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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

---After the rains came down!---

After another storm, I always go out to the back yard and check to see how much of the water is standing in the low lying areas. The poor farmers in the outskirts of the city are having a rough go trying to get their crops harvested because of the saturated land. But on the good side of this all, the crops this year are very abundant [except for the cotton, I hear that most of the bolls that lie under the canopy of the over-grown plant are rotting in the dampness]. At least let's hope so --if they can just get them cut down before they rot.

I love the smell of rain, and the fresh cooler air around me. And with my little trek, I snapped some photos --

Ummmmm, ya it rained! Rained hard for a while. And after the rain I like to go check for damage...just some minor flooding around the foundation this time. And one of my favorite corners in the backyard, my raccoon family with yellow and orange blossoms.

The yellow trumpet flower with water droplets remaining on the foliage. My smaller gazing ball. It's black glass and surrounded by a fairy base. [look at the enlarged photo and you can see it standing in water]

Rain drenched gardenia. It continues to bloom sporadically during the growing season. And my ferns are thriving in the damp, humid air!!

[all images can be enlarged]
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  1. We had rain yesterday too and my flowers are so happy!! I love it when it rains!! Sandy

  2. I love these pictures in form of a medaillon ! but don't talk about rain since two months I am sitting (not singing) in the rain !

  3. Hi Hootin--anni -- I love the photos you have here. Things look nice after rain/ Love the trumpet flower and the racoon family. Thanks for your comments. Glad you like the post and jokes, and sorry you were an "and
    Anni". The youngest does have some privileges - a little more freedom and we have learnt from earlier kids.
    It would be funny to write from Kathy, first. Take care, Love, Merle.

  4. And here in Maryland it's like living in the desert! Dry, dry, dry... and everything is dead! YOUR garden looks lush and lovely!!!