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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

*Wordless Wednesday below this post--

As I was waiting to be called in for an exam/and ekg checkup this week, I was reading a more recent Woman's Day magazine. Actually, just skimming through it, not really reading in depth. I still get the 'white coat syndrome' when I have an appointment with my doctors...always will probably. So, I'm more nervous than relaxed....wanting to get my hour over with and done for! Ya know?

Well, while skimming the magazine, there was a list of hints. There, I stopped. The list went on and on...but some were quite new to me. Some great ideas.

Here's one tip I will certainly try. I love the fact there are no poisons involved like the terminator granules you buy in the nurseries or Wal Mart's garden shop!!

1) FOR ANT PROBLEMS - Take a jelly glass lid or something similar. Mix some jelly or Marmalade with yeast (fresh or dried). Set the mixture in the path of the ants. The ants will love it, eat it and carry it back to their home. There they will feed the other ants and larvea. After a short time the heat those ants generate will make the yeast rise and destroy the ants. It will take a few days. You do not have to worry about kids or pets getting into this jelly/yeast mixture. It is only harmful to ants not to people or pets.

2) PURSE SNATCHERS - Women, beware. Someone wrote that while shopping for groceries, she was distracted by a nice looking man asking about the soup on the shelves. She turned to face him to help out, and when she got to the check-out stand, her wallet with money for the groceries and her drivers' license and credit cards were gone!! Sometimes these people work in pairs. MY SOLUTION: When it's a trip to the grocery store I never carry cash---or my purse!! In fact, I rarely carry a purse these days. I find them, for myself, no longer useful, cumbersome and heavy. So, along with my cell phone, I have purchased a small carrying case for the phone....and right behind, snug as a bug in a rug---I have my drivers' license, AND the card I need to do my purchases!! And it's around my waist, right in front! [I've also had times when alone pumping gas, and my purse was around my shoulder or open on the seat....I was more often than not, confronted by vagabonds wanting hand-outs. Now that I don't carry the purse and use just the cellphone case, I have NOT BEEN BOTHERED.]

3) RUST To prevent your gardening tools from rusting....keep them clean and when work/job is complete, spray them with non-stick cooking spray.

4) OUTDOOR SCREENS Use a common lint brush [for cleaning lint from clothes] to clean the screen! Works wonders.

5) IRONING [ewwwww, that word, IRON is a four letter word in my house!!] To clean the stains from your iron, sprinkle salt on a cloth, rub your hot iron over and over the cloth. Clean!!!

6) DISHWASHER When you have several small items to run through the dishwasher, use a saved mesh onion bag--tie/secure it to the edge/rim inside the basket...they're not lost and come clean!

7) MICROWAVE If you've found it's time to clean the microwave oven, to remove dried hardened food particles, use one cup through microwave 'til it's boiling...take out, and then just wipe microwave walls clean.


  1. Hope your tests are ok, Anni. There are some pretty good tips there, too.

  2. I hope the test results are good. Thank you for the useful tips. That was nice of you to include the tips here.

  3. I hope everything goes well for you!

    ...some of those tips are really good ones!


  4. That microwave one I do alllllll the time! Works like a charm! I'd never heard about that ant thing though... that IS a good idea with pets in the house ... if it works! I haven't had an ant problem for quite some time (knock wood!) but I'll keep it in mind for the next time I do!

  5. I liked your list,and since the microwave is dirty we will give this one a try! Melli said it works like a charm, so this is good to know!! I hate scrubbing it!!!

  6. Good tips. Cornmeal is good for the ants too.

  7. My sister-in-law had #2 happen to her! In the grocery store! Scary.

  8. Hi! Annie.,
    Great stuff!
    I had a lot of ants near my humming-bird feeders, and someone told me to use vaseline on the line and branch, which I did, and voila, it works well.
    4- Thank you! Now I know how to clean the screens!
    6- You wouldn't believe the things I clean in my toys...bathbrushes, hairbrushes, paddle's of the fan,etc.
    7- To clean and freshen my microwave, I use half a lemon..on high for a minute,,,,then just wipe it out, it leaves a wonderful smell.
    Have a great weekend! I'm glad to see you're feeling better!

  9. All very good tips, the only one I don't need anymore is for ironing I iron NOTHING anymore. Since Mr. Gattino is retired he doesn't wear shirts anymore, and T-shorts pullover s or cardigans don't need to be ironed when they come out of the dryer ! and anyway I only buy stuff which has not to be ironed. So life is easy ! (my cats I don't have to iron either)