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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

What a wonderful way to open my blog comments this afternoon and find that I've been chosen for the award, Rockin' Girl Blogger!! Not only once but twice! I say....I'm shocked!

I'm really at a loss for words! honored me and my blog with such a wonderful surprise and award today! And then, lo and behold I got another nomination from This and That! You both rock!

I'm assuming that if I choose, I can send along the award to others I think are worthy. Give me a minute or two and I'll add my list!

Thanks again ladies!!


[added about 12:35 PM]

Pea's Corner
!! Pea has become a dear online friend these past weeks. Her blog is so special! Reading what she has done, or what she is making, or what is going on around other blogs makes my visit with her most enjoyable!! And more days than none, she always has a special birthday wish for other bloggers!! You won't wanna miss perusing her corner of the world!!

Heart of Rachel!! I've met Rachel through a weekly blogroll and became a regular visitor. There are so many soulful thoughts and heartfelt messages given to us with her blogging! Her blog makes me feel warm and comfortable.

Jen's Chronicles!! What can I say about Jeanette's blog...First I love the music when her blog opens for me! It really puts me in good spirits! Along with some wonderful Aussie humor, she has shown us her wonderful work in her yard and gave a lot of insight for me as I love to garden too!!

P J's "The MisAdventures of Rico Loco"!! I swear, if you're a cat lover, you'll LOVE P J's blog of her cat Rico. And her other boyz! It's a pleasure and an enlightenment to watch all the going's on of her furbabies. Also, she has a blog of her own too!! Just click on the link that takes you to No Deep Thoughts!!

TNChick!! Her blog is by far most deserving of any kind of award if you ask me! She has postings throughout the week that can make you smile, or touch your heartstrings. AND not to mention she is the founder of Saturday Photo Hunt for us bloggers as well. And she has kept the blogroll alive and well through thick and I feel her blog is most deserving. TNChick is a Rockin' Girl Blogger!


  1. Congrats...and thanks!

  2. Congrats to you!! I think you deserve it, too!!

    I so appreciate you awarding me with this!! How cool! Thank you very much!

  3. Dear Anni...I'm at a loss for words and you know that's not normal! lol Thank you SO much for passing this award on to means so much to me to know that you enjoy my blog. I simply love blogging and love the friends I've made through are all the best there is!!! Congrats on winning the Rockin' Girl Blogger award also...very much deserved!!! xoxo

  4. ROFL! Congrats to YOU too!!!

  5. Congrats, you really do deserve it!

  6. I stopped over to see how you are and look at you Miss Anni...not one but TWO awards!! Well I bet you are just pleased as PUNCH!! But well deserved I would say!! Congrats to you !! Sandy

  7. I came to see your Mon Fun, but this is *much* more exciting! Congrats!

  8. Hey Anni...double congratulations!

  9. Gday Anni, Congratulations on 2 awards.and thank you for awarding me.

  10. Congratulations Anni for this remarkable award. You really deserve it.

    I feel honored that you have chosen to share this blessing with me. I know you have many friends and I feel touched that you have thought of me. You are very kind and I'm truly grateful. I enjoy reading your blog too. I love your carefree and fun spirit. You make everyone feel so welcome in your blog.

    Take care!