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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Call me me me me me me curious but, please, call me!! [hehehehehe, I couldn't resist that last part] Seriously, I heard some kids at the mall the other day, out in the general seating area playing peas porridge hot, peas porridge cold! I was speechless. I honestly didn't think that kids even knew this little ditty anymore. I thought this went out with our childhood. Apparently, for some of us, our remembrance of it all is still being carried down from one generation to the next!!

Yet, as it's running through my mind, it lingers on and on, even as I'm driving home. But wait, I know the poem by heart....but I don't know exactly WHAT peas porridge is!!! And naturally, with the Internet at my fingertips, I rush in and pull up a Google link and begin the learning process. I do recall at one time when our daughter read the Laura Ingles Little House series that at one time she mentioned peas porridge; that she liked peas porridge hot AND cold, but it never lasts nine days!! Well, Irene [our daughter] asked me that night while we read together what it was....of course I didn't know, we didn't have access to the computers back then, nor did we live close enough to a library to search [we both completely forgot about it the next day anyway, I'm sure]. But I did try to answer her a bit, using only my imagination. I told her it was like PEA SOUP! That was that, and she was satisfied, and I got myself out of the proverbial boat with no paddles!

Okay, so again, I've never really stopped to think about this rhyme 'til I heard it once again with the two small girls sitting in the mall with their dad [I assume] ---waiting for mommy to get out of the grown-up stores!! And my search [as linked above in the pdf file] told me what I wanted to know. And my pea soup 'story' was quite a bit the same as I read. It IS actually soup according to the site, but it's more or less made from left-overs and food stuffs added here and there. Usually made in a cast-iron pot and continually simmering over the open fire [as in fireplace] for meals whatever time of day. And the stock and additions usually lasted around nine days!! And yet in another site, the information is a bit different, and much closer to my own version of what I made sufficient to apPEASe my daughter at the's a British tradition and it goes like this:

The "pease"-pudding hot is a dish which is still enjoyed in Britain today. It is a smooth, thick, dark yellow sauce, referred to as a pudding or porridge in the rhyme. "Pease" pudding is a hot dish made from dried peas which can be re-heated as often as required. It is traditionally served hot with boiled bacon or a form of sausage called a saveloy.

Now, this above reads quite a bit like my own split pea soup, at least what I call split pea soup. Amazing what you can learn! I used to say with a closed mind, before I had any inkling of the internet, that kids were going to be dumber and dumber as the decades go by. What with the use of computer and looking things up all the time, they don't have to learn lessons as we did...and remember!! But, I HAVE changed my mind to a degree that's indescribable ---they're learning more! And now, I'm right in there with them, wanting to learn and learn more!!

I think I'll go make some porridge!!!


  1. I don't know peas porridge as a game but I know it to eat ! only in german they don't call it porridge but pea soup as you too. But the recepe is the same then the english one. My grandma used to do that and we ate it for several days each time with something else. The soup also was very thick and your spoon could almost stand up in there. Sometimes she served it with kraut (sauerkraut) that was very good too. Fried bacon pieces sometimes too. Ah ! I have to stop ! my mouth is watering !!

  2. Now, are you making PEAS porridge -- or just porridge -- cuz there is a GREAT difference! Porridge being a warm cereal made with rice, I believe -- and milk, cinnamon & sugar! LOL! But maybe you better go Google it! :)

    MY kids all learned the peas porridge game! Along with the Mary Mack game, the Found A Peanut song, London Bridges, AND Go In And Out The Windows! Probably more that I can't think of too! LOL!