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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

While I was resting and recuperating these past couple of weeks, I began reading a book, The Kite Runner. [Which I read will be an upcoming movie that will be released in November 2007]. The book is one I would highly recommend to anyone who is interested in a novel version of two boys who grow up together and face the turmoil of life in Afghanistan ---one relocating in America, and surviving to tell us the 'tale' of childhood friendships, deceit, guilt.....and growing up! There is a family secret that is revealed near the end. It's beautifully narrated, filled with hate, compassion and love. [many-a-times I had to put the book down to wipe tears away]

The book has been on the New York Times bestseller list for 100s of weeks. And tho, to be honest, I was leary of even considering picking it up and buying it. But, I am glad I did!! Not only is the book well-written, and filled with twists of fate, etc. ----it also gave me a meaning of what it's like in the days of the Taliban and the civil unrest of the mid-east, and how life is still life, no matter WHERE you reside!! I find it very easy, after reading this publishing, to understand why it was so long being at the top of selling lists; internationally!!

The author, Khaled Hosseini was born in Afghanistan in 1965, now residing in America and working on his internship in the medical field. He has won praise for his style, and has a newly published book just released from the presses - A 1000 Splendid Suns - which will be one I will buy for sure when it's in paperback --or maybe if I'm lucky enough to find a hardcover edition at Half Price Books someday soon!! It's about the women and friendship of Afghanistan. Can't wait!!

Rarely these days do I find a novel worth boasting about. This is one of them. It was one for me, that I couldn't put down ---or found myself speeding along at menial housework, so I could get back to reading. All in all, during the few days after I picked up the book to begin reading----it took me about 12 hours total time to complete the book.

P.S. The last book I read "Once a Great Lady" --well, it wasn't but a big bore. It just didn't appeal to me like I thought it would. The dialogue within the chapters really made for a slow read. Truly, just how many times must one author write about the parties, entertaining, meeting the 'who's who' in the certain era....without giving more 'fact-based fiction' in a novel? Chapters upon chapters of Lady Hamilton meeting and entertaining the rich and famous....without giving more detail of her inner soul, or what would have made her the 'once a great lady'. It was just mediocre for me.


It seems the cardiologist just can't run out of tests he has in store for me. Guess, it's a good thing tho....I do get tired of having to go to all these, but a thorough man is he!! Yesterday morning, I had a scheduled cardio-doppler on the neck area....this, will show if there is any blockage of blood flow, such as plaque, in the arteries that go to the brain from the heart, in turn causing a stroke. I had one of these in Tucson about 12 years ago, and everything was clear. But, that is too many years' gap for him to be satisfied....a lot can happen in 12 years. I'll see the results at my next scheduled appointment [unless there is something drastic showing]. Read more

The sonogram is really a cool thing. While I was laying down, with my neck arteries on the left side to the sonogram wand taking photos and ultrasounds....I could see my own blood flow through with each beat!!! What'll they come up with next you wonder?

ADDENDUM: 12:15 P.M. --- I DID get a call back from my cardiologist!! Surprise, surprise! [I'm totally shocked that I'd have a person to person call from him - but pleased he took the time to call.] He told me the carotid doppler exam showed no signs of plaque [other than what is expected to be normal for my age]. So, once again, we're back to adjusting meds for me to get things controlled.


  1. I'm so glad that he at least didnt find anything serious! Phew. I hope you get things sorted out though because it's no fun to not know for sure what's the problem.

  2. Anni, that is good news about your tests then!! WHEW!! I am so happy for U!! I love good news. I have been going to Hospice every day now to be with Betty. She has had some really good days. Not a good night last night and had to have some moriphin. I hope this is not a sign of something happening. We will see. Take care and I am happy about your tests. Sandy

  3. I started this book and just could NOT get into it. I only got as far as the kids picking on him and his friend and then I put it down. I probably WILL pick it up again at some point... but right now it just wasn't appealing to me. *shrug*

    You're prayed up on those tests!

  4. That was good news about your tests! Glad things are looking up!

  5. Hootin....I'm glad you're doing well. The docs must love you...I can't imagine getting personal calls from a dr? It seems I have to make an apt to get the result of anything. I'm so glad you're getting good service...and even if it's a 'pain in the neck' is important to catch things in you can get to be a blogger over 80! Have a great weekend!