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Dear Matty, over at Running on Empty, challenged us to come up with ----

*Rule: We have to post these rules before we give you the facts.
*Rule: Players start with eight random facts/ habits about themselves.
*Rule: People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules. At the end of your blog post, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
*Rule: Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them they're tagged and to read your blog.

Okay, pucker up everyone! Here are my 8 oddities, errrrrrrr, um what was it now? Oh ya, 8 random facts/ habits!!! The first one is a doozie, it'll have your mouth watering, I just know it will!

1) I love pickle juice! But only dill pickle juice. Ya, no....I know, it's true tho. When I have a jar of dill pickles go empty of the yummy fermented cucumbers, I save the juice. Yep! I put it back in the refrigerator door to save for later sipping. And if I go through another jar of those green gems, and I still have a half cup or so left in the refridgerator --I pour the remaining into the 'new' jar! I'm like any ordinary pickle wino you see on the corner---sans the brown paper bag!! I prefer plastic to paper. I guess maybe that's how the store service clerks came up with they're infamous question "Paper or Plastic"?!!

2) I've taken trips where many-a-times I've found myself on the floor of the car!! Either the front seat, OR the back seat....depending on where in the car I am at the given moment. When on the highways, traveling down the road and making the curves [or off in the far distant horizon] and we come up on a iron bridge, the one with what they call trestles, I automatically slide off the seat and hide my eyes. I can't just close my eyes while remaining on the seat...I have to slither down deep in the well of the car's floor and pray I make it over to the other side, safely! And I hafta confess, there have been a few 'dire straits' situations where when I'm driving ---I pull over and let some other licensed driver drive across!!! Now, as I live near water and the huge Port Bridge, I am conquering the fear somewhat! I'm sure if the cops clocked me going over THAT bridge these days, I could easily end up with a speeding ticket no less!!! I remember once, just recently, when our grown son was with us and I was driving hubby and son to a favorite lunch area on the city's bay [the one that has the most delicious fresh shrimp on their menu---ya, that one]!! Anyway, when he saw the huge trestled iron bridge ahead, and me behind the wheel...he asked non-chalantly if I wanted HIM to drive over the bridge! LOL ---I showed him!!! FLAT bridges are okay by me; iron above me echoing that awful sound in my head from underneath the trestles....spooks the hell-outta me!! Oh, and once we went to Canon City Colorado...where the highest expansion bridge is located ---The Royal Gorge bridge? Well, they do allow anyone to drive across ---but the pedestrian traffic is way too heavy. Okay, so I took two steps onto the bridge, looked down the gorge from there through the cracks of the beams...saw the distance between me and the bottom of the gorge, and took two GIANT steps off the opposite direction! Nope, nope...not me, no way José!!!

[the Corpus Christi-Portland Bay bridge that has a ships' channel below]

3) I have a habit when I'm shopping to stop in my tracks if I see something made of red glass! [Especially at antique stores!] There is something about me that loves red glass. It has to be the REAL stuff, not just tinted red. And I can spot an impostor right away. In the past 40 years of marriage, I've stopped in my tracks when shopping and fallen in love with some pieces! It all started on our honeymoon in Chicago ---hubby of 4 days bought me the most beautiful ruby glass candy dish! I've been purchasing some others here and there. And the hard candies never tasted so good coming from that special lidded dish!! And hand-blown red glassware is best!---the kind with NO seams.

4) I still stop and pick up pennies from the ground! Why? I don't know. Personally I hate 'em! And I think the U S A should do away with them. I couldn't begin to count how many times products sell for $2.97 plus tax and you get four pennies back! Why not just round off the price to the nearest 5 cents. For instance if a store tags the price as $2.97 ---make it an even $3.00 AND the sales tax should be an even percentage with increments of 5. Then, if it's below a .5 item [for instance $2.41---round it off to $2.40!!] Just do away with those suckers! But again, I still stop to pick them off of the ground. Weird, I know. I have one that I've saved for a whole lotta years too...It was smashed by traffic, and beyond recognition---but it's still a penny.

Here's the photo that I blogged about it...the penny

5) When I chew gum, [not often] I always have a nasty habit of popping it as I chew it! And funny thing is, if someone beside me does the same it bugs me to the point where I wanna slap them silly! How rude! LOL Who's the wise ass who came up with the golden rule? They sure weren't gum poppers!!

6) I can't resist picking the very first rose blossom of the year! Many moons ago, when our daughter was little, I'd make sure I'd pick the first rose of the season, and give it to her. Always. Now, she's grown and a family of her own---living in another state. Yet, I always pick the first rose of the growing time and place it in a vase, sit it on the dining room table, and reminisce of when our daughter was young and innocent and her face would light up with that first rose!!

7) I have in the past years bought stuffed animals. Once to the point of having to have a special little room to hold them all! I finally convinced myself it's ridiculous and gave them to charity! Oh but wait...the story doesn't end there. I saved and kept my zoo of Panda Bears! I could not part with them! Oh wait, and my stuffed tigers. Ooops...I did receive a cute one not long ago....a cushy stuffed "Donkey" from the movie Shrek. Tho, the collection has dwindled down to just a precious few. I have this one GIANT panda bear...and he's colossal. My husband bought it for me. And there's a cute story behind this, in a way. He bought it on one of his working trips. He used to drive his own pickup truck when on trips working for the U S government. Now, the truck was a big and roomy gas guzzler. With a large comfortable seat. [when I would drive it, it made me look like a dwarf!] Anyway, when he pulled up the driveway [we lived in Colorado and in the foothills northwest of Denver], he stopped to open the property's gate. As he got out, the most funniest, sight did I see. He gets back in to drive the truck through the gate, and there he is behind the wheel....and he has this huge passenger sitting next to him. The giant panda. I can just imagine what the travelers in and around Denver thought when they looked over and saw this guy with a stuffed bear in the seat beside him!! The soft, warm, cuddly ambiance of having a stuffed panda bear gives me a good feeling. Maybe, perhaps it's a childhood security issue or something, but I do find stuffed animals irresistible. Oh darn...I thought of a couple more I couldn't give away. I have this bear music 'box''s stuffed, REAL bear shaped, and the stuffing is hiding a music box! My dad bought it for me when I was about 9 or 10. And I have the cutest stuffed bee! I call her sunshine for good reason. And some of you would understand why. Now they're all so special to me, I could not find myself parting with 'em. But believe me when I say I gave away nearly 100 stuffed animals once.

