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When my world is very quiet and I sit or stand alone, what things can I hear that make me feel good?

1) Cats snoring and/or a soft loveable meow, I have to smile to myself.
2) Distant thunder rumbling, I just enjoy the sound, it's realxing.
3) A neighbor's child outdoor playing and giggling, all is safe in their world.
4) Quiet hum of soft, rhythmic, easy listening, instrumental music.
5) My sister's voice on a quiet afternoon call.
6) Alone with myself on the beach with waves lapping over my bare feet.
7) A fog horn in the distance, I feel the loneliness of it all, but still feel good inside that it is serving a purpose for safety.
8) Mourning doves in the still, darkness of early morning.
9) Sea gulls laughing from high in the sky.
10) The sound of a billiard ball dropping in the pocket, when I practice my shots.
11) The tinkle of ice cubes sloshing in a glass.
12) The constant hum of my hard has kept me company many-a-long nights!
13) The clear tones of wind chimes softly, slowly moving in the wind.


A favorite Texas region pro baseball player of mine, is calling it quits and hanging up his cap in September, the end of regular season. I'm saddened a bit, but happy for him that he will now be able to spend time with family more, or do as he wishes for the time being. He was a loyal Houston Astros™ player. He's been on the same team for 20 years! At this day and time of trades and what not, that's a feat in its own world!! Twenty years!

He just became one of club of of 3000 hits. And I got to witness it! It's more an actual personal accomplishment...there are not awards for it. But he's now among the few elite ball players such as Willie Mays, Lou Brock, Pete Rose, Cal Ripken, Jr. among other baseball 'greats'. His pitching opponent was Aaron Cook [another of my hometown teams] of the Colorado Rockies™

I'm sad to know he won't be back on the field next season, but happy for the man he is, and all the acomplishments along the way in his baseball career. {I admit it...tears welled while I listened to his news conference of his impending retirement}

Houston Astros' Retiring Player - Craig Biggio
{his expression here, is when he held back tears himself!}

His last game will be in September 2007. He will have the privilege to play his initial position of catcher for one inning. [Currently he's a 2nd baseman].

More on his live televised press confrernce


  1. My husband was born in Houston (lived there only for his first 6 months of life) and has always been an Astros fan. We have Craig Biggio's rookie card. I will always remember hearing an announcer refer to him as "Craig Biggo".

    In Biggio's early days, Ken Caminiti was one of my favorite Astros. Despite his troubles, I respected him for his candor about his drug use, problems with alcohol and steroid use.

    I think the Biggio thing made me forget to comment on the TT...sorry.

  2. I am so happy that you put #1 on your list. When my Mommie is sad, I purr in her ear. I think she likes that.

  3. What a neat list..I love sounds I hear when I am really quiet!

  4. Cat's snoring? That is a cool cool thing! Lyn from Bloggin' Outloud :-)

  5. That is terrible ! The 13 sounds you love to hear are exactly the same I love to hear too ! Maybe the billiard ball I would replace by looking at moon and stars. But otherwise it is the same for me !

  6. Anonymous7/26/2007

    great list sometimes we need to just be quiet and listen!
    Psa 46:10 Be still, and know that I [am] God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.

  7. Fun list. I share the one about hearing neighbor's kids play; mine are all older teenagers now.

  8. I loved your list!! You sure have a way with words! I like hearing kitty cats purrring,too!!

  9. Hearing those nice quiet sounds are wonderful. I love hearing my cat Annie purr when I am sleeping...It is so relaxing to me....Sandy

  10. Great list!

    Love #2!

  11. Great sounds all bring warm fuzzy memories. Thanks for the smile.

  12. Short of time, butt still wanted to leave you some summer hugs :-)

  13. Quiet contemplation. We don't get enough of it in our busy, hectic lives. I loved your list! Makes you think...
    I appreciated your notes on Craig Biggio. I'm not a sports fan but watching the joy it has provided my brother and my husband, I understand that it serves a very important purpose. The look on his face as he makes his announcement is enough to make me cry...
    I'm tickled that you enjoy cars as much as I! You're never too old...

  14. Great list. Thanks for adding my blog to the over 50 group.


  15. Awwwwww... I'm so sorry your Biggio is leaving. I know how sad I was when Cal Ripken Jr. retired... it was really heartbreaking.

    Mmmmm... I enjoy sO many of your little quiet sounds too! Especially water on the beach - though it is RARE to get to hear "that alone" -- it is usually accompanied by screaming laughing children too! (not such a quiet moment) -- and also the wind chimes! Love 'em!

  16. Interesting list that brought me smiles and thoughts that if I made such a list, many of mine would match yours. Do "great minds" think alike? I enjoyed my visit to your blog tonight. Love your graphics too.

    Best regards, Jon on 7-27-07

  17. I liked your "13" list, Anni. Especially the cats purring.