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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

I really haven't been too ambitious this last week. I'm still having a bit of a problem with my new medications for SVT. And I've had several more tests done this past week, and today I go in for a 'fitting' of a 24 hour holter monitor. What with the terrible side effects lately and having a conference with my cardiologist, I've opted to see a specialist at the beginning of next month. Time will tell.

[illustration...the wires are actually UNDER clothing - for those who don't know what it does ---it's fitted with a small disklike fixture that is set for a certain amount of time for recording...and what it records is your heart beat/heart rhythms. Like an EKG]

But in the meantime, while hubby was watching some gory movie on Sci Fi station yesterday, I took a walk around the backyard. It's been too hot and humid to do much outdoors, and more storms predicted this week, so I settled for checking the flower 'crops'.

With the computers' screen resolutions at 1024 and higher the photos are 3 in a row....

[click on any image to enlarge]

[the bottom row - left to right: My largest frog -I call him Thadious, and two gardening frogs
[the middle row - left to right: yellow trumpet bush, bird of paradise, and purple bush
[top row - left to right: red hibiscus, marigold plant, and orange bush


  1. Ill be praying for some good results for you. Those pics are beautiful and the frogs are oh so cute

  2. I like your frogs and Grandma Ryss they are so funny ! and of course the cat who has to sit in the carton ! I hope you will get good results, Mr. Gattino had once to wear this "check!-up" box too for his heart as he has strong snoring problems so I know what it is. It's a great invention anyway.
    I have seen the Venus de Milo in the Louvre but it's strictly forbidden to take pictures in there, you have to leave your camera outside, I just took a picture from Internet.

  3. I knew all your plants because we have them here. We also have the bird of paradise tree, it's a lot larger with blue and cream flowers. A magnificent sight. In the tropics, there's a smaller strelitzia with pink and yellow flowers...I love that one but I think it's not warm enough here for it.

  4. Hootin,
    Have you kissed any frogs lately?
    I'm sorry to hear you have to carry all that baggage on you? I will pray that you get good results next week.
    It must be nice to walk around your garden with those beautiful plants.
    Drives me nuts when hubby watches his sci-fi...good thing I have my computer.
    It must be fun to have Maryss around...please protect her from those cats.

  5. I have a sci-fi addict too.

    He's agitating for the complete set of Babylon V episodes even though he's taped them all of VHS.

    We'll see.

    Thanks for the comment and glad you enjoyed the silly little meme.


  6. Hootin Anni, Good luck with your check up after this test.I got good words from my Doc. yesterday with my new knees.I love your frogs in the garden. Baba

  7. We have a similar love for garden frogs! I love your ribbits! I'll have to take some photos of mine so you can see what I mean. I think they're adorable!
    ~~~I had a scare with this, too. I'll be praying that you have good results!!!