised because your blog is so full of creativity that inspires me no end!! You're one of the best:-) Enjoy! xoxo

  6. Congratulations ! you earned it ! and since I know you you showed a lot of creativity in your blog ! How many backgrounds, templates etc ?