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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Believe it or not, last year at this time, the entire state of Texas was under drought conditions with water rationing in some areas, and farmer's fears of losing their entire crops! Oh but baby.....look at us now! This year, in some areas of our state, it's gonna break some serious records of rainfall.

[this is our front yard when we got home--hours after the damaging rains]

If y'all have been one of those that follows weather across our nation, you already know about the flooding of northern Texas. And it continues to rain heavily in some areas. All the while, we here in Corpus Christi were basking in the balmy warm tropical breezes and staying considerably drier than most of the entire state. Oh it's always humid in my area...even in winter....because of the proximity of the Gulf of Mexico and the numerous rivers flowing through parts of the city--into the gulf. But the heavy rains eluded us. Until yesterday! The flood gates in the sky opened up and we were drenched.

At our house, it started to sprinkle lightly around 8:30 a.m. ---tho the air was still and the sky dark and heavy looking prior to the beginning of the storm. I enjoy a good that rains lightly and steadily along with the show of lightning here and there that lights up the sky. Yesterday? At first I sat at watched the sprinkles hitting the patio through our patio doors and enjoyed the change of hot and balmy to cooler temps and rain hitting the parched dry areas---what a fragrance---so sweet and refreshing. Then, the rains became heavier and the outdoors became so dark that lights indoors had to be turned on to see where to walk! Eventually we could not see anything beyond a few inches away from the doors or windows. The flood gates just opened up and didn't stop. It slowed down some at times, but then it started all over again with torrents of water!.....

.....and we [hubby and I] had to go out in it! There was no getting around our planned trip for the day.

"Do we really hafta go out in this?" Hubby ponders.

"Well, we'll wait an hour or so, see if it lets up any." I say reassuringly.

after an hour --around 9:30 a.m. the heavy rains continue....

...."Well, if we don't go now, the streets of the city will be under water, and the storms may continue throughout the day. We best go, get our errands done, and get home while we still can." I bark.

As we backed out of the garage the water falling off the rooftop hit our car like a ton of bricks! Spooky. I've experienced flooded streets before in my life, and I envisioned us getting into an area of town that the streets were so flooded the car engine gets wet and dies---right there in the middle of the street. And to top it off, the crazy drivers in their SUVs and their 4 wheel drives aren't watching for stalled cars...they're having a blast seeing just how high and how far they can splash the standing water away from their vehicles.

Okay, so we get away from the quiet neighborhood streets, and eventually get out in traffic. I was amazed that the other drivers actually slowed down somewhat for the weather conditions. Truly amazed. We remained in the 'fast lanes' of the double lane streets only because the slow lanes are always sloped downward to the curbs for water drainage. With the amount of rain ---those lanes were under water!

Driving around, we did finally get our planned excursions done....and the rainfall quantities subsided. Within just two short hours, the city was under water in most parts ---

[part of downtown area]

[near the Gulf of Mexico shoreline]

The news last night said within two hours time we received 10 inches or more in several parts of the city. That's ten inches of rain....all coming down at once, in a short period of time.

[also, the river water *Nueces River* flowing over its banks, across the access road, and dangerously going UNDER the Interstate highway--the Interstate being to the right of the photo. To the left, on any other given day, it's dry and park!! The riverbed would normally not be in this view]

Early this morning - around 5:30 a.m. or so, the skies are clear and the moon is shining vividly through the windows! Peace and quiet for now. What a difference a day makes.


  1. Rain Rain everywhere!! I love a good thunderstorm too but lately the rain has been coming down in buckets in your state!! We have needed rain and now I think we will be okay for a bit!!
    I wanted to drop by to let you know that my friend Betty passed away this morning. If you have been reading my blogs lately you will remember my talking about her. I am happy that she is not hurting anymore now. Just thought you would like to know...Sandy

  2. That's a lot of rain. We have had rain just about every day since May but the ground is still sucking it up so I guess the good thing is we are unlikely to have any forest fires.

    Thanks for popping in and leaving your comment on Highway of Tears post

  3. rain here too, but luckily no flooding. I'm pretty darn sick of driving around in the rain.

  4. Wow, you guys mean business when you get rain! Sheesh! Ten inches of rain in a couple of hours is quite something, so no wonder there was so much flooding!! Stay safe and DRY!!! xox

  5. Rain rain rain here, too (Houston/Galveson area). And it looks to be a soggy 4th. Ugh.

  6. Holy Moly,'ve got more balls than a poolhall, for sure! I would have never gone out in that kind of weather. No way, Ozay!
    Unless you needed bypass surgery or you accidently stabbed someone who was bleeding profusely in your car? Otherwise I couldn't possibly see any other reason to go out in that??
    You Texans are tough...make that 'tuff'! Guess I'm just a Canadian sissy!

  7. We've had similar problems here in the UK. Happy 4th July to you and yours.

  8. I can only say "welcome to the club" we are sitting in the same boat ! Here it rains and rains since weeks and I even think my feet are flippers by now. It's awful and in some parts there are also strong water dammages.
    But nontheless, have a niced 4th of July ! In Belgium we have our national day on July 21st.

  9. WHOA! Typhoon season? LOL! I woulda SO been loving it! I'm such a sicko.... rofl! I'm SO glad you at least took the opportunity to take some pictures ... well...since ya HAD to go out in it anyway! This is the sign of a TRUE BLUE BLOGGER Anni! :)
    (hope ya get to stay in and stay dry today!) HAPPY 4th!!!

  10. Wow! You sure have gotten the rain! Goodness, we've had some torrential downpours over the last week but that's nothing compared to what you have had in one short period. I hope the day stays sunny in the near future.

  11. WOW, Texas has certainly had MORE than its' share of rain and we are in dire need of the stuff! Oh well, we are not in control.
    Hope you are having a wonderful 4th.

  12. Hey, Anni...if you feel you've had too much rain, send it our way...we won't mind...honest!

    Hopefully, our turn will come this were parched and dry last year...we're like that now. So I'm hopeful the weather pattern has changed enough for us to get a proper Wet.

    Stay dry!