[this is stuffed bee that is always sitting on top of my printer, next to me]

8) I have an ability to talk to animals! Laugh all you want, but it's true! Well, at least in some cases. For example, I can talk to squirrels. Yes, indeedy. I can make the crackling chirping noises they do....and when they're in our yard, and I 'talk' with them, they stop what they're doing and talk back! I've even convinced one to come up to me and eat out of my hand. I 've been known to carry a conversation with mocking birds! And quail! Not to mention Canadian Geese [there are tons of geese in Colorado year 'round any more, and I could jive with them like the best of us bird talkers ---perhaps I'm a bird whisperer and don't know it]. I can talk for hours with my kitty, Tahoe. She meows to me, and I talk back...she and I can keep it up for some time....hubby thinks I'm crazy. But we, the cat and I, have a bonding that is indescribable. Oh, and I couldn't NOT go without telling you the experience with the monkeys at San Diego Zoo!! I had the whole crowd laughing and hubby walking away pretending he didn't know me! Well, you see, it all started about my love of bananas. Okay, so I'm getting far away for now....but it's part of the story. So hang onto your vines a minute while I explain. I love bananas. Hubby's always saying that as many bananas as I consume, I must be related to the primates. So, to prove him right ---we were at the zoo. And we came upon the outdoor monkey exhibit. There was a stone covered walkway over a small brook. It was a great vantage point to view my 'relatives'. One particular dude kept watching me watch him....I started to snort, and make monkey faces....'talking to him'. And he began talking to me....a very vile, adult conversation. Well, to make a long story short, a group of zoo visitors started to congregate near me, listening and watching. Eventually the monkey 'humped the nearest tree'....and that was the end! I figured I better carry on. I sauntered away amongst applause and laughter to search for my mate!

Now, that was my 8 habits/weird things about me. I hope you enjoyed it. And the rules say I'm to select 8 other bloggers to do the meme. Nah....not me. I'm not one to follow rules, I'm the kind that breaks the rules! But if you want to do this meme, have at-ter!! I'd love for you to let me know you've accomplished the task and that you drop by to let me know so I can pay you a visit.


  1. If I understand well you undo your seatbelt before you slip to the floor ?? Oh my, lol ! I just try to imagine. I love stuffed animals too, cats of course and my cat collection (more than 350 !) I don't know what psychiatrist says about women who love stuffed animals (!?) and talking with my cats anyway, they at least listen to me and never disagree !

  2. Hello dear Anni:-) I'm back from my trip and now playing catch up with everyone!! I so enjoyed reading all your posts I had missed! I'm still giggling at the thought of you sliding down to the car floor any time you get to an iron bridge...but, having my own fears, I can understand that's the only way you can stand to get across them!! I'm terrified of heights so bridges do bother me a bit and I will NOT walk over one!!! Loved all the other facts about you:-) xox

  3. Well, this is just weird! I also have a collection of stuffed animals that I cannot let go!
    And - I talk to animals but not as well as you! I chat with my parrots in their lingo, and my dogs, especially the schnauzer, because she's very vocal - I imitate her and I "bark." Too, too weird! The blue jays at our other house, and the mocking birds would come and feed while I "talked" with them...and the doves. Okay, it's good to know I'm not alone!!!

  4. Oh dear, talking about pickle juice. You must walk around with a puckered puss on your face. I've never heard that one before.
    Yes, I think I would close my eyes going over bridges like that as well.
    And believe it or not., I asked the arts counsellor at long-term what exactly would she suggest I get for the seniors as gifts for Bingo's, etc? and she said stuffies and playing cards. Apparently the seniors like stuffies. Maybe its nice to cuddle them, they're soft.,I have no idea but thats what I've been told.
    I always stop to pick up pennies. My mom said if you don't, somebody else will get the luck? so I do it.
    Oh, no,,not a bubble snapper! I once worked with a bubble snapper...I'd rather go to the dentist.
    I'll bet people were taking pics of you at the zoo and not the monkeys. That must have been funny to see! Wish I was there! Great list!

  5. I love your blog with all its clever bells and whistles. Thanks so much for your comments on my blog, Mississippi Gardener, and thanks for adding mine to the blog roll. Best regards, Jon on 7-17-07

  6. Gee Anni, I'm happy that I tagged Matty and she tagged you. This is fun --- seeing what other people think is unusual (weird) about themselves. My eight things involved things I won't eat and pickels are one of them. I no longer collect stuffed animals, but am a hog about fabric --- just can't stay out of the quilt stores!

  7. Very interesting, Anni. I like that you can talk to animals. I've done that, too, especially the crows and the koels here. It's amazing when they answer back. I used to talk to Oscar, too, we had some very profound conversations.

    So, now we know what you're like and I think it's lovely.